Sunday, 30 November 2008

Project 27 - Christmas card from the dog!

Barney has had his annual photo shoot for his Christmas card! We have done this for a few years and worn things from antler headbands to last years santa hat. This year I saw a bandana in The Range with the words 'Yappy Christmas' It was a must have for £1.29! Here are the resulting snaps for me to work my magic with! He just sends a few cards to close family and one to his friend Lewis although my friend died of cancer this year so maybe her husband wouldn't appreciate it like she did. This week sees the completion of my dog and cat treats for the school christmas fayre on Friday and I sold my dog advent calendar at my craft sale the other night, so I must get another one started today ready for monday! Need to sew some cat treat sachets too!
Still working on my sweetie bloom orders today and the dreaded housework and ironing to do, so planty to keep me busy! Need to complete my supplies lists for the Scrabook Apprentice so I can get them posted! Today is the day that the completed layouts go live on the Creativity Life blog for voting to start!! It looks like you vote to keep someone in and the one with least votes is voted off. The layouts are not showing yet this morning. I have to admit I am a bit nervous! I want to see how everyone has done!! Wont know who is voted off until December 30th! Why did I do this????!!!!!!Lol! Hope Barney will be my good luck mascot! I used his photo on one of my layouts! Used my acrylic album in a very ingenious way I thought! Lol! I wonder if they will show the cards we had to make too? I made an 18th card for DS1 who is 18 at Christmas, with a few pop out elements that come out when you open it.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Project 26 - Covered notebooks

I made some covered notebooks yesterday for a craft sale last night at my friends house. We had a girly night - Tiara's and bubbles and I took my craft stuff and had a craft table and another friend took her jewellery! What a fab night! We drank lots of cava, had a great meal and good fun! Thanks Di! Wendy if you're reading this, your home made tiara was fab!! I never knew you could get pink sparkly pan scourers! Such initiative! Give the girl a gold star!!! Anyway, I was so busy yesterday making things, I forgot to blog! Here are my notebooks!

The first two are covered lined notebooks, the last one is a covered sketch book and I may just keep that one myself!!!

I buy notebooks with chipboard type covers and cover them on both sides with scrapbook papers. I ink the edges and trim the wire binding with ribbons and then add a luggage label tag as a book mark, covered in matching paper. The front is embellished with stickers and rub ons. A great gift and great fun to make.

Completely forgot about the Studio Calico reveal yesterday, but fortunately I was able to get the kit i wanted when I remebered at 9am! Guest designer this month is Claudine Helmuth and as I have just done an online class with her, I was interested to snap up some of her paints! I could have spent loads! Also got a Making memories blank Calendar and a few more exclusive stamps! Good job I am selling at the moment! Ordered some of the new Rusty Pickle Christmas papers this morning from Art From The Heart. Would love to have gone to his class at her studio, but unfortunately it is on a work day :( Going to have a go myself at a little project instead.

Got 9 orders for sweetie blooms last night, so had better make a start!!!! TFLx

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Scrapbook Apprentice

Ok, so today's the day I tackle my challenge two box of goodies!!!! Not as easy as the first package we received, well not for me anyway. The first box was all chocolate browns, mostly Doodlebug papers, this one is lots of pinks and purples, not colours I normally scrap with so it really will be a challenge!! I suppose that's what the competition is all about, taking you out of your comfort zone. Only three days until my first set of challenge items will be revealed on the Creativity Life blog, with voting to start on the 30th, so getting a bit anxious now to see what everyone did with their goodies! This is the point where I would post some sneaks, if I had remembered to take any!!!! Lol! Mind you, with my camera broken, I probably wont be taking any of today's art work!!!

Planning on spending the whole day in the craft room. I need to relax after the week I've had. Will have to take Barney for his walk at some point though!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Project 25 - Table place names

Here are a few ideas that never made it to my Christmas countdown! Some ideas for treats on the Christmas table. This one is a tree shaped place name for each setting. I made a tre shape using tearing of three layers of backing papers, exposing the white edge. 9Inked the outside edge of course!!) I added adhesive gems to embellish the tree and a ribbon on the top. The persons name was added using some musical score backing paper. I glued the tree to a chopstick using hot melt glue and added a curved piece of brown paper as a trunk. This tree was then anchored in a glass yoghurt pot filled with Haribo sweets!!! I wrapped the glass pot in cellophane with snowflaes on it over the top of some glitter tissue paper and secured it all with curling ribbon.

