Tuesday, 30 September 2008

QVC Craft Day Resume!

I can go to bed tonight safe in the knowledge that my Cosmo Cricket 9000 piece TSV is winging its way to me as we speak! It set off yesterday, (having ordered it early!!!) As did my American crafts ribbons and I have to say I am satisfied! I din't go mad, I filled my basket with everything on the Ameircan Crafts hour, but then put my sensible head back on and decided to order nothing! I like Anna Griffin's stuff, but still have not started the last two sets of hers I ordered from them, so resisted! I have a BIA and decided I have enough wire to bind a small library at the moment! So I am happy!
Kirsty was fab with Clare in the Papermania hour! Loved those samples and the idea to use an acrylic album to store clear stamps, might just get me thinking!!!! Just remembered I brought some acrylic back from France! Now where did I put it??????? Lol! TFLx

Advent calendar phase 2!

Continuing from yesterday's post!

I used Making Memories Fa-la-la papers, but there are others with numbers on. 4. Now to tear up the toning papers. I cut one up to use as numbers, one to use as embellishment text and then that left me with 4 others, which were double sided to use for background. Tear large-ish pieces of the background ones, in random shapes, leaving a 'white river' along the edge (tear towards you.) Ink the edges with a small ink pad in toning colour. Glue these randomly on the baking tray in a patchwork effect, with the PVA glue, then coat top surface with PVA. proceed until none of the baking tray underneath is showing. make sure the whole surface is coated with PVA and allow to dry OR you can go straight on to next step if you prefer. I mixed in some of the embellishment text too. 5. Using the rough template as a guide only to your positioning, arrange the numbers on the front of the decoupage background, making sure each one has enough space to receive a magnatic embellishment later on. When you are happy with the positioning, glue them down with PVA and coat over the top with PVA. TIP: I used a strip of card to lay on the surface to ensure straight positioning, then removed it afterwards. {Please note you can't glue the card template to the baking tray for positioning because this would prevent the magnets from attracting to the metal!} Leave to dry completely.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Are we ready?

For QVC craft day???? Well the TSV is now showing on QVC mobile,with a picture 587461 at £26.74 + £5.45 p&p but I think most people I know have already ordered it!!!! They must wonder what on earth is going on at QVC!!!!! never has there been so much interest! And if ot sells out, there will be one time only offers and I will be at work! Will be able to scoot home quickly just in time to watch Kirsty Wiseman on the papermania hour for do crafts! Got it on sky + just in case I get delayed. Then there is a brief window to provide a light tea, before Rosemary is back on at 6pm for the American Crafts hour!!! Someone mentioned 12 6x6 albums this time, but since I have the 18 6x6 I ordered last year I will give that one a miss!!! My TSV and my American Crafts ribbons I ordered have shipped today, so I wonder when they will arrive??? If you have a Bind It All machine, apparently Rosemary is doing an hour with them at 11am including some sets of wires, but p&p can bump up the price so check them out!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Advent Calendar Tutuorial - phase 1

Here we go! I finally got round to this! Phase 1

You will need;
A baking tray - size depends on your embellishments I used a large one from 'in-store' £3.00
Acrylic paint - Anitas
Large pot of PVA
Foam brush
Empty margarine pot to mix PVA and paint
Cropadile big bite
Large eylets
Chipboard letters
6 sheets of toning Christmas papers including 1with number one to 24 on (I used Making Memories Fa-la-la papers.
Ink pads to tone with papers
Vintage papers - optional - I used Christmas recipes
Large selection of embellishments, to make the daily ornaments
Magnetic self adhesive strip on a roll
Pliers - to cut magnetic strip
Glue gun
Silicone glue

The baking tray is used the wrong way up so there is a recess on the back to store the daily embellishments.

1. Pour some PVA into the margarine tub and mix with a little water (not too runny!) Coat the back of the baking tray in a PVA water mixture, using the foam brush and allow it to dry. (This will make the paint stick.) Mix acrylic paint and PVA and paint the baking tray, using the foam brush. (I did not bother painting the centre area where the papers would cover.) Leave to dry. You could do a second coat if you want thicker coverage.
2. Using the vintage recipe papers,tear out interesting Christmas recipes and glue them randomly on the centre of the baking tray. Glue on with PVA and paint PVA over the top too. Allow to dry.

