Friday, 29 February 2008

Degrees of success

Here is a page with a couple of old photo's on, very '80's!!! My husband and my degree photo's! I scrapped these for a challenge over at Papertake, to use blue and green. I used my Scrummy Stash Cafe Mellow kit, with a couple of extra pieces added. The sticky back felt that I just received from ScrapFaries and ribbon from my stash. Thought these colours went well with these photo's. Not sure I am happy with the formal arrangement of the pics, but felt they were formal photo's, so they needed to be double mounted and treated in a formal way. The embellishments are my way of offsetting this formality! Not sure how successful this contradiction is! Will maybe alter it at a future date. These are my original photo's, so I did not want to cut them. There is a strong case for copying photo's, but I had an ink cartride hiccup - i.e. I ordered the wrong ones off the internet!! and I wanted to get this page done, so, in the absence of ink, I scrapped the originals!!! I always order my ink from MX2 as it is very reasonably priced and postage free. It is almost half the price of the same original cartridges round here and they do compatibles. (I am not connected with this company - just like saving money! More money to spend on stash!)
Great news!!!!!!

released there next kit yesterday at 5am local time! There are a few left at the moment, but most of the add ons sold out straight away! I did not set the alarm early this month, was trying to be good, but when I got up there were a few "Chimney sweep" addons left so of course I just had to have one! Call it my mothers day gift! Saves them bothering! Was going to be good this month but have slipped a couple of times! Really in these kits you get a bit of everything and you don't need much more! Last month I went mad and ordered two add ons and extra paper and of course I have not used them all yet! However, this months kit is unusual for me - not something I would normally choose - but when I looked at the black and white stuff, I was hooked! Check out the design team gallery here too, it's so inspirational, sometimes it's good to push yourself to experimnet with different ideas! I love the little design runners and the pages from ledgers and sometimes there are some vintage things too!
I ordered a few things from Craft Emporium this week, after watching Dyan from Blonde Moments demonstrate some 7gypsies things on QVC, I decided to order just a few for my Venice album - not long now til easter!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Calling all Laura Ashley fans!

For those of you who like Laura Ashley, (and I have to admit the decorator has just hung wallpaper in my bedroom from them!!!) I have just seen that Dovecraft have brought out a range of papers, albums, embellishments and stamps from them too! You can view some here on pre order! I am not connected with this company and have not used them before so I don't know what they are like, but I thought they had a good range of photographs of what's to come - late March '08 - check it out if you are a fan!!

Here is this weeks entry for the weekly challenge over on UKs!
to include purple and ribbon 10 points
to use a water theme 5 points
use 29 of something or 2 & 9 of something 10points (hard!)
use something metal or sparkly 5 points.

Managed it though with this LO from one of last year's holiday snaps, with my sister and her family in the south of France! We had all been sightseeing and were so hot when we got back, we jumped in the pool and I decided we looked like a synchronized swimming team! Boy did we laugh!

Used basic Grey periphery papers, Bazzill blooms and papermania lilac paper flowers and buttons. "( shiny beads, threaded on wire so I could shape them and a strip of thin ribbon to bring out the colour of the water! The alphabet is the matching one for the papers. TFLx
If you recognize this photo I had it blown up at Christmas and made an altered frame for it as a Christmas present for my sister!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Just invented calorie offsetting!

Had weight watchers baked beans on toast for lunch on one slice of wholemeal bread and no spread, followed by a Creme egg from that well known company! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking of cooking, here is a photograph of a pudding I made for sunday dinner! Yes, I am sorry, but tradition still reigns in this family and on a sunday we have a roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings and sometimes I let myself make a pudding! It has to be a special treat as the children don't eat them and OH is not really bothered! So, this week I made another of grandma's favourite recipes - Pineapple Pudding!

It's on my to do list to make a mini book of grandma's favourite recipes and I will try to photograph them as I make them so I am armed with everything I need when the time comes! (Have already photographed grandma's mince pies!) Needless to say I had to have two helpings and it is delicious cold too!