If you don't do place names, just fill the glass pot with jelly sweets and wrap in tissue and cellophane as party favors!
My third idea is using a tiny metal bucket from Hobbycraft. I punched holes in the metal using my Cropadile and then threaded red ribbon over the top edge, binding it all the way around. I filled this with some mini candy canes wrapped in cellophane, bought for the tree. A nice little treat to decorate the childrens places at the table! Rounded off my week with a rubbish day at work today, things can only get better!!!!! Hopefully tomorrow is another (better) day! Need to get my camera fixed somehow! Or these posts will be short! TFLx

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Scrapped my day!!!!!

I have scrapped my day today! Literally!!! My camera is broken and so I have not been able to take a single photo! I switched it on this morning and it has all sorts of lines going across it in pretty colours, but not suitable to take a picture! It must be over use! All these Christmas countdown projects!!! It's decided to go on strike!

I will have to scrap the first available day after my camera is repaired!!! I feel lost without it!!!
So what have we been up to this last month??? I decided not to litter my projects with posts about life in general, just in case someone was only interested in the crafting! However, there have been a few people who are not crafters who missed the genral guff I babble on about on here usually!!!! Like, for instance, the Christmas cake saga!!!
I make my own cake every year, always have done, so this year was no exception! Decided, in fact, to make 2 cakes! One for DS1 18th birthday on dec 23rd too! Weighed out the fruit and marinaded it in brandy over night, set to and made cake one the next morning after splitting the fruit into two bowls, mixed it all beautifully using the kenwood mixer, carefully lined an 8" cake tine with double greaseproof and outer lining of newspaper, put it all in the oven for a whole hour before I realised the flour was still sitting on the scale pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEK! Grabbed it from the oven, tipped it back in the mixing bowl, sieved in the flour put it back in the oven and carried on baking it!!! We had no option! There was no way I was going to waste all those expensive ingredients!!! It had two chances!!!! Anyway, you'll be delighted to know------------ it worked!!!!!!! Eat your heart out Delia!!! My two step recipe is actually rather nice!!!!!(Although I actually overcooked it and so had to cut the top off and then decided to cut out some small circles using a pastry cutter to make individual fruit cakes!!!!!) Never let it be said I give up on something! When they are marzipan-ed and iced I will show you the results and you see what you think!
Life has bowled us a few "googlies" this week and lets just say I am in sore need of some sparkly vibes around here! Surely nothing else can go wrong!!!! Things just seem so difficult at the moment! You bat back one disappointment and another one pops up and another!!! The good news today is mum has been given the ok today from her heart surgeon to get back to driving and start living her life again so at least we have one bit of good news! Anyway, I leave you with a poem!!! Happy crafting! TFLx
The cake saga!!!!!
I started my cake, a tradition you see,
We do in November, around this week 3,
I weighed out my fruit and I left it to stand,
Soaking in brandy (Overnight I demand!!!)
I've taken the recipe from Delia's book,
I have to admit I think She's the best cook,
I've lined all my tin, with attention and care,
Making sure there's no gaps in the sides anywhere!
I zested the oranges, and chopped up the nuts,
I sliced all the cherries without ifs and buts!
I weighed out the flour, grated nutmeg with care,
Creamed butter and sugar to whisk in the air.
I assembled it all with 4 eggs in a mix,
Not forgetting the treacle, I'm full of those tricks!!!!
I mixed it all, down to the last fine detail!
Put it in the oven; then looked at the scales------
Oh no! What I spied is the flour sitting there!!!!!
After all my efforts and taking great care!
It's been cooking one hour, now what do I do???????
I start screeching and making a hulabaloo!!!!
"Someone come and help me!!! I'm in a right fix!!!!
I've just found the flour we've forgot in the mix!!!!"
We grab from the oven, the tin with great care,
And mix in the flour that should have been there!!!
I mix it all up, all steamy and hot,
Not knowing if it ends up working or not!
I bung it back in, set the timer four hours.
I've done the best thing that was within my powers.
I've given it a go, no ingredients to waste,
That's what happens when you cook in great haste!
There's noting to lose, it may work, you don't know!
I've invented a recipe, by mistake, in one go!!!!!
I sit and I wait until its timed to the end,
To see if this style of cake I recommend!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Scrap your day tomorrow!

