Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Project 4 - Christmas Apron

Todays embellishment is a button heart. I used a wooden heart shape as my base, but you could cu one from chipboard and ink or paint it red. Using Silicone glue, cover the entire heart with adhesive, then arrange your buttons to make a heart shape and fill in. If you have gaps you need to cover you can glue a second layer of buttons over the top using a small amount of silicone on each one. Cut a small Christams greeting from the Vintage Christmas backing paper, ink the edges and add to the top of the heart. Try not to make this embellishment too heavy or the magnets will not hold it on the backing tray. I added two magnetic strips to the back of this one to be sure. The buttons I used were tiny buttons by Woodware.
Project 4

Ok, so today it is out with the sewing machine again! This time, let's make a Christmas apron to keep our party frock clean whilst we wrestle the Turkey in and out of the oven! The one I made was using a vintage apron pattern I bought from E-bay in America here. The price was £4.95 and the postage was not too dear and it is made using 1 yard of fabric only.

1. Cut out the pattern pieces and pin onto the fabric as directed in the layout.

2. Sew together, by matching notches and stitching 3/8" seams and then zig zagging the edges to neaten them.

3. The shoulder straps are embellished with a premade lace, but I made my own frill from a contrasting fabric, by hemming a long strip using the roll hem foot on my sewing machine and then gathered it by machining with shirring elastic on the spool instead of normal thread. If you are going to try this, you need to wind the elastic on the spool by hand stretching the elastic as you go. You must then use a large running stitch and also loosen your top tension. You may do two rows of stitching to gather it more.
4. To finish it I turned up a narrow hem and added a patch pocket on the front. Then I pressed it. Voila! One super cute Christmas apron! A cheats version is to buy a Christmas tea towel, then turn back the two top corners to make a bib and attach tape to the two top edges in a loop for the neck and one strap on each side.

Sorry if this is not very clear, but had intended to make one! Instead have spent five hours last night with mum in accident and emergency, waiting for a bed, to get her re-admitted to hospital!

Hope you can make this out and give it a go! Makes a great Christmas gift idea too! Saw some lovely tea towels in town today, very cheap! And cotton tape is not expensive either! Drop by tomorrow for another craft project (hopefully!) Happy Crafting! TFLx

Post Script; Please spare a thought for my friend today, burying her 14 year old son, who lost his battle against cancer. God rest his soul xx My prayers are with her, I cannot imagine what it must be like for her or my other friend, delivering the eulogy and her husband bearing the coffin, may God give them strength to get through the day. x


Hi I'm Maria... said...

cc another great project, thanks.

Sorry to hear abut your mum ***sparkly vibes*** coming your way,

and thinking about your friends, (((hugs)))

Maria xx

sue-bubbles said...

Im still working on the bingo clipboard CC lol! Then there's the PB album, I might miss the apron as Im not allowed near the cooker...but tomorrows looks fun and I will be tuning in!
Sparkly vibes to you & your Mum, and heartfelt condolences for your friends.
Sue x

a little bit of me........ said...

my thoughts are with your you and friends too on a terribly sad day,
jenni x