Have to say that DS1 is going great with the driving lessons! Drove us to the hairdressers tonight after school and parked in the supermarket no probs! Keep it going! I am so proud!

Time Passes

Just going to sneak this one on here while my parents are not looking! Here is a page I wanted to do with some old photo's and newer photo's of my parents and parents in law, using my Studio Calico kit and some of the add ons. I just knew when I saw the watch faces in the add on kit, I had an idea for this page immediately! 'Time passes' We have been without my mother in law for five years now and think this photo, from a wedding in the '80s shows her relaxed and happy. I decided to use a photo of my parents from the same wedding too! I know it's twenty something years ago, but the look so smart and relaxed. I found some old photo's for my family ties book, and realised the photo's of them courting are almost identical - hope you agree it makes a lovely group for the children to reflect on.

The Earthquake!!!!!

Yep! I felt it here near Hull! (BBC NEWS) Woke up to hear the wardrobe doors all rattling loudly, just as the air sea rescue helicopter from Leconfield flew overhead. Thought it does not normally rattle the whole house, so started to think it could be an earthquake. Said to hubby "What was that?" To which he replied, "don't know go back to sleep!" How can you go back to sleep if you don't know????? Lay there wondering about possibilities for ages after! Anyway, no damage here and all safe, so great excitement today when I woke the boys up! Elder one still convinced it never happened! Mind you it is only 7.30am Does not wake up properly for hours yet!!!!!! Gets up but does not wake up, if you know what I mean! Teenagers!!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Photo's, photo's photo's!

Have done two photo related things this week;
#1. Have entered 3 photo's in a competition on UK's (so scary! I am only enjoying myself and not trying to be an expert!!) All three have appeared here, (bottom photo), here and here on my blog!
#2. Joined a weekly photo scavenger hunt on UKs! Great fun and helping me see things differently!

Green, circles and four were the prompts! Here are my first attempts! Bearing in mind I have not got a professional camera and just love snapping things I notice, like the waxiness on these tulip leaves and the circles arranged in a square. I have not sorted out my lighting issues yet! I don't like the effect flash gives, but do not have enough natural daylight at the moment to get what I want - need to try again! Other contenders were:

Try it, it's fun! TFLx


Why not have a go at a scraplift? This is when you copy someone elses LO and interpret it with your own photo's and papers. Over on the Studio Calico forum there was a scraplift game and I chose a LO from one of the members kimosabescraps (thanks Kim for your permission!) and picked a LO from her gallery. (Black white and pink polka dot one!) I then used some of my Scrummy Stash Cafe kit 'Bliss' papers and embellishments, together with a 7gypsies journalling card and some K&Co stickers for the journalling. I added a chipboard frame and number, which I inked in dark brown using a chalk eye ink pad. This is another page for my 'all about me' album. TFLx

Monday, 25 February 2008

A cute little maze book!

Here is a little maze book I made for my friend to thank her and as a reminder of that Tiara and bubbles party. I used a piece of American Crafts double sided card and cut it in a spiral. Then to make the covers stronger I folded the two outer sections back on each other and DST them together.

I then folded it up into the book and stuck pictures on various pages, leaving some incomplete for my friend to add more. TFLx

Happy Birthday Alex!

So, here I am terribly behind and disorganised at the moment, just turned over the page for this week in my diary and see it's Alex's birthday today!! He is four and when you are four it matters! Where is his card? Sitting here on my craft table!!!! No excuse! I'm sorry Alex, hope you have a great day! Here is your card, now in the post, by the way! Complete with a removeable door plaque for your room! Hope you like it and all your new toys xx

Used Brenda Pinnick papers and chipboard to make this! TFLx

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Tiara and Bubbles!

