Sunday, 31 August 2008

It's Hot! Hot! Hot!

Well, it is warm, but I am actually talking about a LO I have done for a challenge!!! It is called Chillis!This is for a challenge over on the Creativity! Life website. This is the magazine I have been chosen as a scrapbook apprentice for, so I decided I had better warm up by giving their challenges a go! You had to use a sketch, so my interpretation is above! I used various bits and pieces from my Studio Calico Newstand kit as I felt all these colours reflected the hot chillis! They are on sale everywhere in Sorrento! Even marketed as natures Viagra!!! I ask you!!! These hot blooded Italian males????!!!!! The die cut is Pink Paislee Office Lingo and the floral paper is Scenic route. The gathered frill was an edge from a Sassafrass paper. I also used a piece of Hambly ATC acetate, Prima chipboard lettering, Cosmo cricket blackboard which I glossed with Glossy Accents and some gromlets using my new Big Bite! I liked the idea of journaling around the outside edge on the sketch, I would not have thought to do that! Of course I had to add a button or two and a flower! The wood flourish is by Kaiser and was from an earlier Studio Calico kit.

Been a hectic day today! Up and off to the supermarket this morning for the weekly shop, then back and put it away before cracking on with school work!!! Out to town at lunchtime to buy a few resources for my teaching for the new term, this always annoys OH, that we buy our own resources!!!! Then more school work this afternoon before cooking roast lamb and yorkshire puddings in my new IKEA muffin pan! Worked a treat! No sticking at all! I know you are only supposed to have Yorkshire puddings with roast beef, but this is Yorkshire and my two boys would go mad if they did not appear with every roast dinner! Even roast turkey on Christmas day!

Talking of Christmas, I have bought a baking tray today to have a go at making a magnetic advent calendar which I will post on here for you to all have a go at! Maybe not going to get to it in the near future, but the plans are drawn up!!!

Further to my Anna Griffin poem, I have bagged a couple of her Christmas stamps on e Bay today, so feeling a bit better about not buying the set now!! Also bid on a few other crafting goodies, but have sold some of DS2's clothes on there today, so there will be a net gain!!! ( Don't worry I did leave him some to wear!!!)

I have been sneaking some crafting mags too (got one in the supermarket when OH was not looking!) He caught me reading a christmas one from last year in bed last night! Christmas?? In August??? Yep! Need to have a few Rudolph days soon or cards will not be made in time!

Tomorrow is back to school for me, training day! The boys are off to see grandma & grandad with Barney in the car! It seems very weird that DS1 can now drive, but the official proof came yesterday when his proper licence dropped through the letter box!

I have to say, Barney smells delightful today! His 'curliness' has worn off a bit and he is so soft!!! He has vaguely cast a glance my way today, but I think I'm off his christmas card list!! Just off to get an early night, to prepare myself for the day ahead! Meeting after meeting after meeting, after mee......... whoops! nearly dozed off there! Got a new role this year, so have been working hard all weekend to get my head around it all! No time to craft today :( TFLx

P.S. Did write another poem yesterday for a friend, for a mini maze book she is making! Hope she will let me share it with you when it is complete! I'm on a roll!!!!

P.P.S. Thanks for all your comments, they are much appreciated!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Wash and go!!!!

We've washed the dog, an annual affair,
He hates it so much, doesn't want to be there!
I enlisted some help, to keep the dog still,
A two person job, he has a strong will!
He would go and leave home, if he had half a chance!
It's only his look, we are trying to enhance!!
The water is warm, the shampoo delightful!
The smell of "wet dog" is totally frightful!
We massage and rinse him, with love and with care,
He is still wishing, he was not there!
We've shampooed him carefully, we towel him dry,
Making sure that no soap, gets in his eye!
Finally - it's over! A shake is a must!!!!
After drenching us both, with a look of disgust.....
He zooms round the garden, in the blink of an eye,
Convinced he can get his coat to "spin dry!"
He rolls on his towel, he fetches his toy,
His hair's gone all curly!!!My handsome boy!!!
Transformation complete, with a collar that's new!
He says " I am STILL never speaking to YOU!!!!!!!"

