Thursday, 8 January 2009

I think it's done!

I spent all afternoon and evening on my Scrapbook Apprentice challenge 3 and I think it's done! Well, to the best of my ability anyway! What a challenge it was, just coredinations cardstock one set of black cardstock stickers, some tiny brads, dark brown paint and some turquoise self adhesive gems. It's quite a challenge! You try it!!! Anyway, two layouts (single photo) and two cards are drying on my desk as we speak, so hopefully will be able to get them posted off tomorrow.

Parents have managed to come for Fish and Chips for tea tonight, for the first time in weeks and weeks and boy did those chips taste good! Mind you with the credit crunch and all that they are quite an expensive meal so I am sure I wont be having them again for a while! Bit of a contrast to last nights tea, which was Spanish sausages - a recipe from Good Housekeeping using onions, red and yellow peppers and two tins of tomatoes + seasonings and herbs and spices- all the better because the sausages were a large tray of cocktail sausages reduced to 50p as they were on their last day of sell by date!! I love a bargain! Served with lots of buttery mash and frozen peas! Not good for the waistline but good for the soul on a cold day!! Included three of their five a day in one meal!! I did try and only have a couple of sausages and had mostly sauce! Did not manage the Wii fit yesterday either so black mark for me! Have done half an hour tonight though. Was on a bit of a chocolate fix yesterday too as when I got to school there was a box of truffles on my desk from Christmas and they really needed eating!!!!

Tomorrow I ought to try and do some crafting I can share on here!! I will try and fix that! It's about time I shared a project! TFLx

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