Monday, 15 December 2008

Real reindeer!

Yesterday was Victorian Christmas market day where I live and they had real reindeer! I just could not get anywhere near!!! Lots of wide eyed children crowding cloe did not leave room for couple minus any children to get anywhere near! This is the best shot I got from hubby holding the camera above his head and me shouting just take several! needed a step ladder like the paparazzi!! Pipe bands, brass bands, choir in Victorian dress, it was all there!

Bumped into friends with ther two dogs, so went and had a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows outside a coffee house in the square and watched the garland dancers.
There were old fashioned fairground rides, a steam organ, hot roast chestnuts and loads of stalls selling yummy things!! I bought a tree decoration, I just had to have it, does it remind you of anyone??? Barney on our tree for ever!!!

Got my christmas shopping completed now, so that's a big relief! Wrapped most things last night, then had a take away whilst watching Sports review of the year, then Top Gear. Got lots to do today, need to finish some sweetie bloom orders that did not get done and bake more mince pies!! Only two days left at school, so need to write my cards for the children I teach. Wonder how much I will actually get done? TFLx


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for my fabby prizes that arrived this morning. The stocking and Noel book are beautifully made.I am well chuffed with my Cath Kidston bag too.
Lots of love Jackie worcs :-) xxx

cannycrafter said...

Glad you like them Jackie! Thanks for reading my blog and supporting me. Merry Christmas x

sue-bubbles said...

Your photos are wonderful CC, it looks like it was a fab day! How wonderful to see real reindeer!
Sue x

CoventryAnn said...

Some fantastic photos for scrapping there Caroline!