3. Meanwhile, prepare the numbers, by cutting them all out from one sheet of paper. Draw a cardboard template of your baking tray front and divide equally into 24 sections. Arrange your numbers loose on the template until you are happy with your positioning. You may wish to mix the numbers up, I chose to put them in order. Once you have a rough template you now know all your embellishments must fit within these sections roughly. An odd few could be bigger or smaller to add texture. You can now start to collect things for your embellishments! Cut 24 small squares of chipboard about 1"x 1" ready to mount the magnets on.

Stash happy weekend!

I did it! I got up at 5am again!!! Hubby can't believe it! Actually it was 4.49am to be precise! For the Studio Calico kit release! I got the Alice add on, which I thought was going to be the most popular, more patterned paper and a set of heidi Swapp alphabet stamps. They have also introduced a new feature, where you can buy their exclusive stamps that have been in pat kits, so I was able to grab the rattan stamp I had wanted last month, but was very good and din't order that particular add on, as I felt they were too bright papers for me!! So, I am happy with my haul, very restrained as I grabbed the Cosmo Cricket TSV for this Tuesday, last night too! I cant grumble! Just need to get using it all!!!

I held a draw for two of my vintage bingo cards from France as they went perfectly with the Sassafrass paper in the main kit. Am waiting to send the lucky lady her haul! Trying to find and sort out numbers in Random.org at 5am proved a little difficult, but it did the job! Here is what i did with mine! (Blank album ready to fill with photo's, available in my Etsy shop.)

I had a little crafty play yesterday afternoon with fabric and my sewing machine. Finally cut into my Cath Kidston Polka dot fabric, somehow it takes courage!!! I am making a sewing box. It will be another job that takes a few days, but willl be worth it in the end!

Just in the middle of making an apple pie for tea, using apples from my dad's fruit trees! It's going to be yummy, may post a picture later!!! having roast chicken for tea DS2's favourite!

Talking of ds2, he only went and got himself a saturday job yesterday! You gotta love him! He got a job in the posh chocolate shop!!!!! High class choccies all round for christmas!!!! He is just sooooooo like me!!!! Bang goes my diet!!! Lol! TFLx

A winner!

True Random Number Service
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:19
Timestamp: 2008-09-28 04:17:52 UTC

Karen (Naturemomm) please email me you postal address and I can get two of these bingo cards in the mail to you! Enjoy!

(For those who missed out and who are deparate, there are a couple of sets in my Etsy shop!)
vintageadvantage.etsy.com! Link on this page!

Saturday, 27 September 2008


I was on the chat threads on UK scrappers yesterday and apparently the Cosmo Cricket TSV for next tuesday, that we have all been waiting for, is showing as an item number on QVC mobile! You can access QVC mobile form your PC here and enter the item number 587461 and then put in your choice of red or blue and it accepts the order. Nowhere does it say it is the Cosmo Cricket TSV until you log into your account online in the normal way and view your order status. there it says it is 'Cosmo Cricket 2 Albums in Storage Box with 48 Papers, Cards & Embellishments' here's hoping!!!! Fingers crossed!

The only difference between the two kits is the album covers and storage box. Here. If we are correct and my source in America says the kits are very similar to the USA ones. The storage box has the colour difference. Although I have boys, I noticed the albums in the blue case were floral, so I ordered the Rose (red) as those albums have stripes and geometric patterns. It says order in process! So I thought if I didn't like it (fat chance!) I could always return it!!!! LOL! Oh look! A pig just flew past the window!!!! Lol!

So, I pass this information onto you, as friends who have eagrely awaited this!!! It's up to you how you use this information!!!! Lots of people on the chat thread have!!! QVC must wonder what's happening!!!! Was thinking it saves me staying up, but will stay up anyway as I want to see what I've ordered! ordered some American Crafts Ribbons at a birthday price too! Was not fortunate enough to receive an easy pay voucher through the post yet though!! Here's hoping!