Lol! We love him dearly xxx Barney boo boos!
A page in the making I feel!!!! TFL x

Friday, 29 August 2008

QVC Stash Emergency!

Oh woe is me, I just logged on,
To watch QVC, Anna Griffin is on!
I must not spend, I know I am skint!
I'll just get ideas, or so I think!!!
I must be strong, I will hold out!
But not for long! I scream and shout....
"I need that kit!!!" "It wont be back!"
he says as I have a panic attack!!!!
I've wanted those fabrics for months and years,
I'm feeling very close to tears!
They go in my basket, in case they sell out!
I'll remove them later, without a doubt!
So, I sit and I watch and more and more,
Gets put in the basket, 'just to be sure!'
Those 'essential' ribbons, a stamp set, a few,
Maybe I COULD afford an item or two???
I've got it right down to the Christmas kit!
If hubby finds out, he'll have a fit!!
And just for good measure as nobody watches,
I decide to keep in the fabric swatches!
I pay for those squares from my bank account,
It's a steal as P&P wont inflate the amount!
I've not known free P&P before!
It'd be rude not to! That's for sure!
So, the Christmas kit's tempting,
Or should I wait??
Then I have inspiration...
It's my credit card date!!!
If I pay with that card,
It's on next month's bill
and I've time to save up...
I'm sure that I will!
So, don't let your shopping, be so frustrative!
Just make sure your accounting is very creative!!!!

Phew! Job done! Relax!

Note to self- do not watch again at 11pm!

Finally! Some challenges!!!

In case you thought I had given up crafting altogether!!!! Lol! I decided to check out the Papertake Weekly challenge and the Scrummy Stash challenge last night and had a bit of pre-breakfast crafting this morning to set the day off nicely! (Posting on here whilst 'manging' (franglais!) my Special K!)

The challenge over at Papertake was to use stitching or fake stitching, so I decided to make a card using some off-cuts of Cosmo Cricket papers in a patchwork effect and then, once I glued them down, I used a Daisy D's roller of fake stitching tape to trim each piece! I could not resist using my new Threading Water punch from Fiskars, that I have been waiting so long to get!!!! It is fab!!!

I finished the card off with one of my french antique buttons from my little 'sejour' en France! had fun last night trying to understand crochet instructions in a french craft magazine I bought!!!! Anybody out there know the french for chain, double and treble stitch please get in touch!!!! Lol!

My other challenge card is for the Scrummy Stash Cafe Blog - it was a sketch. Here is make take on the sketch using some Basic Grey cupcake paper and October Afternoon scraps I used a foam stamp of cupcake and the word Surprise, which came with a magazine I bought this month. I inked it up using Marvy markers and highlighted it with Sakura metallic pens.

Got a bit of school work done yesterday, sorting out and throwing out! Today I need to start planning!!! Would really like to craft though!!!!! TFLx

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Up early!!!!

5.30 to be precise! slept in slightly, but managed to snag my Audrey add on and extra patterned paper from my monthly kit club in USA. Was a very good girl and resisted the Sophia add on as I just wanted the canework stamp, the papers were a bit bright for me! Anyway, nice to know it's on it's way!!! had a bit of a splurge on Artist Impression stamps at 'The crafty Cow' yesterday, afetr watching a programme on Create and Craft by 'Sir Stampalot.' Normally I might have ordered direct, but wanted to pick and choose some individual stamps, but then noticed they had a set I wanted half price, so had to order! I love how the stamping simplifies the idea you can watercolour paint!!! If you don't know what I am talking about, check them out.