This page was made for a monthly challenge on one of my craft forums. It was to use two papers two photos and peel offs!!!!! 5 buttons and ribbon. I used Brenda Pinnick papers and cut the title font out of one of them using the Craft Robo. Still experimenting with this, and tried to print it mirror image and put the paper face down on the carrier, so i could run my tape pen over the back before removing each letter individually. This was a good idea, but quite fiddly as the letters were so small! Need to have another go! Also you have to be careful the surface of the paper does not get damaged when removing it from the carrier sheet. I normally hate using peel offs, but found a couple that fit the bill for this LO. The two photgraphs I used, have been printed more than once and different elements cut out, so that I had more to add to the design. I 3D the tiara balanced on the title for more depth. The two ribbons are from my American Crafts stash and the buttons were from my do-crafts selection. I highlighted all the tiaras with tiny adhesive gems from Papermania, to add sparkle! The laugh out loud grand adhesion is from K & Co. Boy did we laugh that day!!! The bubbles flowed and we had a great day! Cheered me up no end! Thanksx

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Tiara friends!

You know who you are! I have a 'tirara', bought for me for Christmas by a special friend!
It's amazing, how if you are feeling down, it will just give you a lift wearing it! Even round the house! In a male dominated household, it just helps you connect with your inner princess! So as a tribute to this friend, and all her lovely friends, I have mad a 'Tiara and Bubbles' page today, which I will upload tomorrow! If she gives me permission! So keep watching! You too could find your inner princess - nip along to 'Claires accessories!!!'

We finished the 'Doodlebug' house!

We have finally completed our large Doodlebug house! Jonni bought it from 'Crafts U Love' before Christmas! It has been part done and on the side waiting for the finishing touches, so we did it this morning! Here is the before! Assembling the white cardboard house, before using the templates to cut ou and then glue the patterned papers on the top! Some of it quite fiddly, but together we managed! An extra pair of hands was a good idea and it definately requires a glue gun beacause the card is quite stiff. We used Basic Grey "Stella Ruby" papers and the reverse side of a a "fruitcake" paper for the plain walls. It went very well with the floral roof paper. Here it is!

The hearts and flowers were cut with x-cut punches. TFLx

Friday, 22 February 2008

Frustrated Crafter!

I am so frustrated right now as I can't craft! I mentioned in an earlier post that we had the decorator coming to wallpaper our bedroom, so we had to move into the spare room, which my son normally sleeps in. so he had to move back into the single bed in the craft room! I sneaked in last night when he was out for an hour and had a little play to make the easter card I posted this morning, but everything is packed away! The decorator finished last night, but I have been in there all morning tidying up and it will be tomorrow before I can get help with moving the furniture back, so a frustrated crafter I will remain! Got to go pick up my sons laptop this afternoon and take the dog to the vet for his annual injections so no crafting today either! Will have nothing to post tomorrow at this rate!

Good news on the stash fron - had an email from Scrummy Stash Cafe to say they had a few kits reduced, so hopped over there with my evoucher I won last week and bagged my self a Basic Grey bargain! I got the mellow - just my colours! Looking forward to it and thanks again ladies! Lovely bright day here, very windy - having trouble keeping the washing on the line, but I love getting things on the line at this time of year for a good blow about! Could find my bedroom curtains next door!

Nipped out the front door and took a pic of my lovely minature daffs coming out! Love these 'tete a tete' daffs so tiny and such a vivid yellow, makes it feel very spring like! Enjoy and TFLx

Papertake weekly challenge

Here is another Easter card I have made for the "Spring" theme challenge over at Papertake. I used Brenda Pinnick papers and stamped on one of them with my doodle flowers stamps from Autumn Leaves. I then coloured the flowers with my Marvy marker pens and glossed them with Anita's 3D gloss. I stamped stems on the card, then cut out the flowers, shaped them slightly, when they were dry and stuck them on the stems with DST. The ribbon trim is from my American Crafts ribbon stash. I trimmed it with a flower paperclip on the edge from Paperchase.TFLx

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Pencil lines sketch #72

Here is my take on this weeks challenge, using my Studio Calico kit again! I have also combined this with the weekly challenge over on UKs. I had to use

'Song title from sound track of Saturday Night Fever or Grease as LO title - 10pts
Two photos - 10pts
Something shiny - 5pts
To use white on LO - 5pts'
Scored full points!

