Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Mission Impossible-POSSIBLE!

Well, I have done it! I completed Mission Impossible for the class on UKs! *Fanfare* It is possible!!!! It looks great and I am very pleased with the finished result! I am going to use the mini albums for my Venice photo's! A momento of our anniversary trip! All made using my Studio Calico kit from March. TFLx

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My first project from the weekend!

The first class was run by Artbase and you had to create a mini 6x6 album with decorations on the outside of the page protectors and then decorate a manikin to hold it! To start with, I was not going to do this and had not bought the necessary stash, being a bit intimidated by the manikin and gold paint supplied with it, however I decided to have a go with the album, using rub-ons on the outside of the plastic pockets, with pages of Basic Grey Gypsy papers inside. The photographs are of myself and my sister, as young children. I then remembered we had an art manikin in my sons room that he used for his art course, so I borrowed it and dressed her in Brenda Pinnick papers to resemble a childs frock, including a necklace! The headgear was all I could think of, but I think she is rather fetching! I will have to dis-assemble her at some point and return her to her rightful owner, before he spots she is missing! Lol! Great idea though and not something I would have thought of so that is what these classes are all about! There is so much to learn! Thank you Artbase!

Monday, 28 April 2008

A Selection of goodies I made this weekend at the cybercrop!!!

The Cybercrop!
It's four o'clock, it's over, done,
I haven't got to bed till one!
Since friday evening! 'Look at my face!'
I've been crafting in cyberspace!
I've met great friends, we've had good fun,
I've done each class, well, all but one!
There's been no meals within this house,
I left it all up to my spouse!
I've tackled classes, dawn 'til dusk
and challenges? They were a must!
I glued and stamped and cut some more!
I've even glued things to the floor!
And even then, was not content-
Melted my stamp! Set like cement-
upon my iron! For me to clean!
The things I did, just for my team!!!
I printed, sewed and sliced some more!
You ought to see the scrap room floor!
To be precise, there is no space!
This whole weekend was quite a pace!!
I've led the cheers for my whole team,
With an animated, teddy theme!
I hope it helped you do your best!
(They were only meant in jest!)
I have enjoyed the whole event,
And consider it all, time well spent!
The boys have managed all alone!
And I still have a complete home!!!!!
So, just because I was not there,
They CAN cope you see! It is quite fair-
to take time off, from time to time!
So this weekend, It has been MINE!!!!!!

By the way I did get up early this morning to get my Studio Calico add ons for this month! I ordered extra paper too as not much left now I've made this lot! Some fab colours this next month to look forward to! TFLx

P.S. I have been tagged!!! (Twice!)So need to tell you 7 random facts next time! I also won a craft award for sharing craft knowledge on this blog, but have not done anything about that yet either!! It's just time I'm short of, but thanks to those who nominated me!!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Deadline passed!

The deadline for uploading finished projects f0r points has passed and I have to tell you my final points tally for the team was 940! I tried to make it 1000 but did not quite manage it! Mission impossible proved mission impossible! I missed out one of the mini books and did another instead worth more points! As the resident cheerleader, I felt it necessary to be a "points tart" and go for broke on another mini book class by one of my 'Scrap sister' team mates!

I have thoroughly enjoyed it all! I have done class after class all weekend, I have not gone to bed until 1am and I have done nothing else but craft!! Not sure the family got the hang of me not being here though! The craft room was like central station at times! However, hats off to my hubby, who has put every meal on the table this weekend, sometimes from the take away, and provided regular drinks to the scrap room and even a chocolate bar! So what have I made????


Challenge 1 - Blank Check LO
Challenge 2 - Diamonds are Forever Title
Challenge 3 - Flowers for a Leading Lady
Challenge 4 - Media Mogul Poster
Class 11 - SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE Mini book
Class 4 - HOLES LO
PreCrop Challenge WITH KIT - squash book and box
PreCrop Warmup Class 1 - Minibook by Tree
PreCrop Warmup Class 2 - Sketch Challenge
PreCrop Warmup Class 3 - Scrap Your Day by Shimelle

Not a bad haul for the weekend and just shows what you can get done if you do nothing else!!!

