Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Project 5 - Button wreath tree decoration

Today's embellishment is small snow picture, cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper and inked and then backed with some glittery mesh and mounted onto a piece of musical backing paper, again inked around the edges. The 'Let it snow' sign is froma set of card toppers, bought in a pack of 6.

Project 5

If some of you have been following this blog, or the Crafty world of Sue Bubbles, you will lready know about the ode to Foof-a-la buttons I penned for her mini tribute book to these irresistable embellishments! We both got carried away and ordered a few packets of these and they contain hundreds!!!! I decided to use some of the Rhonna Farrer ones here for this mini wreath tree decoration! If you eventually get tired of it, you can always unthread them!!!

You will need;
Plenty of buttons!
florists wire or similar
Ribbon scraps
1. Cut a length of florists wire about 18" long and make a hook in one end so the buttons don't fall off
2. Thread on a mixture of buttons making up your own colour combinations and varying the holes you use to thread the wire through. Keep going until you have enough to make a small ring of about 3" diameter.

3. Space the buttons apart slightly in three places and tie some knots of narrow ribbon around the wire. Squash the buttons back together so the ribbon is now trapped between the buttons and no bare wire is showing.

4. Twist the two ends of the wire together, so the buttons are packed nice and tightly. Do not trim the ends yet!!

5. Select a couple of larger feature buttons that can thread on and face the front to make a centrepiece. I chose two buttons that sat one inside the other. Thread them on to the two twisted wires.

6. Knot a loop of ribbon and thread this on to one of the wires then twist the two together again to secure this in place. Trimm close to the twisted edges and tuck the end of the wire into the buttons below to hide it. You now have a fab tree decoration and yet another use for our fabulous 'Foof-a-la!!!' Here is another one I made in a different colourway, more homespun, shaker style, muted colours!! I am sure Sue will make loads!!!!

Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


a little bit of me........ said...

wow CC i love the wreath its great im sure the children will love making these, thanks off to look at your other projects.
jenni x

Terri said...

wow I love the wreath idea....
and is that lovely dog of your sleeping in a Burberry bed???? no middle class dog there!

mommy2alex said...

I love all of your projects that you have on here!! So glad that I popped in tonight, so now I can follow along and see all of these great gift ideas:)