Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Yay! School's out!

For me anyway!!!!!! (Because I work part time!) Finally reached the end of term, culminating in a hectic week of frenzied Christmas activities and cardmaking and 'leaving do's and Christmas orders and baking and............

I can now turn my attention to the festivities, having crossed a few last minute jobs off the list! Got the boys to their hair cuts tonight and took all my festive bottles for the hairdressers. A few last minute parcels have arrived, including a golf club for hubby but they have sent a right handed driver instead of a left handed driver as ordered!!!!!! Smoked Salmon order arriving tomorrow - gift from FIL. Need to complete my last minute baking tomorrow including making the soup for Christmas day and the brandy butter for the mince pies. I ave a couple of sweetie blooms left to do and post the hand delivered cards locally.

Had a TV problem, with our reception being frankly, pants! Got the TV guy in yesterday and apparently we have water coming in somewhere, because a bird has pecked the top off the aerial!!!! He is coming back tomorrow with his long ladders to fix it! Can't go into Christmas week, without a full range of TV choice! Was going to visit the boys old babysitter tomorrow, she is 82, but now have to stay home. Have got the buffet preparations in hand for DS1's 18th birthday party and the icing is making a remarkable recovery on the cake. The 'land slippage' has stopped, so it may be recoverable once I get it decorated!!!

Got my next lot of stash for the Scrapbook apprentice challenge delivered yesterday and I have to say there is quite little of it, so this will indeed be quite a challenge!! Cardstock and that is about it!!!! Will have to get my thinking cap on!!

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