Brenda Pinnick papers made into flowers for a leading lady! Thanks for checking by and will upload projects throughout the week! Supposed to be getting up early for the Studio Calico reveal at 6am tomorrow!!! I think not! TFLx

Saturday, 26 April 2008


Well it started last night at 7pm and I have been running up and down stairs like a mad person allevening until 1am and all day today! Just finished playing cyber bingo!!! Did not win!!! Never mind it was good fun!

Have done loads of classes so far and earned 550pts for Musical Melodies team up til now! One class, called "Mission Impossible" by Crafts at Home is proving to be just that!! Have taken all afternoon to construct a box to put the albums in worth only 20 points!!!! Never mind! Here it is! It's very cleverly constructed and will have a mini album in each drawer when it's finished! The lid is made from Velvet paper and it needs decorating!!!
Just had a take away to keep me going! Will be crafting into the wee small hours again tonight just to catch up! There is a 12pm deadline for uploading photo's of todays classes, so, I'm off!!! Bye!!!!!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Today is the day!!!!!!!

The Cybercrop has arrived! It starts at 7pm!

Don't expect any sense out of me for the rest of the weekend!!!

Here is a thank you speech I have prepared for my family as one of the pre-crop challenges!!

Thank you speech!!!!!

I'd just like to thank,
All the men in my life!
Who think I'm an excellent,
Mother and wife!
So much so, they decided,
It was about time,
To let me persue,
This old hobby of mine!
I've stopped being on call;
At the end of a phone;
Stopped preparing meals;
For one weekend alone!
They can manage without me,
It's not hard to do!
They're 45, 17,And 14 too!!!!
I'm away for the weekend,
Locked in the scrap shed!
I may just bump into,
My husband in bed!!!!
But, other than that,
just say that I'm out!
If grandma rings up,
Be sure not to shout!
I'll see you next week,
On monday that's ceratin,
As the Cybercrop will,
Have had it's final curtain!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! *bows, bows*

Also I have decided a little cheerleading ditty was required for our Musical Melodies team, so I took it upon myself to lead this little number today!

Go Musical Melodies Team go!!!!!!

MMT is the team for me!
There's nowhere else I'd rather be!
We have choccy, crisps and wine!
We'll get our classes done on time!

Go Musical Melodies Team go!!!!!!

As you can see I am on a real high today and .................DS1 has just passed his driving theory test!!!!!!!
Go him!! Go him!!!! Go him!!!!! Go him!!!!!!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Signed up for Shimelle's save the day class!

Yep! I have signed up for Shimelle's save the day class! Here, as part of the pre-cybercrop hype over at UK scrappers! We had to prepare a calendar album to receive photographs which we are going to take on the 25th of every month for a year!!!!! What a fab idea!!!! Why not join in?!!! Some people have bought a blank calendar kit, like I did, and some people who are lucky enough to own a Bind-it-all machine, have made their own! Either way, it should be great fun and I am hoping to complete it!!!!! You have to keep taking snapshots all day of different things you do and then will scrap them afterwards. You will create an album that will be great to look back on and I am going to make a point of taking the childrens photo's to see how they change over the year! Thanks Shimelle for a brill class to get my teeth into!!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Canny (short for Caroline!) , who lived with her mum and dad and big sister and her lovely little black and white dog!!!!!! She was full of ideas and excitement for life and full of fun and laughter!!!! She was always full of mischief and loved to make people laugh!

There's something about me,
That's hidden in there,
Creativeness, laughter,
A person with flair!
With an artistic nature,
A character true,
Loyalty, friendship,
Would help anyone, too!
What happened to her?
Where's the laughter all gone?
The joking and fun?
From the heart-
Where's the song???
I've altered so much
and devoted my life,
To being the best possible
mother and wife.
But these last six weeks,
I've been reborn again!
The spark in the eye!
There's no need to refrain-
From being creative!
Just let yourself go!
Don't be afraid,
Let your spirit show!!!
Just 'cause you're busy,
No time to spare,
Don't let this stifle,
Your creative flair!
You've encouraged your son,
To let his talent's grow!
You've let him blossom,
HIS uniqueness show!
He's got that same spark,
That glint in the eye,
That you had when young,
So, don't even ask why?
It's important to keep it,
Whatever your age!
At 40 or 14, just look at this page!
Hold on to your spirit!
Let creativity flow!
It reflects who you are,

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

So who clicked life onto maximum speed??????

