Sunday, 9 November 2008

Scrapbook Apprentice

As most of you blog readers will know, I have been chosen as one of the twelve finalists for the Scrapbook Apprentice competition, and I am featured in this months magazine!
It is just so weird seeing yourself in print! I entered not thinking I had a chance, but suprisingly I am here in the final and committed to giving it my best!

The parcel of goodies came for the first challenge this week and what a parcel! We are not allowed to discuss much, but lets just say it was overflowing with goodies for me to make two pages and cards for the judges to peruse! I have a short deadline as you can all vote on the Creativity Life blog from the 30th November so I have to have my entries to them next week! Not sure if it will be vote to keep someone, or vote to evict someone, whichever, it is very scary!!!! I have done pages loads of times, but sitting here with this box was a bit daunting! I spent a whole morning choosing photo's!!! Anyway, it's sunday night and so far I have completed my two layouts and one card! Just one card left to do and then I can titivate anything that needs adjustment! Chocolate colours and layers are the two things to look out for!

Anyway, minor panic out of the way, what's been happening? Well, already I am one week into my countdown to Christmas projects and I have to say they have been met with warm appreciation. If you have a go at anything, please leave a comment and I will take a look at your interpretation and thanks to everyone who is playing along with me! Sue Bubbles did some fab birdhouses here so go and take a look! I think she has four now in her gallery over on the do-crafts forum!! Some people are saving the projects to do when they have time! It has been quite hectic, getting each days post up and running on time, with photo's and explanations and I have enjoyed doing it, but I sometimes feel like the swan - all serene on the top and mad paddling going on under the surface!

Can't believe how short a time it is 'til Christmas! Have made a vague attempt at some Christmas shopping, but nowhere near enough! I always print my address labels for the Christmas cards and that always takes hours remembering how I did it last year!!!

I want to make a start with invitations for my son's 18th too as he has his birthday on the 23rd of December ( I blame the parents!!!!) and I want to give people plenty or warning! Not got around to that either!!!

Spent today doing housework and cooking a lovely Lasagne for tea! need to parcel up a few ebay things before the night's out and want to have a go at that last card!!!

Mum is doing well and was going to have a trip out today! Thanks to all who emailed and left supporting comments!

I notice the hits count on this blog is creeping ever nearer that 20,000 mark! I promised a RAK and I will do one! I think one of my Christmas countdown projects would be a good idea!!! Not decided which one though!!!

Have a great end to your weekend and happy crafting! TFLx

******UPDATE******* 20,000 reached!!! Thanks to all!!! Will search out a RAK and post later!

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sue-bubbles said...

Congratulations on your 20,000 hits CC!
Sue x