I used 'You should be dancing' from Saturday Night Fever, as the title for these two photo's of DS2 from last October's dance festival in Hull. He won six gold medals, two silver and a bronze and two cups in the presentation evening, one for Highest mark in the festival in a song and dance routine and he won a cup for outstanding personality in the whole festival. The photo is of him in his song and dance outfit. I was going to put one of hiss medals on here for something shiny, but they are too heavy!

I chose this title, as he is choosing his GCSE options this week, we are going to options evening tonight and he can't decide whether to go for a career in dance or be a designer/architect. I say, you are amazing, live your dream, no excuses! You can always do Uni later!! I see him on the stage in the west end somewhere! He loves it and always has! However, I am going to let him make that decision. I have seen too many children dancing because their mothers are frustrated performers and I definately do not fit into that catergory!!! I prefer to hide!!
The title is cut using the Craft Robo - only my second attempt!
The journalling in white Sakura pen reads:

Your feet are your key to your success!!

Thanks for lookingx

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Fred the fish!

Here is my first LO using my Studio Calico kit! It was hard to start using such lovely stash, but thought it went perfectly with my goldfish picture!
How did this LO come about? Well, on one of my craft forums, we were asked to say the clumsiest thing we had ever done! So I posted about the time I had made a bay window in the fish bowl with the iron!!!!! As everybody fell about laughing at me trying to catch the fish as it shot across the worktop and then, in my haste to get it back in water, turning the tap on full blast and stunning it!!!! I decided this incident was worthy of one of my funny poems! I have a lot of pages of the dog scrapped for the children for future reference, but nothing of their fish, who is even older! Not sure exactly, but bought it when DS1 was in reception I think, as I had an attack of guilt when I found him stroking a stone in the garden and calling it his pet, because they were doing a project on pets in the reception class. he wanted to bring the class goldfish home for the holidays and had not been chosen! So, I hot footed it straight down to the garden centre and bought two fish! One for each son, duely named Donald and Douglas, after the twin engines in the famous stories by Rev Awdry! When hubby got home he criticised the fact that one fish was bent in a curve!!!Thought for 25p I could have chosen a better example. I explained the boys had chosen their own! He was maybe more streamlined for swimming around in circlrs in the bowl!!! Lol! The next morning, the other fish (not the bent one) was dead! Floating on the top! So hubby goes back to the garden centre and demands a replacement!!!!!! They say that they only guarantee them for 12hrs!!!!! LOL!!!! Being in finance, OH insists on a replacement and arrives home with Douglas version 2! (Not guaranteed at all!!!!) To cut a long story shorter, this and the bent fish lasted years and moved house too! The bent fish died after about 6 years and we replaced it with a fish with a fancy white tail from a proper pet shop! Cost £2!!!! He only survived about two years because Douglas chased him round the bowl all the time!!! He died the morning we were moving house again!! Maybe could not face the journey! So we were down to one fish and he is still here! Now changed his name to 'Fred' - Thomas Tank is not in vogue now they are teenagers!!! Despite the accident with the iron and several other bowl/tank episodes over the years! and the fact I have dropped the full tin of fishfood - closed - in the bowl landing on his head! So this poem is a tribute to him! Hope you can read it! A very worthy member of the family to qualify for my precious stash and a great memory for the kids!!
To prove he is still with us here he is! He alsmost talks to you!

Almost forgot!! What did I use here! My studio Calico February kit, my first title cut with the Craft Robo I borrowed, using a font called 'Aquanaut', aome Papermania plain bubble stickers to look like globules of water! TFLx (Sorry it's souch a long post!)
P.S. If you can't read the poem I can post it here tomorrow! Leave a comment if you want to read it! Poetic licence in the poem saying he was twelve but fifteen had too many syllables!!!! It would not scan correctly!

I have news!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Wow! It's a cold frost!

