Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy new Year Everyone!!

So here we are in 2009, as quick as that!!! We had a great time on new years eve with lots of puppy cuddling and then had a lovely day yesterday at my sisters, although dad is still struggling! he seems to have hurt his back now with all this coughing, a trip to the osteopath will be top of the list next week and in the mean time BIL did a fab job of massaging him to ease the pain.

We came home early last nigt and I just fell into bed for an hour at tea time to catch up on some zzzzzz but then managed to sleep for a couple of hours, getting up at 8 to make a quick sandwich before watching Marple on ITV! before I knew it, it was bed time and I have slept in 'til ten this morning!!!! I must have needed the sleep! My cough has been keeping me awake a few nights and it was slightly better last night. DS1 was on his football manager game on here, so there was no chance of getting online even if I had wanted to!!!!

So what's the news???? Well, I made it through to th e next round of the Scrapbook Apprentice competition!!! Thanks to all who voted for me! I logged on this morning to see my next layouts on view, so I must have made it through!!! I have the third challenge here waiting, but as it consists totally of cardstock and brown paint I have not tackled it yet!!! I thought if I did not get through I would not have to, but now I must get the little grey cells into gear and get creative! If you visit the Creativity life blog to vote, my layout has been posted on its side at the moment!!!! I must email them and ask them to change it!!! So nip over there and have a look at everyones handywork!!! They are all looking great gain, such a difficult decision!

Right, off to get dressed - as it is lunchtime - and take Barney out and give some thought to my new year's resolutions, that should take some time! Will let you know how I get on with those tomorrow!!! Before I go, here are some puppy pics as promised!!! Tooooooooooo cute!!!! TFLx


annie2006 said...

aww so cute! happy new year

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Congratulations on getting through to the next round, off to check it out now,

Maria xx

a little bit of me........ said...

Hi CC congratulations on getting through to the next round with creativity life, i'll be looking forward to seeing your new projects.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Back.

How cute is that puppy ???
Congrats on getting through to the next round - well deserved I think.
Your new LO is Fantastic !!