The bookcase.
It was pine - quite orangey actually, I undercoated it and then gave it a coat of Eggshell using a gloss roller.
The craft room desk before!!!!
The finished bookcase in situ! Just need to re-cover all my storage items in co-ordinating papers - the little drawers and the suitcases!!! Got my eye on some Sassafrass papers to do that! Just short of time!!!
TFLx Off to get some school work done! unfortunately!!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I love this notebook! I made it, or should I say covered it as it was pre-made, using some of my Anna Griffin French Lace papers I bought from QVC and some of my vintage lace and buttons from the French Antique market I visited. The hambly acetates are from an ATC sheet and the rub ons are Cosmo Cricket I think. The ribbons are American Crafts. I have recently got into stamping with Brilliance Ink, as it has a sheer shimmer that gives a ghostly finish, so I have stamped a few Butterflies (look hard!) using Fontwerks intricate butterfly stamps that came in an add-on from a previous Studio Calico kit.

Talking of
It is reveal night, or should I say morning for us Brits at 5am tomorrow! I just love it yet again!!! (No connection, by the way!) This month is called Iconic and I am hoping to snag a couple of the add-ons too! Better get the alarm set! Here's a peep of the main kit, but don't tell anyone I showed you! I just love that little exclusive stamp!!! Cute or what! I'm thinking of Sophia and Audrey to complete my line up! Let's see if I can get up early enough!! These are all colours I would not have nromally bought, but I am having so much fun trying them all! Be back later with photo's of the bookcase in situ in the craft room! TFLx

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The joys of teenage life!!

There aren't many! (Acne, teenage angst, exam results, teacher induced stress, lack of confidence!!) But this is one of them!!!! Having passed his driving test last week (he has been driving one whole week he keeps reminding me!!!) We are now going to try and sell the bike!!

As a mother of a Dyspraxic child, let me tell you, nothing is impossible! It just takes a little longer!!! Despite my mothers reservation about a two wheeled vehicle at the time, I am convinced this little baby was the key to the whole driving thing! It gave him a whole year to get used to road traffic and judgement of speed etc, so that when he sat in a car all he had to learn was the controls. I am not saying it will work for everyone, but it worked for him. Not withstanding he had to have extra tuition on the motorcycle training, where everyone else did it in a day he took two, the theory test took two attempts and the driving lessons weekly for 8 months have run into thousands of pounds, but no one could have been more proud last Monday than me!!!! His confidence has risen and I have no worries that he is not in control - you should hear him telling me how to drive now!!!! (One of the down sides to having been a driver for years and years - the habits you fall into and the rules they change!!!!) So, to all mum's out there who think he wont!!! Lets say, he might!!!!!! Off to put the bike in the Post Office window and let's hope that it does the trick for someone else as we certainly owe it a lot!!!

P.S. Pass plus starts on saturday - more expense!!! But reduces the insurance costs!!!

Monday, 25 August 2008

I dare not admit it.....

but I've been away again!!! This time to Scotland, to catch up with our old neighbours from North Yorkshire who moved back home , north of the border. We always take Barney for his 'wee Scottish Break', so packing is always an art!!!! Trying to get clothes for four, lilo's pillows, sleeping bags for the boys and golf clubs + a little space for 'wee Barney' is always a trying time!!! But, somehow we seem to manage it and bring back more than we came with!!!! We always manage to fit in a few retail trips, including lots of must haves from IKEA (A SERIOUS DAY OUT TRIP DOWN HERE!!!!)

My haul for the weekend included a 'bargainous' winter white short jacket from the Next clearance shop and some Per Una shoes £19 in the sale! The must haves from IKEA included some new storage bits and pieces as I am about to embark on altering a pine bookcase given to me by a neighbour. I got a couple of storage boxes, two jars and two acrylic drawers from the kitchen section, plus my usual wrapping paper and string necessities. A new muffin pan so I can make the best ever Yorkshire puddings again and some bleached Calico fabric and thread! Just as well space was at a premium or who knows what I might have squeezed in!!! I'm not sure I'm feeling the necessity of the golf clubs in the packing, but heigh, ho if it gives me an extra days browsing, who cares!!! Two days eating from "Your M&S" and drinking plenty, have not helped the diet emergency.

Right, admission number one! I forgot to scrap my day!!!!! Having spent most of it in the car between Scotland and Yorkshire, maybe this is not a bad thing!!! There are only so many photo's you can take of a glove compartment!!!! So I will have to take my photo's tomorrow!!!!