On another topic entirely, you will be pleased to know, my french scrapbook magazine arrived today and it was scrapbooking and not 'Toutankamon' magazine as I thought I had signed up for!!!!! Remember that post????

The advent calendar got completed last night, all 24 of the embellishments are made and glued to their magnets. All i need to do now is write up how to make it! That could be a long post, so I may split it into three separate tutorilas. One for the baking tray painting, omne for the decoupgae and one for the embellishments. I will see, but I did take lots of photo's!!

Here it is! Hung on the wall with a few of the magnets in place, the rest are hidden in the recess on the back! Clever hey????

Off to have a play now, hopefully do some sewing. DS1 and hubby gone to watch football, DS2 out trying to get a saturday job and then getting his hair cut - thank goodness!!! Just me and Barney! See you later TFLx

Friday, 26 September 2008

RAK for my Studio Calico kit club friends

For all you lovely ladies at Studio Calico forum, as a thank you, I would like to RAK two of these vintage bingo cards I bought on a french antique market, as they would go so well with this month's kit! They are thick chipboard, but do pass through the BIA machine to make a mini album cover. (I have used them to make mini albums for my Etsy shop.) Post a comment here if you would like to enter and I will draw a winner at 5am Sunday (GMT) when the kit is launched! After I have bought my add ons!!!!!! Lol!

Sassafras day!

I was just checking in this morning before starting the boring housework and ironing, when I got to my e-mails. Sassafras have sent me an email to check out their blog!

Remember this?

I don't know what made me think to alter a sailboat in the first place, but everyone seems to love it! Sassafras included! It was April at Studio Calico who suggested I email them a pic of my altered items and sure enough they were interested! My Ikea drawers are in use all the time, so is my wine box full of embellishments, with my handmade dividers from recycled packaging. They are asking for more of your Sassafras altered items, so if you have any please show me too!!!

It's funny, if you were to go back to the message boards at SC ages ago, when we first got the Sassafras 'fawned of you' paper, I posted on there that I didn't know what to do with it!!! It just wasn't me! Now look at me, I can't get enough!!! And these are the papers I am choosing to have around me in my craft room on items I use everyday! That's what I love about Studio Calico, it has introduced me to papers I would not have chosen myself, but am now enjoying using thoroughly! Who knows what you could create Lol???? Stepping outside your comfort zone can be adventurous and rewarding! Thank you Sassafras! Keep up the great work!Off to do a bit more work on my advent calendar, it's coming along nicely! Will give full instructions on how to make one once I have finished it!!!!! TFLx

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Morning everyone! 90 days 'til Christmas!

I start the day on a high note as ebay have decided we can solve yesterdays decarcle by mutual consent!!!!! In other words, the transaction does not have to go ahead which means I get my nerves sewn back together and have learnt a lesson!!! It could only happen to us!!! My dabbling in ebay came about to get rid of things the boys had grown out of, which I then use as income to fund my crafting! Neat hey? Just sold some of DS2's tap shoes last night as he has only had them 6 months! His feet are growing so fast at the moment, someone has got a bargain! Studio Calico reveal night this weekend, so need to get the cash in!! Not had much time to make for my Etsy shop recently as have been focussing on a few Christmas projects for my advent calendar idea on here.
This is the plan; I have made an advent calendar and I will post a new crafty idea for each day of december, as I add each item to the calendar! They will be a mixture of ideas, some crafts, some sewn maybe, some food ideas, some just general games etc. Want to see the advent calendar???
I saw the idea ages ago on the internet here! (mine looks nothing like it!) The basic idea being it is a magnetic calendar! You hide the items on the back, bring out a new one each day!Well it staretd out like this!!!!! Fa-la-la papers from Making Memories, just my colours!!!

And this, a painted baking tray!!!! You did ask!!!! Gina - I told you I was trying to paint a non-stick baking tray!!! (From in-store! £3.99)
But it's not quite finished so you cant see the rest! lol!

Here is a sneaky peek!!!

With PVA coating drying!!! making the things to hang on it everyday now! I could be a while! It's called playing!!! Will post detailed instructions nearer the time if you want to have a go.

Off to get my hair coloured today and then back later for tea with my parents, it's thursday again already! Have a crafty day! TFLx

P.S. Did you watch Who do you think you are? last night with Jodie Kidd?? It ended up she was from Yorkshire stock, about ten miles up the road from me, from a place called Rowley!!!! can you believe that! The reverend from that church sailed to the new world to settle in "Rowley" we say row as in row your boat here in Yorkshire, they say row as in having an arguement! Well I never! Wish I'd seen her when she was here filming!!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Scrap your day tomorrow!!!

Ok, so I just got my Shimelle email to tell me tomorrow is the 25th so scrap your day!!! Take your camera to bed and start snapping early tomorrow. The theme this month is catch a reflection! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Just realised going to get my hair dyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Lots of horrendous photo opportunities there!!!!! ha ha ha ha!!! The kids will just die of embarassment!!!! maybe I could get away with a before and after shot????????

Handsome, or what?

I know a good looking chap here who melted my heart! So I could not resist sending a gift to him!!!! Eddie!

A few puppy Tubo's and an album for his owner including the afore mentioned stuffed sausage dog! With photo's of the album taken far more professionally than I could!!! (of course darling!!!!) I am glad you liked it! P.S. need to email Nigella about her banana choc chip muffins, her oven setting was far too high! I nearly needed the fire brigade!!! Was going to have another attempt until I saw I had used all the chocolate, (or was that eaten???) anyway, day off tomorrow, so may have another batch on the go! I can recommend them! (In her express cookbook, under banana butterscotch muffins!)

All two days of work over, so that's me done for another week! I can sure get used to these five day weekends! I never have trouble filling them! Off to the hairdressers tomorrow, to banish the grey, then a bit of light housework (possibly) followed by a soupcon of crafting in the afternoon before parents arrive for tea! Friday, more crafting and a little e-bay work with my friend although, that is a dirty word in this house at the moment, and has been the source of much angst and not sleeping in the last 24 hours!!!!! Put DS1's moped on ebay, uk buyers only, to find it had been bought by someone in Cyprus?????? Hello????? UK BUYERS ONLY!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING??????? Anyway, we are not talking about it, well, just shouting actually, but not talking!!!! Off to drown my sorrows in Aero and a Dolce Gusto coffee then have a bath and put my feet up for "Who do you think you are?" on TV. Been working 'til late on my baking tray project, still not finished!!!

Apparently there is a new Cath Kidston eco bag out at Tesco, I may just have to call in tomorrow. It's a green one with roses!

Just thought I'd share a couple of pics I took for school last week on my dog walk with Barney, for our lesson on texture! I stood under this giant oak tree and looked up and suddenly it felt like it was raining!!! I looked around to see waht was falling and it was acorn cups! There were two squirrels at the top of the tree feasting and the cups were raining down on me!!!!

It was so sunny that day the photo's are very light! TFLx

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I got mail!

RE- Cosmo Cricket mail to be precise! About the TSV expected on QVC next week on craft day! Apparently the Christmas version (or Holiday version) was to be aired today over there if we wanted a sneak peek!!! We are not to get it on auto delivery, but it will be available to order separately at a later date (sometime next year!!!!) Time to save up then!!!

About the TSV "The kit is similar to the All Occasion and still has that popular CC style"

Also had an email from Brenda Pinnick. She has some sneaks of a new kit she had airing today on QVC USA, here is a video clip (click on the video tab above the photo) which will be available to us eventually! She said "I'm glad you like the new look, I think it will do real well. The colors are really much nicer than they look on my blog. The album has gold hot foil on it,it's just gorgeous!!!" So yet another thing for you BP fans to get saving up for!!! She is going to get back to me with some more info I requested, will pass it on if she finds out!!! These look yummy! Wonder if we will get them over here? I am a chipboard fanatic!!!
Talking of QVC USA it is their Paper crafting fair today and I just love the look of their TSV (updated to its new location now it isn't TSV!) they seem such good value! (No connection with either by the way! Just a fan!) TFL x

Monday, 22 September 2008

Stamp Storage

I have been having a Christmas kind of day today! My sister gave me my Christmas present yesterday, completely unexpected, so I decided to get to it and make it up today!!! It is a large glass backed shadow box frame with sections, I wanted it for my stamp storage in the craft room and looked at it in France when I was on holiday with her! She bought it me for Christmas! Yay!So this is what I did!

1. First I painted the intersecting boxes with Anitas Acrylic paint and a foam brush. I used off white and it took two coats. Leave it to dry then assemble the grid.

2. Then I cut some of my favourite papers into 10cm squares and glued them to the hardboard backing frame using PVA. This frame came with a glass back infront of the hardboard back so this will protect my papers from ink and dust. 3. I then assembled the frame and started to fill it with my wooden backed rubber stamps. Just waiting for hubby to put me a secure fixing in the craft room wall, as it is very heavy!!!!
I think it will be great, so that's my wood mounted stamps storage sorted!!!! Larger ones stand on the top. Now for all the clear stamps!!!! Lol!! Any ideas????? If you want to have a go and you can't get a shadow box with intersections, you could always make the intersections from chipboard and intersect them like the first picture. I may use them more now I can see them!!!

Just putting the finishing touches to my painted baking tray for advent, but that's another days story!!! TFLx Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

I stitched up a sausage dog!

Seriously, I did! I stitched a miniature daschund, in felt, for this chipboard 'woof' mini album and then promptly forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it! You may just be able to see him under the cellophane!!! I drew him on a piece of scrap paper, then I stitched him (leaving a small gap to stuff his tummy) through two layers of felt (and the paper) on the sketch line. Then I cut him out! The paper pattern then tears away carefully from the stitching to reveal one handsome sausage dog!!!! Stuffed lightly with wadding and stitched up, he has a bead for an eye and a bead for his nose, with a satin ribbon bow, courtesy of my Ribbon Mad kit! My original design was taken from the Sei papers I used for the book, called Park Buddies. perfect for a sausage dog! I carefully arranged the letters on the pages, so the dog was well positioned on the front cover too! These were papers I had left from a mini album I made of my dog and his friend, back at the beginning of the year. Here and here. If you remember, my friend who died of cancer took it to the hospice with her to show everyone her dog and mine. For that reason alone these papers are special, but then again, I just love dogs! Have fun! TFLx

More close ups to follow (hopefully! I have been promised!)

Craft day Timetable on QVC Sept 30th

12am Scrapbooking with Rosemary Merry
1am Paper Crafting
4am Scrapbooking with Rosemary Merry
7am Paper Crafting 8am Scrapbooking with Rosemary Merry
9am Die Cuts With a View by Nancy Hill
10am Quick & Easy Christmas Crafting
11am Scrapbooking with Rosemary Merry
12pm Prima Crafts
1pm Crafting with Carol and Donna
2pm Simple Steps to Paper Crafting
3pm Creative Card Making
4pm Paper Mania Crafts
5pm Creative Paper Techniques
6pm American Crafts
7pm Crafting under £25
8pm Scrapbooking with Rosemary Merry
9pm Dawn's Favourites
10pm Die Cuts With a View by Nancy Hill
11pm Paper Crafting

Saturday, 20 September 2008

I'm back!!!!

