Monday, 8 December 2008

The tree is trimmed!

Took yesterday off crafting to get Christmas up and running in this house!!! We did our annual trip to the gardencentre for our purchase of the tree and lunch!!! We bought our usual 6ft Nordman fir tree, had lunch then brought it home to spend the rest of the day putting it up along with all the other festive decorations. We had a smaller artificial tree in the new room and then there is the half tree (hung flat on the wall) in the dining room and the stair garland along with the fireplace garland and the outside lights on the bay tree!!! I was tired out when we finished and had to have forty winks!!!
I still have not got around to getting my camera fixed. Took these photo's using DS2's camera. I did take my camera in to Jessops on friday, but they wanted £25 to send it away and an average camera repair for a Sony was £179!!!!! So I wont be using them!!!!
I printed out the photo's to do OCTOBER's Scrap Your Day page yesterday!!!!!! I will try to get round to completing it today! I have my work to do, my foreign parcels and cards to post, Barney to walk, the ironing to do and two apron orders to finish but apart from that........ Lol!!! I don't think it will all be possible today!!!! Better make a start!!!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful cc, we put ours up yesterday, so its all nice and christmasy.....when my camera broke, my dd took it into jessop and i had a shock. i bought a new. gina xxxxxxxx

CoventryAnn said...

Good for you CC, i have one of my 3 trees up, tried to get the kids to put one of the others up tonight, but failed!