Thursday, 4 December 2008

Talk about coincidence!!!

I don't believe it! I post about doing an online class with Claudine Hellmuth and lo and behold I log on this morning to find a comment left on yesterday's post by Claudine herself!!!!! Then, that is followed by a post from April one of the owners of Studio Calico!!! I never knew such illustrious people visited my blog!!! Just when I'm taking a brief crafting respite too!! Lol! Why didn't they drop by when I was in my best creative flow!!! Lol! Anyway, just been catching up with Tim Holtz twelve tags of Christmas and there it is again!! Claudine Hellmuth goodies! I am so inspired, but just short of time!!! Thanks ladies for taking the time leave a comment on my blog!

Had a fab day in the kitchen all day today baking mince pies for hubby's birthday tomorrow, he is not well bless him, with a throat and chest infection - been to the doctors today for his annual visit!!! He is never ill, well not in the last 20 years since we have been married, except with a throat infection, always the first week in december!!! I am feeling very guilty actually as this will be the first time I have no pressie for him to open tomorrow! He wants a new golf driver and that is certainly something he needs to choose himself!!! Anyway, mince pies are made; 18 for him to take to work and 18 for me for Christmas, complete with brandy butter! Grandma's recipe! Had to nip out and get more butter to finish them off this afternoon. Also made some blind pastry cases (i.e. empty) for christmas party food too! Will become quiches at a later date! And 8 mini mince pies for times when you just can't manage a whole one!!! Freezing them as we speak!

Now for my Royal Mail rant!!!! On the way to Sainsbury's local for my butter, I had to pass the parcels office, so decided to try and track down my missing parcel from Asda; one computer game for DS2 for Christmas. Apparently posted out to me on 4th November, but as yet has not arrived. Anyway, duly queued up and asked at the counter only to be told it had been returned as I had never been to collect it!!!! How could I????? They never left me a red parcel card to say they had tried to deliver it!!!!!! I was furious!!! Particularly as I had been in there last week to collect two stash parcels!!!! The man behind the desk could offer no explanation!!! It would be back with Asda by now he said!! Are you supposed to be psychic???? *A parcel awaits!!!!!! A parcel awaits!!!!* No!! I got no such vibes! I rang Asda when I got home who declared it could take 6 to 8 weeks to get back to them and until then, they are unable to issue a refund or send another so DS2 will not have it at Christmas!!! I am speechless!!! I wouldn't mind but I ordered on October 14th!!!! How come it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get back to them??? Is the postman walking there with it???? I am not impressed by Royal Mail or Asda entertainment!!! Phew! Rant over!! Off to eat another mince pie and write hubby's card!!! TFLx
P.S. If you're reading this from my work I have not made any for school........................yet!


annie2006 said...

those mince pies with the brandy butter topping looking really yummy, might have to have a go at those myself! we are on our 3rd lot (48 mince pies) this week alone! kids and hubby just love them, and i gave some to the school fair as well.

april said...

Your post today made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you just put a bomb under Royal Mail at times. It's bad enough at the best of times, but such a shame as it was to be a Xmas gift.
Unfortunately a scream just doesn't do it at times like this - you need a good rant too.