Project 24 - A nativity Stable

Can you believe it's the end of our Christmas countdown projects!!?? What better way to end on Christmas eve on our advent calendar than with a wooden stable for the nativity. I bought a resin nativity set a few years ago, but it had no stable and I have been meaning to make one ever since. When I saw this fruit tray at the supermarket in France, Yes, that's right, I brought it back from France!!!! (Well, my sister did actually!!!) I had a little project like this in mind! Now my set has a lovely home for Christmas!
Today's embellishment is perfect for Christmas eve! A menu card cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper with Christmas dinner on it! I inked the edges and mounted it on a square journaling block. i then trimmed the corner with a deep red silk flower and a flower button for the centre. I hope you have enjoyed counting down my advent calendar with me!

Project 24

You will need:
Pearly Doodles
Paint daubers
Staple gun
Hot melt glue gun
Christmas paper
Wooden fruit box
1. Carefully remove the base of the wooden fruit box, by removing the staples using pliers.
2. Mark a line using pencil, about 8 inches down one side and saw through the wood. Turn over to the other side and do the same.
3. Cut off the other end panel, keeping it intact and save the pieces from the side panels you are discarding. These will become the back panel. Save some of the slats from the base as extras.
4. The end you cut of first with the sides attached will now become your stable. Stand it up and staple it to the other end panel which will be your base. Make a back panel using the spare wood from the side panels of the box, together with the slats from your base. Staple it together using the staple gun and the hot melt glue gun.
5. Using a chipboard star, paint it yellow with an acrylic paint dauber. Dot around the outside edge with gold pearly doodles. leave to dry.
6. Choose one sheet of double sided backing paper with a yellowish tone for the straw. I used a Basic Grey Fruitcake. Cut some narrow strips about 6" length and using your craft knife, cut it into thin strips leaving one end intact. Curl the loose ends around using the scissor blade as you would do curling ribbon.
7. Cut a piece of the backing paper to fit inside the base of the stable. Glue in position using the hot melt glue gun. Stick some curls of paper here and there across the base, using random dabs of glue.
8. To make the roof, use two pieces of left over wood and hot melt glue them across the top of the stable, crossing over in the centre. Secure with more hot glue. Stick the star at the crossover point using hot glue.
9. Cut a narrow strip of backing paper and edge with a border punch. Glue to the front of the base of the stable, to form a decorative edge.
10. Arrange your nativity figures inside and outside the stable. I even put my angel on the roof!

What a fitting end project to my countdown to Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed the projects and will make some leading up to Christmas. Back to normal everyday life posts, with odd Christmas projects in between! Happy crafting! TFLx

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Project 23 - A Vellum gift bag

