Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Poorly Barney :(

My bestest bud is poorly and its his birthday today! he is 11! He was ill when I was at work and I took him to the vet this afternoon and she kept him! She did some blood test as he is an Addison's dog and she needed to check his electrolyte levels, but I did not want him to stay over night. I fetched him home and he is to go back tomorrow. An Addisons event can be fatal. I cried all the way home when I left him, what am I like!!! This dog is my baby!! Please send him some Sparkly vibes xx Tflx
Off for a cuddle!!!xx I love him dearly.
P.S. Last time he had these blood tests he did not forgive me for ages, see this post for a great pic, in fact I scrapped that photo for one of my first Scrapbook Apprentice projects and called it "not speaking!"


weewiccababe said...

awww what a shame, hope everything turns out well for Barney.

Denise said...

Sorry to hear he is not feeling well. I will definitely send him good healing thoughts!

sue-bubbles said...

Oodles of sparkly vibes for you Barney, you poor little soldier! Special treats needed as a reward for those nasty tests!
Some special fluffy sparkles from Bubbles & Daisy...get well soon!
Hugs for you CC, Sue x

dottydotty said...

I just wanted to say he is so lovley caroline hope glad he seems a little better

Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear Barney is a bit better this morning**sparkles** for him today.
Jackie worcs :-)

Anonymous said...

I ciouldn't post them to you on the Docrafts site - it won't let me, but sending lots of get well wishes for Barney.
I know how you feel a little bit, as my 'new baby/surrogate grandchild' kitten has just been spayed & is feeling very sorry for herself at the moment....don't they make you feel guilty when they look up at you with 'those eyes'. Mgt.x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sending Barney lots of ***sparkly vibes*** for a speeding recovery

and sending him lots of Birthday Wishes.

(((hugs))) to you to CC.