Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Scrapped my day!!!!!

I have scrapped my day today! Literally!!! My camera is broken and so I have not been able to take a single photo! I switched it on this morning and it has all sorts of lines going across it in pretty colours, but not suitable to take a picture! It must be over use! All these Christmas countdown projects!!! It's decided to go on strike!

I will have to scrap the first available day after my camera is repaired!!! I feel lost without it!!!
So what have we been up to this last month??? I decided not to litter my projects with posts about life in general, just in case someone was only interested in the crafting! However, there have been a few people who are not crafters who missed the genral guff I babble on about on here usually!!!! Like, for instance, the Christmas cake saga!!!
I make my own cake every year, always have done, so this year was no exception! Decided, in fact, to make 2 cakes! One for DS1 18th birthday on dec 23rd too! Weighed out the fruit and marinaded it in brandy over night, set to and made cake one the next morning after splitting the fruit into two bowls, mixed it all beautifully using the kenwood mixer, carefully lined an 8" cake tine with double greaseproof and outer lining of newspaper, put it all in the oven for a whole hour before I realised the flour was still sitting on the scale pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEK! Grabbed it from the oven, tipped it back in the mixing bowl, sieved in the flour put it back in the oven and carried on baking it!!! We had no option! There was no way I was going to waste all those expensive ingredients!!! It had two chances!!!! Anyway, you'll be delighted to know------------ it worked!!!!!!! Eat your heart out Delia!!! My two step recipe is actually rather nice!!!!!(Although I actually overcooked it and so had to cut the top off and then decided to cut out some small circles using a pastry cutter to make individual fruit cakes!!!!!) Never let it be said I give up on something! When they are marzipan-ed and iced I will show you the results and you see what you think!
Life has bowled us a few "googlies" this week and lets just say I am in sore need of some sparkly vibes around here! Surely nothing else can go wrong!!!! Things just seem so difficult at the moment! You bat back one disappointment and another one pops up and another!!! The good news today is mum has been given the ok today from her heart surgeon to get back to driving and start living her life again so at least we have one bit of good news! Anyway, I leave you with a poem!!! Happy crafting! TFLx
The cake saga!!!!!
I started my cake, a tradition you see,
We do in November, around this week 3,
I weighed out my fruit and I left it to stand,
Soaking in brandy (Overnight I demand!!!)
I've taken the recipe from Delia's book,
I have to admit I think She's the best cook,
I've lined all my tin, with attention and care,
Making sure there's no gaps in the sides anywhere!
I zested the oranges, and chopped up the nuts,
I sliced all the cherries without ifs and buts!
I weighed out the flour, grated nutmeg with care,
Creamed butter and sugar to whisk in the air.
I assembled it all with 4 eggs in a mix,
Not forgetting the treacle, I'm full of those tricks!!!!
I mixed it all, down to the last fine detail!
Put it in the oven; then looked at the scales------
Oh no! What I spied is the flour sitting there!!!!!
After all my efforts and taking great care!
It's been cooking one hour, now what do I do???????
I start screeching and making a hulabaloo!!!!
"Someone come and help me!!! I'm in a right fix!!!!
I've just found the flour we've forgot in the mix!!!!"
We grab from the oven, the tin with great care,
And mix in the flour that should have been there!!!
I mix it all up, all steamy and hot,
Not knowing if it ends up working or not!
I bung it back in, set the timer four hours.
I've done the best thing that was within my powers.
I've given it a go, no ingredients to waste,
That's what happens when you cook in great haste!
There's noting to lose, it may work, you don't know!
I've invented a recipe, by mistake, in one go!!!!!
I sit and I wait until its timed to the end,
To see if this style of cake I recommend!


Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Oh bless you...you must have been using my cook book by mistake I swear I did the same thing one year and had to tip it out and mix the flour in after I'd realised it was missing!!! Can't remember if the cake worked out though? If it was the year I made Mrs Beatons recipe then the answer was no!!
I guess you'll just have to wait a few weeks to see. Great poem though!

voodoo vixen said...

LOL - love the poem about your cake - and am totally impressed that it turned out edible!!

Have loved all your crafty ideas for Christmas - I keep meaning to make a half dozen of them!!