Sunday, 23 November 2008

Project 23 - A Vellum gift bag

Using two sheets or purple and vellum from a pack - a colour that I would not use on a layout, I made this groovy gift bag!
Today's embellishment is another picture cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper, inked and mounted using a foam pad onto another mini playing card slide mount. The whole thing was then mounted on some of the musical score backing paper. A large read button threaded with embroidery cotton was added to the top using silicone glue.
Project 23
You will need:
Purple ink pad
2 sheets of 12x12 vellum
Vellum offcuts
Vellum adhesive or tape pen
Key chain
Luggage label
Stazon ink pad
Greeting rubber stamp
Big Bite
Embossing tool
Score board
1. Using a scoreboard and embossing tool, score down the vellum 3 inches from each side and the score across the bottom 3 inches from the lower edge. Fold the vellum along each scoreline all towards the same direction.
2. Using the shaped scoring lines on your scoreboard, make a row of scallops across the remaining top edge of your gift bag. Slide along the scoreboard to scallop across the 12 inches. Move the vellum down the scoreboard slightly and score a second row just below. Trim with scissors acrosss the top scallop edge, to make a fancy edge.
3. Place the vellum on the table, with the scallop edge at the top. Cut up the bottom two score lines from the botttom, for 3 inches, up to the point where the two lines cross. This is so the sides can fold in neatly. Repeat all these processes with a second sheet of vellum, so you have two identical, one for each side of your bag.
4. Using a vellum tape pen, make three lines across the bottom centre section of one sheet and glue the same part of the opposite sheet directly on the top.
5. Fold the sides of the bag in a glue them directly down on to the base using the side flap and some more vellum tape. Apply vellum tape to the side panels of the remaining piece (Check which side your glue needs to be on by putting it together dry!!!!) then bring them up to the bag and glue in position. Glue down the flaps inside by placing one hand inside the bag and one hand underneath. Secure in place.
6. Mark two gromlet positions for handles, identical on both sides using a ruler. Apply the gromlets, using your big bite. Pierce a hole in the centre of the gromlet after it has been set, using the big bite on its larger hole punch setting. Thread through the purple cord and tie a knot on the inside, leave enough for a short handle and knot at the other side.
7. For the tag, stamp a greeting on the kuggage label, I also stamped "to" and "from" using black stazon ink (or purple). Ink the edges of the label using a chalk eye ink pad. Cut around the label on a dark piece of vellum, to make a shadow tag. punch a hole and thread it on the string from the luggage label, behing the label.
8. using your scoreboard and some vellum scraps, emboss some shapes, I used a star and a heart shape. Cut out and thread on a key chain as an extra decoration. Tie the label and the key chain to the handle of the bag and add a small bow of ribbon.
A unique gift bag, all made by hand adding a personal touch to your gift giving! You could use a sheet or two of Christmas backing paper instead of vellum or a sheet or two of everyday paper for all year round gifts! A set of gift bags and matching cards would make a great present for someone!!! All presented in a gift bag!!
Tomorrow is the t project! Day 24! Can you believe that? I hope you have enjoyed joining me as we assembled my advent calendar. Tomorrows item is special, bearing in mind it was for December 24th, can you guess what it is yet? TFLx

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