Who know's anyway!!!! (Just all of you!!!) I have not scrapped last months yet!

Got some crafty bargains with free P&P from Craft U Love on the way- more punches!!! I have a puch addiction at the moment and just never quite seem to have the right one!!! Got a Threading Water punch on pre order from them too!!! Have been waiting ages for this to get here from the states!!!

Managed to ignore QVC craft day today, saving my money for the Cosmo Cricket TSV at the end of the month, remeber this one?????? Hoping it is this on Sept 30th! Talking ofcheck out their new Christmas line, available shortly, it looks fab!!! It's called 'Oh Joy!' and it look a joy! Can't wait to get my hands on that one! My Cosmo set from QVC arrived just before I went away, called Be Good and I have to say I was a bit disappointed that there were only six sheets of paper in it! It is mostly chipboard and Die cuts! I have some ideas for them, but it would be a lot if I was not planning to create for my Etsy shop!

Sanded down the bookcase since I got home and OH is out in the garage undercoating it for me! Got a jobs list as long as my arm again! Need to put DS1's moped advert together, as he is selling it now he has passed his test and I need to process the washing and ironing. parents will be around for tea tomorrow, as it is Tuesday! And do an online shop! And sell some of DS2's clothes on ebay, and craft some more with my goodies from France.......and.......and.......

If you are collecting the Cath Kidston Eco Bags from Tesco, I managed to get the striped one last week before I went away! I just love them and 50p goes to marie Curie Cancer too! Got to be great!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lotto Lucky!!!

As promised, here is one of the mini album notebooks I have made using some of my French antique market finds!! This is made using two vintage lotto cards as the covers, bound together with French style scrapbook papers and vintage music and magazine clippings. It is trimmed with a vintage button fastening and an old pharmacy label and lace.
Enjoyed my little photo shoot this morning using some of the things I bought, whilst at my sisters, the Savon de Marseille, made from olive oil and the French lavendar from the fields near her house and the postcards I can never resist!!! The french wine glass actually contains blackcurrant juice!!! I thought it a bit soon to open red wine at 9am this morning!!! (Although could have been tempted!!! Lol!!) No, seriously! It just shows you never know what props these photographers use!!! I bought the slate and chalks in the french supermarket too!!! Been to buy blackboard paint today, to have a go at making my own!! Not sure if it will work on chipboard! Will let you know!
A couple of items to remind you about before I take a little bank holiday break! Monday is the 25th - to scrap your day, so don't forget to check out Shimelle's blog if you want to join in! I have not scrapped last months photo's yet, but will make time to do that next week. Also Studio Calico reveal night is fast approaching, check out the sneak peeks on their home page here!! Can't make my mind up yet, but I feel two add ons are going to be absolutely necessary! Lol! That's all for now, catch up on Monday! Have a great weekend!!
Check out my Etsy shop for my other recent makes!!! Vive La France! TFLx

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Suitcase separation trauma

I invented a new illness - suitcase separation trauma!!! When we flew into Nimes airport I said to my niece, who flew with us, 'if my case does not appear, be prepared for me to lie down next to this conveyor belt, with my legs kicking and screaming!!!' Whereupon she placed herself a safe distance away and pretended she didn't know me!!! Anyway, I feel I am finally getting over this well known condition, but it made me realise how naieve I was to expect when I packed it, all would arrive safely! So, with that in mind, when I packed for my return this time, I was very uncertain which of my crafting goodies I had purchased at the Brocante market, to place in which suitcase!!!!
Goodies I bought included;
Antique buttons on superb old cards
30 metres of antique lace
antique pharmacy labels
porcelain drawer knobs
1950's apron pattern
1901 handicrafts magazine
1920's piano music
1920's bingo cards
linen tea towels
linen string
antique jam jar
slate vegetable labels
wire basket
and many more goodies too numerous to mentio and I wish not to as my OH sometimes reads this blog and is still not exactly sure how much it all cost! Ca ne fait rien!!! I had a great time looking for all these vintage goodies and have made three mini albums today already!