This is going to be a long post, so you may want to put the kettle on and make a cuppa before I start!!!! (War and Peace!!!)
Chapter 1
I set off bright and early at 8.20am having got hubby to programme the sat nav, all is going well until I reach the A1/M1 link road, which apperently the delightful woman talking to me is completely unaware of!!!! She tries to tell me to turn off at the A1 south junction, when I know full well Harrogate is North! I decide to ignore her and after several frantic 'researching routes,' she tells me I am on the right road. We continue to Wetherby (me still enduring ZZ Top on the stereo as hubby has negelected to replace it with Mama Mia as requested!!!!!) whereupon she tells me very calmly to 'leave the road at the next junction' but subsequently tells me to take a right turn at the roundabout which would put me straight back on the A1! I decide to ignore her, whilst rummaging for the Mama Mia CD as there is only so much ZZ Top one can take at 9am in the morning!!!! I go into Wetherby, I get on the A166 and follow signs for Harrogate, whilst she is still 'researching the route' and telling me 'to find a suitable place to do a U turn!!!' Suddenly she pipes up that 'the road ahead is the destination!!!?????' I found it myself, completely alone and unaided!!!
At this point, I need to tell you about the email I mentioned yesterday, that gave me a little lift! I was commenting on Kirsty Wisemans blog, who was scheduled to be on Dyan's stall from 'Art from the heart', saying I would love to go but did not want to on my own and she said come and say hi! It was just the push I needed! She was, just as I expected, kindness itself! I have followed her blog for so long!!! We met for coffee on a park bench, whereupon I decided to throw my can of coke everywhere and attract attention from total strangers and was pathetically tongue tied at times! I met her mum too! So having had a chat, it was all over too quick, she went back to work and I carried on browsing, but not until her mums friend took our photo so I could post it on here! Thanks Kirsty x
On to my purchases, well, with Cosmo Cricket TSV not far around the corner, A week on Tuesday to be precise, I decided to set a budget and took cash, well, by the time I had paid £5 to enter and another £5 on my sandwich, which I stuffed in my ear whilst talking to Kirsty, that left me with very little in craft terms!!! As always I could have spent loads!!!!!!!!

So what did I buy???
Well some Blonde Moments christmas papers in the pink for a pink christmas theme - I may give it a little try!!! 3 Airondack paints, Some Blonde Moments crackle glaze, A 7 Gypsies hinge, Blonde Moments rubbers stamp hearts, 2 mdf mini books, 7 Gypsies rub ons, archival ink pad, 3 stickles, a paper ribbler, a star rubber stamp, Bazzill ribbon in red and green, Glitter,four stamps from stamps away, 2 sheets of daisy D's, double sided tape and some silicone glue.
Didn't get myself a Big Shot to put away for Christmas as the deal was no better than online!
All in all a very good day, so thank you Kirsty !!!
P.S. Never guess what????? Got home and my little prize from DO was waiting for me and it is!!!!....................... Coredinations cardstock 6x6!!!! Thanks Katy for the post.
Ok so this is an epic post - More Like War and Peace!!! I did warn you!!!!! TFLx

The expedition commences

Map - check
Sandwich - check
Emergency chocolate - check
40 eco friendly shopping bags - check
sandalised shoes - check
cash - check
various credit cards - check
cheque book - check
mobile phone - check
sat nav - check

Let battle with the A1 commence! Northern papercrafts Exhibition, her I come! (Hopefully, sat nav permitting!)

In case I go missing for several days, remember, Live loud, laugh long, love much and eat more chocolate!!!!! Will report back tonight, with a full list of the days events!!!! TFLx

Friday, 19 September 2008


To all those ladies having a difficult day, as Aleida's funeral takes place, hugs to you all, and to her husband and two young children.xxx
Remember, she said, 'live everyday like there is no tomorrow' on her last blog post. How poignant.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

A funny story to brighten your day!

You may remember this post, where I alluded to a magazine I bought whilst on holiday in France. Well, I asked my sister to get me the next edition before she came home but she couldn't. So, I was reading my original one in bed the other night and I noticed they had a subscription form in the bakc, so i filled it in and sent it off. Yestrday I had an email, saying my credit card would not work, so please could I follow the link on their magazine site and enter it via paypal. This I did and it did not work the first time, but at the second attempt it did! All is well you may think, until I print off the receipt to find their email address listed on the bottom is toutankamonmag!!!!!!!! Don't laugh!!! I do not want a subscription to Toutankamon magazine at all!!!!! I set off to write an email and in my desperation resorted to French half way through without accents, as I don't know how to do accents using hotmail, they don't have insert symbol or anything like Word has!!! here is what I wrote!!!