Not quite as cold as yesterday -8 driving to work, but still -5! Not got above freezing all day and there a re icicles on my sons little car! Shot home from work at dinner time and nipped out with my camera to catch the frost on the spiders webs on next doors hedge! (Window cleaners, looking on in amazement! Me wondering how they can clean windows in fost, fog and ice!!!!)
When I needed a frost photograph last week for a challenge I had to use a snow one from last year! Now I have one! I have taken spider webs before on a misty day and used that photo in my Autumn LO, but that was more a dew, whereas these are real frosty spiders webs! You see what happens to the weather when your neighbour mows their lawn!!!! (last friday!) Guaranteed to bring a change! It's like getting your patio furniture out at Easter and then that makes the weather turn cold again! Murphy's Law!
Anyway, off to whip up something exciting with chicken for tea, before DS2 goes to dance class - may well struggle tonight, as have an online shop arriving tomorrow, so feel like mother hubbard - the cupboard is bare!!! Always leads to interesting food combinations I find!!! I have potatoes and carrots and bacon, so I feel a casserole of some sort coming on!!! 'Necessity it the mother of invention' another of my mothers/grandmothers well known phrases!
Then after tea DISASTER!!!!!!!! I have to move out of the craft room!!!! Temporarily!!!! The decorator is coming tomorrow to wallpaper our bedroom, so we need to move out into the spare double room, which DS2 occupies at the moment, so I could nab the small bedroom for craft! At the moment I cannot even see the bed, let alone him sleep in it tonight, so may have to be in there some time! Then its the taking down of the curtains and moving the furniture and vacuming under the bed that you haven't done in ages!!!! So tonight is a complete write off!!!!! OH is out too - very convenient! Works meal out!!!
Did finish my poem about our goldfish last night, so made a LO using the Craft Robo for a title and my new SC kit! Will post that tomorrow maybe! Still scanning photo's for my paper bag album, so that will be a while!

Scrummy Stash Cafe challenge

This weeks SSC challenge was to "get in shape!" I need to do this, but lets just start with a page!!!! I used Brenda Pinnick paper with circle motifs in the background and then added three photos of my two sons and their cousins playing in Germany last February. To continue the theme of circles, I found all the circles I could out of my Brenda Pinnick chipboard set and graded them size wise! I created a swirl and completed with three circle cut outs, to highlight the photos. I stamped using a Marvy marker, off the edge of the paper, with my Autumn leaves doodle flower stamp, made up of circles and to highlight it, I punched holes with my Cropadile!
I cut two rows from a Hambly screen print overlay called Mod circles, (they have a fab range, but don't know where to get them in UK) out of my new SC kit and added a chipboard tag saying happy. The journalling was done on a stamp from Autumn leaves selection of journalling stamps. I embellished with a few buttons from do-crafts. TFLx

Monday, 18 February 2008

Friendship card

Here is my attempt at this week's DCM challenge, a card to show love or friendship. I have made this card for a good friend of mine who is battling cancer, who I hope to visit this week. She is being so brave, facing the chemotherapy and I just wanted to say how wonderful I think she is and how brave. I used Brenda Pinnick paper and chipboard shapes I stamped on the background with an Autumn Leaves flower stamp using a jade chalk eye ink pad. I stamped the Whispers wonderful stamp using Stazon as the card is shiny. I trimmed the card with a coordinating paper strip and flower brads. The heart was edged with organza ribbon, pleated and stuck with dst. The sticker letters are from K&Co. TFLx

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Altered cans complete!

I altered my 'Canimation' (see here) tins with more of my Brenda Pinnick stash! here is what I came up with! You like??????

I glued on the paper with PVA using a foam spreader, then I punched a hole with my Cropadile for the label and attached it with an eyelet. The tins were labelled 'bits and bobs' with a random selection of stick on letters. The lids of the tins were embossed, so I found three Brenda Pinnick flowers to cover the lids and added some 3D elements of mini flowers and photo turns. These were attached using silicone glue. I have not decided what to put in them yet, put kept the three tin lids different colours so I could tell them apart. I enjoyed this little project! TFLx

Easter is coming!!!