I have been busying myself reading too! I bought several French craft magazines and have read them from cover to cover. Fortunately, my french is up to scratch, lagacy of being brought up with french teachers!!!! so I was able to make sense of it all only resorting to asking my sister two or three words, at least that's my story!!! My niece was there too and has just completed her French and Spanish degree, so there were several linguists to hand!

Will have to wait until tomorrow to photograph my first mini albums de France, as it is very dark here now! Raining again!!!!!

I will leave you with a couple of holiday snaps from my sejour!! TFLx

P.S. Gained another half stone on the pain au chocolat & french bread, so the diet has gone from must, to URGENT!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Where? What? Why? When? Who?

Bonjour! So many questions!!! Where have I been? Well, I've been to my sisters in the south of France for a week! It sounds like I have this high flying lifestyle, but it is not true!!! I clicked on Ryanair and saw they had some flights going out for 0.00p!!!! and back for £14.99 + taxes and cases of course, but the temptation was too great and the lure of the 'foire a la brocante' the 'what?' and 'why?' I went!!!! Lots of goodies to use in my crafting for my Etsy shop and loads of great ideas! Can't wait to get started!!! Watch this space! I keep saying that and then nothing appears! I must craft tomorrow!!!
When did I go? Well, I went for one week, with Ds2, last tuesday and came back today! Just been unpacking and washing, AGAIN!!!

The who I refer to is Ds1. What a week he has had! Life with a Dyspraxic child is full of peaks and troughs and this week has certainly been a peak! AS results better than he expected, and then passing his driving test!! A major achievement!!! I am so thrilled I can't tell you! I burst into tears when the call came through to France and he said "Why are you crying mum? I passed!" Good question! The fact that I had been to hell and back, torturing myself for the duration of the test, I paced, I sighed, I churned and paced again! Just normal motherly feelings, that no one warns you about before becoming a parent! To him it meant so much more. It is the first time he has succeeded on the first attempt, at anything and I wish to give hope to all Dyspraxic mums out there! Yes, it is possible!

Ds 2 passed his grade five modern and tap exams, both with 90 marks, and achived good results in his KS3 SATS, so I must not omit his achivements too!

Pleased to be home, opening pizza boxes and sitting with Barney, my faithful hound, watching me type as usual! Off to package some Etsy orders up, but will leave you with a glimpse of some of my Studio Calico monthly kit goodies from this month, bought on my behalf, by my personal shopper!!!! Lol!!! (You know who you are!) Once again, Scarlet and April have put together a fantastic kit and the Mint Choc Chip add on is perfect for me! Enjoy!

P.S. Here is a combination of other goodies that were waiting for me too! Salut!

Monday, 11 August 2008

The case is closed!

Well actually it isn't it is open because I am washing everything that has finally returned to base! Can you believe it!!!!? My case arrived at about half four, so I have a very short time to turn things around, before I head off to the french antique markets for a week!!!! I will be burning the midnight oil gettting everything washed and pressed, maybe not a bad thing, as I need to set off at 2am!!!!! Hubby is very jealous!!! He would like to come too, but I have told him, this is a business trip! Ds2 is just along for the ride!!! I have to get my business head on, before I tackle the markets!!

Just preparing a salad for tea, as suprisingly, there was a distinct lack of fruit and veg in Italy!!! I feel the need to gorge on lettuce and fresh crunchy greens!

So, what was the previous post all about????? Well, I got back from holiday, to find I have been selected as one of twelve contestants, for the scrapbook apprentice competition from design objectives!!!! How cool is taht??? I am so excited!!!! You had to submit four pieces of work and a 150 words about why you would like to be hired for the 12 month contract!!! I had almost forgotten I enetered, it was such a while ago!! Anyway, there was the email, along with 94 others!!!!, stating I had been chosen as one of twelve!! The competition details are here, but basically you will have to complete tasks and then you will get voted off (not sure how often yet) until the winner gets the coveted 12 month contract as a design apprentice!!!! I can't wait! I will give it my best shot, and just hope people like what I do!!! Watch this space for more details!!! Not sure how many entries they has!!! Keep telling myself there were probably only twelve!!! Lol!!!