Using two sheets or purple and vellum from a pack - a colour that I would not use on a layout, I made this groovy gift bag!
Today's embellishment is another picture cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper, inked and mounted using a foam pad onto another mini playing card slide mount. The whole thing was then mounted on some of the musical score backing paper. A large read button threaded with embroidery cotton was added to the top using silicone glue.
Project 23
You will need:
Purple ink pad
2 sheets of 12x12 vellum
Vellum offcuts
Vellum adhesive or tape pen
Key chain
Luggage label
Stazon ink pad
Greeting rubber stamp
Big Bite
Embossing tool
Score board
1. Using a scoreboard and embossing tool, score down the vellum 3 inches from each side and the score across the bottom 3 inches from the lower edge. Fold the vellum along each scoreline all towards the same direction.
2. Using the shaped scoring lines on your scoreboard, make a row of scallops across the remaining top edge of your gift bag. Slide along the scoreboard to scallop across the 12 inches. Move the vellum down the scoreboard slightly and score a second row just below. Trim with scissors acrosss the top scallop edge, to make a fancy edge.
3. Place the vellum on the table, with the scallop edge at the top. Cut up the bottom two score lines from the botttom, for 3 inches, up to the point where the two lines cross. This is so the sides can fold in neatly. Repeat all these processes with a second sheet of vellum, so you have two identical, one for each side of your bag.
4. Using a vellum tape pen, make three lines across the bottom centre section of one sheet and glue the same part of the opposite sheet directly on the top.
5. Fold the sides of the bag in a glue them directly down on to the base using the side flap and some more vellum tape. Apply vellum tape to the side panels of the remaining piece (Check which side your glue needs to be on by putting it together dry!!!!) then bring them up to the bag and glue in position. Glue down the flaps inside by placing one hand inside the bag and one hand underneath. Secure in place.
6. Mark two gromlet positions for handles, identical on both sides using a ruler. Apply the gromlets, using your big bite. Pierce a hole in the centre of the gromlet after it has been set, using the big bite on its larger hole punch setting. Thread through the purple cord and tie a knot on the inside, leave enough for a short handle and knot at the other side.
7. For the tag, stamp a greeting on the kuggage label, I also stamped "to" and "from" using black stazon ink (or purple). Ink the edges of the label using a chalk eye ink pad. Cut around the label on a dark piece of vellum, to make a shadow tag. punch a hole and thread it on the string from the luggage label, behing the label.
8. using your scoreboard and some vellum scraps, emboss some shapes, I used a star and a heart shape. Cut out and thread on a key chain as an extra decoration. Tie the label and the key chain to the handle of the bag and add a small bow of ribbon.
A unique gift bag, all made by hand adding a personal touch to your gift giving! You could use a sheet or two of Christmas backing paper instead of vellum or a sheet or two of everyday paper for all year round gifts! A set of gift bags and matching cards would make a great present for someone!!! All presented in a gift bag!!
Tomorrow is the t project! Day 24! Can you believe that? I hope you have enjoyed joining me as we assembled my advent calendar. Tomorrows item is special, bearing in mind it was for December 24th, can you guess what it is yet? TFLx

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Project 22 - Noel mini album

A mini chipboard album with added fabric letters.
Today's embellishment is based on a Heidi Swapp mirror, which was glued to some backing paper and then torn all away around the edge. ths was then inked. A Christmas saying, cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper was stuck to the front of the mirror using Silicone Glue, along with a couple of prima paper printed flowers and a button.
Project 22 - Noel mini book
You will need:
Computer letters for "Noel"
Sewing Machine
Vilene interfacing or Bondaweb
Double sided tape
Book rings or BIA and wire
Chipboard mini album (homemade)
Assorted fabric offcuts
Silicone glue
Christmas backing paper
1. Cut out a mini album from chipboard with stepped pages.
Cover the pages on both sides using Christmas backing papers - I used Cosmo Cricket "Be good" papers. Ink all the edges with a dark brown ink pad. use the method as before with double sided tape and gluestick in the centre.
2. Using a BIA machine, punch holes in the spine of every page, making sure they line up.
3. Using the computer, choose a font and print off the letters for NOEL in the size you want for each page. Cut them out. Iron some Vilene on the back of some fabric offcuts. Place the offcuts, wrong sodes together and pin the letter on the top.
4. using the sewing machine on a zig zag satin stitch, quite close together, stitch around the outside of the letters, through both layers.Once you have stitched around the letter carefully un-pin and remove the paper letters.Cut each letter out close to the zig zag stitching, being carefull not to cut into the stitches. Press with a hot iron.
5. using silicone glue, glue each fabric letter to the dge of each page, so that they overlap and some of the letter hangs over the edge of the page.

6. Trim the wire binding with ribbons and add a felt star, cut from the place mat as used before.
This makes a great album for photo's of the big day, with some space for journaling too.
Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx