Wednesday, 31 December 2008

It's New Year's Eve already????!!!!!

I can't believe it is new year's eve already!!! My cough has turned from chesty cough to tickly, dripping down the back of the throat cough, so I have had another fitful nights sleep, coupled with trying to decide whether the newly 18 year old had come home yet or not!!!!! In fact I had to laugh when hubby woke me up to ask if I had heard him come home yet, as he normally doesn't even bother!!!!
Had a nice meal with our friends last night, Barney provided the floor show, playing tackle rugby again with his very bedraggled soft toy!!! DS2 was out at a birthday party and DS1 was busy taking his new phone back to the phone shop as it had stopped working already!!!!! We are spending more and more time childless these days and I am finding it quite an adjustment. I know I have mentioned this before, but it does take some getting used to!!! Funnily enough, our boys have often tackled things at the same stage even though they are 3 years apart in age. DS1 as he was slightly behind with his milestones due too his Dyspraxia and DS2 who is very quick so was always very ahead of himself! So here we are with one 18 and one nearly 15 and they are both suddenly out all the time!!!! Hence the Derby and Joan feeling I am having!!!
dad still struggling with his illness, so off to visit him today and see if I can cheer him up a bit! Hubby back at work and for once no entertaining to do - we are going out to friends tonight!!! I am looking forward to a bit more puppy cuddling tonight as our friends who have a new addition at their house are bringing "Bart" in his puppy cage! Will try and grab a few photo's if I can! (Don't tell Barney!)
I must have been under the weather as I completely forgot about the Studio Calico reveal night the other day!!! So unlike me! Probably for the best as I have not been tempted by any add ons!!!! My new years resolution is to use up stash I have before buying any more!!!! I may keep my monthly kit for a month or two and see if I use any up but if I don't I am going to be firm with myself and cancel it!!! I have resisted all sales so far too! Crafting has gone on to the back burner at the moment, so I need to find my mojo pretty quickly!! I have a challenge to start for scrapbook apprentice!!!! Talking of which I think we find out who is the first to be voted off today!!!!! Well, supposedly!! Have a great night, whatever you are doing!!! TFLx
Happy New Year!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Hope your feeling better soon, and have relaxing time with friends tonight.

Happy New Year

Maria x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Caroline.
You'll soon learn to be 'childless' as we have, & that is what we bring them up to be - independent, so it shows we've done a good job.
We've got a kitten now instead - you can always get another puppy !