If you want to follow the competition, it is in the new Creativity Life Magazine, and one of the design team is Kirsty Wiseman, who's talent I have worshipped from afar for ages!!! I cannot believe it! I love to follow here blog and keep up to date with her everyday chat! Also Becks Fagg, the editor, who has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all the new trends!!! (of Scrapgenie fame!)

Anyway, I digress, as usual. I step on the plane tonight with a song in my heart and a new found resolution to succeed in this fabulous world of printed papers!!!!!

Scrapbook Apprentice

Update on the case of the missing case!!!

Hubby rang the hotline number at 7am this morning and actually SPOKE TO SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!

Case has turned up in Manchester and is being courriered over sometime today!!!! YIPPEEE!!!! Made a rough list of its contents yesterday in case we had to claim and got to £1500 without trying!!!! I am just so relieved!!! Lets hope it gets here before I leave for my sisters during the night!!! Have never turned up with a suitcase full of dirty washing before to start my holiday!!! She has already said the washing machine is available!!!! Lol! I am just soooooooooo happy!!! Thanks for all the sparkly vibes!!!xx

P.S. I must remember it is not actually here yet, so trying to remain cautious!!!! Lets not get carried away now!!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Here I am again!

Wow! What a hectic day! That's sunday lunch for nine just completed and the family off on their merry way. I know what you all are dying to know, has the case turned up?!!!! And the answer is

NO! The answer is a lemon!!!!
I am going into a mild panic now, bordering on hysteria, as I need my clothes!!!! I am going off early tuesday morning to stay with my sister in the South of France, to do their local antiques market for the week!!! Lots of goodies and inspiration there I hope! So far, I have the top half of a black bikini and the bottom half of a navy blue floral bikini , no shorts, and no decent t-shirts!!! Please send me sparkly vibes and here's hoping they arrive tomorrow! Going to do a tesco emergency undies shop tomorrow just in case! At least the holiday snaps should look interesting! Having booked a suitcase on Ryanair at some mega cost, I now find it may be empty on the way out! Gives me an excuse to shop to fill it for the return journey!!! Hope you like my first few snaps of Italy! Here are a few more!


Here we are safe and sound, returned from our family holiday in Sorrento Italy, but as you can see, I am not a happy bunny as one of our cases failed to make the journey with us!!! Probably lurking anywhere between Napoli airport and here!!! I cannot tell you how unnerving it is to know that your belongings are swimming about somewhere out of my control and I have to say Manchester Aiprot, did not seem very bothered!!!! Oh, it will be on the next flight and it will be couriered to you in the next 24 hours!!! Let me tell you, 24 hours is up matey and we are contemplating having to go commando!!!! There is a distinct lack of underwear in this house as a result of this!!!! I keep hoping, especially as DS2 and I are off on our travels again early Tuesday morning! I have to contemplate a week at my sisters house with no shorts and t-shirts or swimwear!!! Not good when the temp is in the 30s!!!! Lets us all hope with sparkly vibes I can beam it back to safety from wherever it is!!! I was not the only one, by the way, I feel sorry for the other families too, some of which lost all their luggage! I got two out of three back! Here's hoping! Off to cook sunday lunch for the family, as parents are coming. Have lots to tell, but will try to get back on ASAP!


Last seen Napoli airport on 08.08.08!!
Contains lots and lost of t-shirts, shorts, swimwear and UNDERWEAR!!!!
REWARD for safe return, preferably ASAP or a trip to Tesco for new underwear today could be in order!!!!!
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How hot is hot????

I am seriously melting here in Italy! Having a culture fix with my visits to Pompeii and Capri and doing the Amalfi Drive! Vesuvious was very hot too, all that walking!!! Getting lots of good photos, I think about 450 up till now! And being inspired by this wonderful place!! Lots of ideas! Looking forward to sharing some with you all on my return!! Ciao!!!!