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I followed the link from your web page for 'Abonnements Europe Autres Pays', I have paid it via Paypal, but am a bit worried that the email address on the bottom of the receipt says Toutankamon mag!!!!! When I want to sign up for Scrapbooking! Help! Aidez-moi! Je ne veux pas avoir un magazine de Toutankamon!!! Je voudrais du Scrapbooking! J'espere que vous pouvez m'aider!!!! J'aime bien votre petit numero que j'avais achete pendant mes vacances en France! J'ai achete L'hors de serie No1 et j'ai fait ce project sur mon Blog!"

Have you stopped laughing yet?????????? The perils of signing up in a foreign language!!!

I took the front door test!

Here this is what it says about me!

What Your Front Door Says
You are traditional and conventional.You aim for the best in life, and you're not going to risk not getting it.You are naturally stylish and sophisticated.You feel like you are blending in with the crowd, but your good taste makes you stand out.
What about you?

Ok, so the day goes like this......

I wake up and let the tribe get themselves organised and out the house, after all the boys are 14 and 17 so I'm sure mummy is not required at this stage, apart from the odd, 'are you up yet????' and it is '8 o'clock you know!!!!' 'It is quarter past 8 you know!!!!!!' (by now sounding a little more agitated!) Put back the hem that OH carelessly pulled a thread on yesterday and the whole suit hem came down!!! Got distracted onto yesterdays project a Maya Road, coffee break book and coffee break tin that needed some PVA attention. Then painted a non-stick baking tray with PVA all before breakfast! Came downstairs and then a really wierd experience - stood there in my dressing gown (Whoops! nearly wrote dressing ground - as my hubby used to say when he was little - one of those embarassing little anecdotes from MIL when we first met, along with 'stwarbewies are hobbible!' God rest her!) anyway, back to the weird thing (it's getting like one of those Ronnie Corbett sketches again!!!)
I stood on the doorstep and waved as the kids set off in the car!!!!! On their own!!! A moment a mother has, when she realises she has given them the wherewithall to be self sufficient!! A light bulb moment, of which I am secretly very proud, but also a tinge sad - they don't NEED me!!

The new 'batmobile', purchased a couple of weeks ago, as mum here was paranoid that the 9 year old Corsa we had bought had no airbags and in view of the tradgedy I mentioned a few posts ago, the death of a member of one of my craft forums, through someone else jumping a red light, I feel completely justified in my paddy!!!! It's one thing driving the car with your parent sat beside you, its a whole other thing sat there on your own!!!! So I think anyway!!! Although it has been brought to my attention frequently, that he must have met the required standards to pass in the first place! Don't you just love it when they are right????!!!!!!

So, off they go and I nip on the PC to check my emails whilst eating my Special K 'sour' berries!!! (Yuk! Any resemblance to a strawberry is purely coincidental!!!!!) with a spoonful of sugar on to counteract the sour taste! So that must be about 8.30 and then I go to check my craft forums, a few blogs, publish any comments that have been left on my blog (thanks ladies, I do appreciate you read my drivle!) and now it is 9.45 and I am still here!!!! Still in my dressing ground! Not a pot washed, not a chamber emptied! (As my grandmother used to say!!!) Barney has lost the will to live and keeled over for another hours sleep, never hoping to ever get a sniff of a walk before lunchtime!!! Too busy beating up the bin lorry as we speak actually! It's blue bin day today (papers, cans and plastics!) They sure need a good telling off! Earplugs required!

Had a superb little lift via email that has given me the courage I need to tackle the A1 tomorrow! Northern papercrafts, here I come! Ready or not! I have 'sat nav' and I am not afraid to use it! (Well, actually I have not got sat nav but hubby's car does, so he has filled it with diesel and is prepared to let me loose!!!) If anyone spots me in Bournemouth or up a road unsuitable for vehicles, please stop and assist! I will report back tomorrow! If I make it there and back! I am looking forward to it now!!!

*Ican and I will, I can and I will, I can and I will!*

Here's hoping this post works, yesterday I had major errors all day trying to post on here! Autosave wont work either, so not even saved in draft!!!!!

Ok, so I'm guessing, it's going to be a pink Christmas?????

