Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A fun "Case File" challenge for the cybercrop!

This weekend we had to try and get the fingerprint (just one!) of our family for a layout which I made on Sunday called "The usual Suspects" sticking with the Whodunnit theme!!! Stazon ink everywhere after paw printing the dog!!

I decided to try and get some authentic mugshots too for a case of evidence! Lol! This is what I came up with!!!

Even barney was given a name and number!!! I am in the 'Interpol' team so I put a piece of kraft cardstock through the printer with the logo and "Case File" on the front. Then used some of my Studio Calcio kit for January to add pattern. The detail cards for each family member were pinted out on old book paper using a hand typwriter font. The front of the file has the date stamped on it! Some very shifty characters here! Lol!!! Still not persuaded my 18yr old to join in!!!


sue-bubbles said...

A brilliant project CC, love the mugshots & prints - how very CSI! May I suggest that the non-cooperative one goes on your 'most wanted' list immediately lol!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Love this CC, its great fun! Poor Barney, has he still got a black paw?!
Jackie worcs :-)