I made my first Easter card last night, as I realised it is very early this year and I had not started! This is for the challenge over at Papertake, to use stripes. More Brenda Pinnick papers with some of my do-craft flowers, buttons, photo anchor and designer brad, that I won in a competition. the stamp was from Hobbycraft last year and the clip from a stationers. i treimmed it with American Crafts ribbon and some do-craft eyelets, using my Cropadile. The papermania paper flower, is threaded on wire.Talking about Easter, here is a gorgeous little tree I bought at a graden centre last weekend, to hang all my Easter decorations on. I did have a twig I had spray painted cream and anchored in a terracotta pot, but it rather suffered in the loft and had several branches broken off! So I bought this and it will hold five chocolate eggs too nearer the time! It's by Gisela Graham, I love all her stuff! A bit expensive maybe, but irresistable! TFLx

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Phase Two of my paper bag book!

So phase two is covering all the sides of the bags with pieces of Basic Grey "Infuse" papers. I have 20 pieces cut and glued in place with a acid and Lignin free adhesive. My plan for this book is to call it family ties. Here is the front cover, with Basic grey matching die cuts decoupaged with silicone glue and the title with the matching alphabet set. I have started to scan and print copies of old photographs. I have collected some from both sets of parents and intend to make a page and a pocket with each member of our extended family. My mothers family will be in one pocket, my fathers family, my mother-in-laws family, my father-in laws family and finally a pocket for us and our generation. My mum has sorted out some photos of her parents and brothers and their children and her grandparents. My father in law has given me photo's of his wife's family and parents and his own family and parents. I am choosing some photo's of me and my husband as children with our sisters. It is taking a long time to scan the photo's, but little by little it will become a family book, so my two sons can see who thy came from. Phase three is the scanning and printing of photo's!!!! I will need to look up on the family tree some dates too! The photo's will have names on the back, but not mounted on paper or the book wont close.

Will need to hold it closed with ribbon when it's complete, so things don't fall out the pockets - hence the title family ties!


I have not lost my marbles - buying a risque"bathing beauty" at the Works yesterday! Not one but three identical ones! Why??? For the empty cans of course!!! Three cans and guess what - only 25p each!!!!!!! Yes 25p!!!!! Perfect for altering!!! Especially as I nearly bought a blank can in a craft shop this week for £4.50!! I can have 3 cute cans for storing stash for 75p, got to be a bargain! (Particularly when my son paid!) Couldn't resist making one of the 3D "Canimations" up, for a chap I work with, who I know will appreciate it!!!! For the technical side, of course!!!! How to cut and make 2D funky foam into a 3D sculpture - something I had not thought of before! Maybe this technique will come in handy - will store it for future use!!!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Pencil Lines sketch #71

Here is my take on this weeks pencil lines sketch, using three photo's from last weekends trip to Scotland. Look at the sky!!!!! I can't believe how blue it was for February!

I used basic Grey periphery papers and alphabet and using my Cropadile down the side, I then threaded one of my ribbons from the Little Silver hat kit. The flowers were from that kit too, held on with papermania brads. I used half a Jenny Bowlin journalling card for the nots. TFLx

Thursday, 14 February 2008

More excitement!!!!!!!

I just clicked on the Scrummy Stash cafe Blog and found I was staring at myself!!! I just won the monogram challenge with this! I get to look forward to a £10 e-voucher!!! Thank you so much ladies - can't wait, want to spend it now!!!!!! Been looking already! How nice on valentines day that a page I made about my husband should win me a treat!!!! Wow! TFLx

Forgot to post this!

In the excitement fo today, forgot to post my entry to DCM challenge using a sketch this week.

Just in the nick of time.

Brenda Pinnick papers and chipboard (again!) Two tone embossing powder on the tag greeting. American Crafts ribbon. TFLx

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!!!!

LOve all this stash!!! Am I lucky or what!!!! Can't wait to get started using it!!!!! I think it will last me longer than a month!!! They are already talking about next months kit!!! Maybe better not order the add ons!!!!!What a fantastic selection well done all you ladies at Studio Calico!!