Friday, 7 November 2008

Project 8 Noel wall hanging

Todays embellishment is based on another wooden heart shape, painted red. This time a verse from a carol was cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper and inked around the edges. An old watch face was glued to the heart shape first, with a red gem flower on the top, then the Christmas carol verse was mounted on the surface using Silicone glue. A piece of knotted ribbon was also attached using Silicone glue.Project 8 - Noel wall hanging

I never can resist a sleigh bell tree decoration and this week was no exception when I was walking around The Pier! This bell lept into my basket!!! I am also a sucker for Polka Dots!!! The idea for the wall hanging was born!
You will need
Jump ring or curtain ring
Large sleigh bell tree decoration
Wire and pliers
Scraps of paper for reindeer
Large letters printed from computer
Silicone glue
PVA glue
Double sided tape
Brown ink pad
Adhesive gems
Christmas papers
2 metres ribbon + contrast bow
Black Sakura Glaze pen and clear stardust pen

1. Using your PC choose a font that will cut out easily in paper without leaving to narrow a shape. As you can see from the photo, the one I wanted to use "Elephant" had very narrow leading edges, so I just cut them a bit thicker when I cut them out in paper. I used 350 pts in the text size box on word and then pressed return. Each letter printed out on a page of A4. Once printed out on paper, cut them out.
2. Using these letters as your guide, cut 4 squares of chipboard the same size, making sure the letters fit inside each one. Draw around each letter and cut them out.
3. Glue the chipboard letters face down on the back of Christmas backing papers, making sure the letters are the wrong way around. I used glue stick for this. Cut around the edges with a craft knife. Ink the edges with a dark brown ink pad.
4. Sketch a simple reindeer face on a scrap of brown backing paper and cut out. Ink the edges with dark brown ink pad. Cut a large nose from red backing paper and some small ear sections. Ink these too the glue in place. Use silicone for the nose to raise it slightly. Using two tiny brads, position the eyes close together. Using a black Sakura glaze pen, colour the eyes so they look like shiny beads.
5. Using some florist wire and pliers wrap some wire around the fine nose of the pliers two or three times, then flatten the swirl on the table. Cut leaving an inch of straight wire at the end as a stalk. Do three swirls for each antler. Arrange thre swirls on the table top then pick up all three stems together and twist, to form one stalk. bend one antler to the left and one to the right.

6. Fold the long length of ribbon in half and knot it through a jump ring, so that it hangs securely. lay the two lengths of ribbon on the table and position the letters along its length. Secure with silicone or wet glue. Leave to dray flat.
7. Collect the two loose ends of ribbon together and thread through the decorative sleigh bell, knotting securely so it does not fall off.
8. Embellish the letters using adhesive gem stones and sequins. Position some silicone glue on the letter O and carefully place the reindeer head. Whilst the silicone is still wet, push the antler stems into the glue in the correct position. Allow to dry. Add additional sparkles using a Sakura clear stardust gel pen. Add a contarsting ribbon bow just above the first letter for decoration. One dry, hang your decoration from a picture hook or a door.
Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Another fab project cc, thanks.

Maria xx

Mar G said...

Hi Caroline - Gorgeous wall hanging....Well Done!
I've added you to my blog - Mar x