Everywhere I turn it's pink!!! Every magazine I have picked up with Christmas is pink! Over on the Pink Paislee blog they are showing there new line, which is pink!!!! So could the colour of the year be pink????? Last year we were all tempted to buy black Christmas trees!!! I hope when I go to the garden centre this year I am not faced with shocking pink ones!!!!!! As a shaker style, countrfied look person, I am sorry, there ain't gonna be any Shocking Pink Christmas in my house!!! However, I do loooooooooove those Pink Paislee papers!!!!!! may just let my hand slip!!! Have ordered some Making Memories Fa-la-la papers already!!! but my cards are going to be traditional Anna Griffin red and green this year! Apart from a few cutie ones for the childre in the family!!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Creative accounting!

Me thinks I need to get my thinking cap on re the purchases I want to make at the end of the month! There is the QVC Cosmo Cricket TSV and then there is my monthly kit subscription and I just NEED all the add ons this month, then of course there could be extra bargains on craft day that I would hate to miss and I was thinking of going to the Northern papercraft exhibition at Harrogate on saturday! So, all in all a little bit of thinking needs to be done! I have sold a few things on ebay, but not as many as I'd like to cover this lot! Ohhhh I was so going to be good and plan for this, but I never do!!! Now let me see what else could I sell????? Lol!

Anyway, here is a little mini book i made the other night from a Maya Road chipboard book and some papers from my Studio Calico Apple Orchard kit from a couple of months ago. (Mostly October Afternoon papers, with Basic Grey, Scrapworks and Wild asparagus. The fringe and rubber charms and matching ribbons were all in the kit too. Took me all night to get this far, so have not started on the inside yet!!! Need to pick out some photo's!!

My lucky day

I think I should nip out and buy a lottery ticket or something! they say things come in threes! I clicked on Scrummy Stash blog to see the new challenge and found I have won last weeks!!! A £10 e-voucher! Very handy indeed! Thanks ladies! Off to have a browse!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Well I never!

I won! Apparently!!! (Just shows how slow I am!!!) The challenge over on Creativity! Life blog here! My hot Chillis layout was just up their street apparently! No idea what the prize is and didn't even know there was a prize!! Duh!!!! I just got an email from a lovely lady on the do-crafts forum saying congrats!!! (thanks craftingfrog!) Otherwise I may never have known!!!!

Fancy having a go??? Next month's challenge is here so give it a go!!! I did a challenge a bit like this last Christmas!!! I had to do a love hate challenge so I did love getting the Christmas decorations out and hate putting them away!!! My first thought for this one were hates, mushrooms, snakes, empty loo roll holder when you enter the toilet!!! Work!! Whoops, sorry! Only joking!!! I think I had better stick to loves!!!! That's easier!!! Chocolate, chocolate, double chocolate muffins, Toffee Crisp, Cadbury's Giant buttons........ I think this could be a long list!!!! You get my meaning??? Off to have a think!!! lol!

A little project from France

Here is a little project I made after seeing the instruction in a magazine in France. This is my interpretation of it anyway. I bought the rough, rustic, frame from the french antique market and used a grey stain to give it a washed wood effect. Then, I used some of this metal grill that I mentioned before that I bought at 'Mr Bricolage' whilst on holiday!!! I cut it with pliers and stapled it to the back of the frame with my staple gun. The frame was then ready to decorate. I used a mixture of stamping and embellishments and coloured my chipboard title with ink pads and stamped with brilliance ink. The ribbons up the side are knotted around the frame and stapled on the back. The luggage labels are pegged in place with some miniature pegs trimmed with antique buttons from the French market. The idea is to put a photo of each family member on the luggage labels, with some hidden journaling on the back. The labels could be inked and embellished to suit yourself. The result is an unusual and rustic family photograph frame, with an element of rustic charm.Wood flourishes, vintage french lace, buttons and a chipboard butterfly complete the trimmings. (Appologies for the photo quality, I said I had a problem with my camera!!! Or is it the photographer???? Anyway, got the new battery to try yet!!!) TFLx