Sunday, 11 January 2009


Here we are, just into January and already we are very close to the eagerly anticipated sneak peeks of the next Studio Calico kit! I am also anticipating the imminent arrival of last months kit any day now! I have developed a secret hoard of these kits and have not been using them as they are too nice!! (the curse of the stash-aholic!!! To look at and to stroke only!!!) I had made a pact with myself that I was to survive solely on the kit without any add ons until I started using some, so let's see if I can keep to that when I see the sneaks! I have been very good so far and not bought anything stash related this year as I have put the whole family on a January economy drive!!! I am enjoying shopping for food for bargains and trying to make healthy meals as cheaply as possible. I have to admit with two teenage sons there are great appetites in this house, but I hve managed it so far, mostly because I have re-introduced my own baking!! It's amazing how cheap making your own food is. I have rarely bought ready meals in the past, Pizzas and M&S steak pie being the only things apart from a couple of M&S one portion meals in the freezer for emergencies for DS2 on an a dance night! But having reintroduced baking I am able to fill DS2 without breaking the bank! Having been worried about him being underweight too, this is also addressing this issue! Maybe not so good for me though! Last night I made his favourite, Sponge pudding in the microwave, and in 4 mins he was eating a quarter of a treacle sponge without a problem! Give it a go! (Occasionally!)

Treacle sponge pudding in the microwave

Line a pudding basin with cling film (so the pudding turns out easily later!)
Place two tablespoons of Golden Syrup in the bottom of the basin
Into a mixing bowl place the following ingredients; (I use my food mixer for this)
5oz (125g) of Self Raising Flour
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
3oz (75g) of soft margarine
3oz (75g) of caster sugar
1 egg
4 tablespoons of milk

I mix this together using a food mixer and then when combined leave it beating on high for 2 minutes. This should give you a soft consistency sponge mixture which you then turn into the pudding basin on top of the treacle and spread it level. Cover the basin top with layer of cling film and puncture the surface three times with a sharp knife to create steam vents. Place the pudding on the edge of the turntable in the microwave for 6 mins if your microwave is low powered or 4 minutes if it is 800-1000w like mine. Leave the pudding to stand 10 minutes before turning it out. Serve with custard!
(Recipe taken from my school recipe book we wrote when I was in my first teaching job!)

As an option, you could replace the syrup with strawberry jam instead to make jam sponge pudding! Just what you need in this cold weather!

Ok, all this talk of food, must go and get on the Wii fit! Still managing at least half an hour most days!!! Good job if I am eating treacle sponge! Lol!! TFLx

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