When I was not looking??????? Seems just two minutes since we went to the theatre on Sunday night to watch DS2 in his dance show and now its Tuesday already?????!!!!!!!! The show was great and his solo went well and he enjoyed it!!! Left the theatre about 10.30, were home late and went to bed shattered! He had been rehearsing since 9.15am!!!! Up at 6.30am yesterday to go to 'Rock challenge' in Grimsby, to showcase in the first round, but have a pass through to the Premier final as they did so well last year! He got in at 11.30 last night and was absolutely shattered!!!

I had a migraine after my school staff meeting last night, so took myself off to bed and did not surface until about 9pm when I decided to get up and start bagging up my stash for the classes for the cybercrop over on UKs. I believe this will save me time on the day!!! Looking forward to having lots of crafty stuff to post next week!!!! Not long to go now!!!! have been marking assessment papers tonight so I can have the weekend free!

Decorator has been and gone, so now just got the job of cleaning up and moving everything back into the kitchen tomorrow after work! Yet again, crafting will have to wait!!! Finish work at lunchtime fortunately!!! Out for a meal tomorrow with friends for a change, so will be nice to chill!!!

Have got this photo of my Venice trip as my wallpaper at the moment on my desktop! It seems so long ago!!! Still have not scrapped a single photo of that trip! Life is overtaking me!!!

Busy with the school play and trying to meet a few pre crop challenges, but failing badly!!! Still eating chocolate to counteract my stress!!! This Gondola ride seems a world away!!! TFLx

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Crafty TV sites

(Venice - Murano glass - love these huge artisit brushes and paint splashes in this shop window.)
When chatting on one of my forums recently, we suddenly realise there were a lot of websites out there showing little video clips of projects and ideas,, to set the mojo working again. We tried to put together a list and thanks mostly to Jackie (take a bow please!) this is what we came up with!!! Some of them you have to log in as a member to access the webisodes, but none of them require any payment.
BHG Scrapbooks etc magazine
Paper wishes weekly webisodes
Craft TV weekly Scrapbook Lounge
Scrap In Style TV
Crafts Beautiful
Creating Keepsakes
Fiskars crafts
Each site has a web archive too so grab a coffee and sit down and enjoy several hours of craft TV! Also there are great crafting videos on You tube of course!!! Try searching 'scrapbooking' and 'papercrafting' both bring hundreds of clips up!!!! There are digi scrapping tutorials and tool tutorials like Craft Robo or Cropadile. What are you waiting for? Just wish I had time to go along and look!!!!
So, go ahead and enjoy these few to start with, most update weekly and if you know of others, please leave me a comment and I will go and check them out!!! TFLx

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Just in time before the new one is posted on Monday morning.

Can't decide if it looks like we are the Roman ruins!!!! Lol!!! Anyway, the challenge was to use a map on your LO, so I used a strip of old map backing paper, blue as a background, used brads and ink. I used a swirl background stamp with a Brilliance ink pad and inked the edge of the journalling tag. You also had to hand make an embellishment, so I hand cut a swirl from one of the co-ordinating papers to go under my title. All the papers and letters are from Basic Grey Periphery range, that I have used for all my holiday scrapping from last summer's holiday to France. We visited this Roman Aqueduct on a very hot day!

Got more oragnised for the cybercrop last night. printed out a timetable and chose my classes. Then went to tidy up the craft room a bit!!! Forgot to take a before photo!!!!

I am just about organised with costumes for DS2 show tomorrow night at the theatre in the city centre, he is in six dances, including a solo this time! He also has to be at a Rock challenge rehearsal at school tomorrow, ready for the performance on Monday. He will leave the house at 9am in the morning and we will pick him up from the stage door at the theatre at 11pm tomorrow night! Then he has to be at school for on Monday to get the coach for Rock challenge and wont be back until midnight!! I think he will be so tired!!!! The tap dance hardboard sheets are down on the dining room floor again at the moment and I have been repairing them with tape this afternoon. Could do with his own studio for rehearsals!!!

Pleased with myself today, as I made myself mark all my Maths and English exam papers from school before I would let me do anything I wanted to do!!!! As we are out tomorrow night and need to clear the kitchen for the decorator tomorrow afternoon, I knew I would be short of time this weekend! Also put away the online shop that came this morning, while OH was out getting the lawn mower mended!

Need to have a bit of time to surf the net and catch up on some challenges and read other peoples blogs!! Have missed chatting on my craft forums too, but there are only a certain number of hours in a day!!

Have put away my new stash from yesterday and organised my desk! need to go and check some papers out that I want to use next weekend!

Hope you all have a great weekend! TFLx

Friday, 18 April 2008

Old habits die hard!!!!

Ok! I admit it I am a stashaholic!!!!!!! I have realised in the run up to the cybercrop, I keep buying odds and bits and essentials like glue and tape and suddenly!!!!!!!You have a pile of stash like this in your basket!!!!! Essentials like pencils (that seem to get eaten around here!) Glue sticks, double sided tape, adhesive gems, large mouthed clothes pegs (to hold things together whilst they dry) etc, etc, etc!!! Luggage labels I keep buying when I see different colours! I was taken with this bingo clipboard for altering too, great value at 99p! Great for lists! A white Signo pen and a cheap date stamp, jumbo brads, a paper pricking tool and more green buttons. 3 pieces of Bazzill bling two sheets of basic grey and two sheets of co-ordinating vellum! All small things, not much money, but soon add up! I just get enthralled with the choosing, wandering around the shop for ages! Also had a delivery today of a Making Memories Calendar kit, for a 12 month class I have signed up to over on UKs - to photograph on the 25th of each month and journal about it!

Unlike Nigella, I prefer to stash stroke, rather than stroking the pantry shelves!

Just been mapping out a timetable for next weekend's cybercrop, trying to fit in all the classes I want to do!! Not sure how I am going to manage it all! Have told the family to act as if I have gone away for the weekend!!!!! Need to complete that pre-crop task of creating a door hanger "Do not Disturb!" Going to get some well earned me time!!!!! TFLx

Thursday, 17 April 2008

My 2 Boys

Had a lovely day today, getting pampered at the hairdressers and then took myself off to "The Range" to get some last minute supplies for the crop next weekend! It's amazing how things mount up, when you get to the till with everything and not one item was over £1.99, but it soon adds up!!!!! After that went to meet OH for a cup of tea and a scone with jam and clotted cream, over at Sainsbury's!!!! Bought some Farrow and Ball paint to repaint my dresser in the kitchen as the decorator is coming next week to do the kitchen and new room! We still call it taht even though it's nearly five years since we did the extension!!!

Here is the LO I made, for the monthly challenge over at UKs. The theme was family and the product you had to use was chipborad. I made another page for my book of me, this time featuring {my 2 boys!} I used the My Minds Eye Bliss papers and added some of the embellishments that came in the kit with it from Scrummy Stash Cafe. I inked the chipboard frame with a chalk eye ink pad in sevral shades of blue. The strips of contrast papers and the journalling card were all I had left from the kit! :( I have really loved using these papers and some may say you should not use flowers for a boy themeed page, but Why Not!! I inked the chipboard letters and then used Glossy Accents to make them all shiny. I highlighted the paper strips with fake stitching using a Sakura glaze pen in black. The watch face is from a Studio Calico kit and the 'right now' embellishment. I stamped in the top right hand corner using a 7gypsies 'our family' stamp. I decided I had positioned the photo too low on the page, so I trimmed a strip of paper off the top and glued it to the bottom of the page to shift the emphasis! I covered the join with some American crafts ric-rac! Ingenious hey? No-one would ever know! Except I just told you!!!! A mistake????? No!!!!! A happy accident!!! TFLx
P.S. Sorry I missed yesterday! But nipped over to see mum and dad!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I finally did some crafting!!!!!!!

Yippee!!!!!! I did a LO, todays pre-crop challenge over on UKs , to use a lovely sketch! I had a photo I took from the viewing platform at The Deep in Hull, looking towards the ferry terminal, from where we sail to Europe! The Humber Estuary is not always a pretty site, but I thought this view was nice and I like the port and the industry in the background! The other way is towards the Humber bridge and that gets photographed a lot! I have used some Cosmo Cricket papers from my Easter swap over at Studio Calico. The butterfly is a Heidi Swapp mask and I inked it with a pale blue chalk eye ink pad. The title is using American Crafts thickers. I made the journalling circle using a stamp from one of my Scrummy Stash Cafe kits. The chipboard flourish is from 7 gypsies and I have left it natural, but used Glossy accents (also from my stash) to highlight it.
Had a crafting day at school today, turning a dinner trolley into the bright yellow caravan, with the TA's help, for our school performance of The Wind In The Willows! Also threading wire into a scarf for toad, so that it looks like it is blowing in the wind! Costumes are flying around at home too, as DS2 has his annual dance show at the local theatre this weekend and he is in about five dances!! (Evening performance tickets already bought.) All getting a bit tense! Still making a giant papier mache apple and need to dye a shirt pink and find a burgundy cummerbund and............!
Finish work for the week at tomorrow lunch, so will have more time to look after mum a bit. Need some of my goodies to arrive, that I have ordered for the cybercrop in a couple of weeks, so that I can bag them up in classes.
Having had a balanced diet these last few weeks of chocolate in one hand and lager in the other!!! I have decided to take myself in hand before all my clothes don't fit and have decided there must be a better way to cope with all this stress! The lack of crafting has not helped either!! I managed to give myself some downtime the other night to earn an Oscar for the cybercrop and it's the only oscar I've got so far!! My life is so dramatic, I'm sure people think I'm making it up!!! But I'm not! TFLx

Monday, 14 April 2008

Nappy cakes!

I have been looking at making one of these, after seeing one on the do crafts forum, I think it is brilliant! there is one on the do crafts forum members gallery and some on the UKs gallery. I decided to images of Nappy cakes (or daiper cakes as the Americans call them) and got some great photo ideas. Then I found a link to the this video clip, 'Daiper Cake / Nappy Cake Tutorial (from start to finish)' - from You tube, where a lady from New Zealand, Megan Mills, tells you exactly howw to make them! She explains it really simply and slowly and it looks fab! She even gives you the link to her blog where you can download the instructions and print off a list of items you can use!! I just love the sock roses and how she holds it all together with Nappy pins! I just wish I knew someone who was having a baby and I could have a go!!! Have asked today if I can make one for someone who is leaving work to have a baby, if we can buy some things to make one I would gladly have a try! Will let you know when I do it! In the meantime, watch this You Tube video - link in top right hand corner and have a go!!!
There are several other clips on You Tube but I thought this one explained it the best! There is another clip here that uses a slightly different method that has baby bottles in the centre to hold the layers together! Some are made without gifts, just nappies, on a cake board, for table centres for a baby shower! More popular in this country now!!! You need about 50 newborn nappies to make one and one lady suggests you make it with a slighly bigger nappy in case the mother to be wants to keep it intact for a while for display! That way the nappies will still be useful! Leave me a comment if you have a go before me and I will check yours out!!!!
Mum is still poorly, so sorry for missing the odd posting and the lack of craft inspiration round here!TFLx

Saturday, 12 April 2008

It's a mystery!!!!!

Last night I actually scrapped!!!! I played in the craft room, but I can't show you yet because I was using this!!!! The mystery kit from the Uks Cybercrop. As I understand it, you send off for the kit and are given a brief to design without using anything other than what is inside the pizza box that arrives (apart from basic tools that is!) As I am in the Musical Melodies team, I have to design something with a musical theme! It is quite a challenge actually, as the colours are not something I would normally use!! Anyway, I have given it a go and it's coming on nicely! Thank goodness for having a son who dances is all I will say at the moment!! So, whatch this space! It is difficult to check and double check what you can use too! You can use tools but not the things that the tool requires!!! For example the cropadile is the tool but you cant use eyelets because they weren't in the kit! Could be interesting when we open the galleries and finally get to see everyones creations! What will each of us have done with the same materials!!! It's all part of the fun! TFLx Off to visit mum!

P.S. All my weekly challenges are out of the window at the moment!!! Will resume shortly as time becomes available! Have noticed my stress levels soaring!!!!!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Just a quick post!

Here is a LO I have made for a weekly challenge over on UKs. It was using a sketch, the clours blue and orange and seven embellishments - I used aqua brads on the hambly strip on the right hand side! This is a photo of the boys when we went to Florida in 2005! I can't believe how much they've grown! I said that the other day! DS1 is a man now and 6 foot tall so it looks strange to see him at the age that DS2 is now!!!! When we went to Florida I insisted on going to Zeuss landing as The Cat In The hat was one of my favourites when I was little! The papers are all from my Studio Calico Feb kit again!!!!! I think that is just about the last of them! Yesterday I posted march and aprils kit so got some scrapping to do!!!!!! The title is using BP chipboard and thickers, aswell as some Heidi swap letters. I used a Sakura gel pen for the dot highlights.

Today I have grabbed a bit of me time to catch up on the cybercrop details over at UKs! I have ordered a couple of things I was short of, mainly Bazzill black and a couple of other colours, but I hope to do most classes with my own stash! I did order a class kit today from mod scraps but it was only £7.50!

Having had a text this morning to say mum would stay in hosp over the weekend I have had a flurry of phonecalls to say she is coming home today!!! So not sure hoe much crafting will get done this weekend! Why do they keep changing their minds!!! Anyway, hopefully she is on the mend.

Allsorts of things happening at the moment! I don't know if I am on 'this earth or fullers' to quote my late grandma!!!! (Another one of those sayings my husband has never heard before so thinks is peculiar to my family only!!!) Apparently Fullers earth was a cream???!!!!!!
Got my new copy of scrapbook magazine today, so looking forward to reading that later!

Have a great weekend! TFLx

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Stash hijack!!!!

My Studio Calico April kit arrived, when my March kit only got here a couple of weeks ago and I have not had time to use it!!!! It is scrummy, scrummy gorgeous!!!! It came yesterday when I was out at hospital visiting mum! I had a red parcel card in the letter box when I got home! My OH offered to go to the parcel office this morning to collect it and bring it back on his way to work, so I drifted off for another forty winks (it was my day off!) and woke up at 9am! I went downstairs to find it and it was nowhere to be seen!!! I picked up my mobile to find a message saying he had got stuck in traffic and so had to go straight to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stash had been hijacked!!!!!!!!! On my day off! I can't disclose what the release payment was!!!!! So, I could not have a coffee and a choccy biccy and sit and unwrap it in peace as I had planned!!! A crafty way to get me to do housework I think!!! Needless to say it has finally arrived home and I have just unwrapped it and it is all gorgeous!!!! I got the main kit and a 'Dandelion' add-on, with extra kraft paper and then a very kind person gave me their option of a 'forget me not' add-on with an acrylic album project that I would not be able to get hold of over here in the UK. I can't wait to start on it but had better start the March kit first!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


At last!!! A scrapbook page!!!!! I actually managed to do some crafting tonight! Yet another page from my Studio Calico February kit! Two old photo's from Florida in 2005 when we were at Universal studios. I had never printed off any of our Florida holiday snaps, so have decided to remedy that. This shows me just how much the boys have grown in the last few years! I used Hambly rub ons of stars and a stripe to signify America and the owls are cut from the reverse of the Sassafrass Lass Spotty paper under the top photo. The bottom photo is mounted on Scenic Route paper that has been inked around the edges. The journalling reads ........'singing in the rain!' TFLx

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Craft drought!

I am having a severe craft drought round here at the moment! My mum still in hospital, so there has been no down time and I have not been in the craft room for over a week now! My Studio Calico March kit is untouched and I have heard rumblings about the next kit already! I got 200 photo's delivered from Photobox today - my first order - and I have to say how impressed I have been!! I only ordered them on Saturday and they were dispatched the same day! All I need is scrap time now!

The cybercrop over on UKs is coming up, so I must have some photo's ready! I got my mystery kit delivered for the pre crop challenge, but have not had time for anything else! Not even thinking time! Back to school today with the children and the whole Venice experience seems a lifetime away! Keep checking the webcam on my earlier post to remind myself! So, sorry about the lack of crafting at the moment, here are a few more Venice pic instead! For inspiration!
View from our hotel window early morning!
View from our Gondola ride, we took for our anniversary. TFLx

Monday, 7 April 2008

Stuck on you!!!!

I volunteered to test drive this little product, a tape mouse from Design Objectives (do-crafts!) Actually I have had one or two of these little beauties before! This was the permanent tape pen and is very comfy to hold in the hand and easy to manouvre! It dispenses precut strips of double sided tape and is very accurate to position. You dont have to trim or tear it, just lift the runner to stop the tape flow. I get through a lot of adhesive, using double sided tape mostly and I often use that instead of one of these, only because they don't seem to last me very long, so I find them a little more expensive compared to the double sided tape. However, they are much easier to use than the sticky tape as you do not have to mess about, using scissors or trying to peel off any backing paper, something that could be a dexerity issue for some people! They are easy to move around curves and stick very securely. It looks great and are easy to see on a crowded work table! Something that is very important to a lot of scrappers! Would be even better if it came in a flourescent case!!! In a choice of colours!!! I found it very easy to remove from the packaging, which is great as a lot of products these days come in a moulded bubble pack that is impossible to penetrate even with special forces training!!!

Overall I found this product great to work with, but runs out quickly for me, due to the volume of adhesive I get through and therefore is an expensive option, relative to the double sided tape. If it was refillable, that might bring the cost down and make it more affordable to use all the time, as it is, I have a couple on the go for quick projects or for easy transportaion to crops.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

York Eye

Here is a page I made with some pictures taken a few years ago from the York Eye, at the National Railway Museum. It is on a much smaller scale than the London Eye, but the views from the top are still fabulous! I have to say the Gondola was swaying a bit and I dare not look out so the photo's I took were are bit hit and miss, as I was looking the other way!! They actually came out rather well! One of York minster and another good one of York station! The weather was fantastic that day and you could see for miles.
Again I have used my Studio Calico February kit, including embellishments, it is so easy to work with, as it all just goes together so well!! Even the woodgrain Hambly that I was scared of has been a whole new experience to use and I felt it went well with the wheel theme of the background paper here, echoing the York wheel. Buttons stuck on with silicone glue, just add a final touch. TFLx

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Photo's, photo's photo's!

Well I have just ordered 200 photo's online! That should keep me busy for a while! Some of Venice and some older family photo's for a project I must get to work on! I have not done this before, but had seen on UKs a thread about who was the best choice, so decided to go with most peoples recommendation and uploaded them this afternoon. I have already had an email to say they have been dispatched! Wow! How quick is that! Will wait and see what they are like!

Friday, 4 April 2008


Another page using a favourite pic of me and my beloved pooch! Used my February Studio Calico kit again!!! Told you I had been going mad with it!! All the embellishments were from it too including the Right here right now stamp!

Been to hospital to visit mum today, but she is not allowed home til next week.
Today was my dad's birthday!!

Photo of him here pushing his pram with the family on holiday in Scarborough! 84 years young today! Took some cake into hospital and had a bit with mum! He liked his silk tie we bought him from the Rialto bridge in Venice!

Downloaded my video clips and pictures from Venice on to my PC, so I could look at them and choose some for scrapping! Not getting any time at the moment, but will try! Catching up on emails and blogging too!

Here's my pic of the building I posted before I left for Venice, after I googled an image to use in my post! This is the same building, taken by me from our gondola ride, Tuesday was so warm!!!! More shots to follow - this need cropping and straightening! Still fascinated by the webcams of Venice now I have been there! TFLx