Saturday, 10 January 2009


How cold is it this morning????!!!!!!! We have thick frost here today and I hopped out of bed and put the heating back on straight away!!!
I was up late last night making some more cards for my Scrapbook apprentice challenge as I was not happy with them and so made a few more. This is the first time I have made extra or faffed about with layouts after I thought they were done, but it certainly has been a challenge!
This first one I like, but when I added up what I had used, I found I had used one item too many! You are only allowed 3 items extra including 2 from a previous kit, and as the kit was so light this time I had added three from previous kits so that's not allowed!!
This next one, although I think it is very effective, I felt it lacked skill. A great way to get rid of leftover alpha stickers though!! makes a quick card too!
The last of the rejects is this one, again I used too many things. To jazz up the plain background, I used Versamark ink and clear embossing powder, then I used a stamp from a previous kit and a whispers stroke pen from a previous kit and ribbon from a previous kit!! Whoops! That makes three! Not allowed!! It is hard this DT work!!

Of the two cards I have left I have double checked my 3 limit on embellishments and 3 limit on tools! I think I am safe!! All I need do now is package them up, after I have photographed them!

I do miss my camera. It has been sent away for fixing and I have not heard anything yet. Fingers crossed it can be repaired at little cost, but I think that's hopeful!! When I went into Jessops to try they wanted £25 to send it off and average Sony repairs were £160!!! Cheaper to buy a new camera now. I have taken it back to where I purchase it and they have lent me one, but it is so big and heavy I am loathed to use it! That and the fact I am scared to use it!!! Maybe when I have a bit more time!! TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

Well I think your 'rejects' are lovely CC, so I am looking forward to seeing your final projects! I must get me one of those little birdie stamps, its so sweet!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh CC, cannot wait to see what you have made, still love your rejects though.

Maria x

Anonymous said...

Hi CC, I wouldnt consider those cards to be rejects at all!
Good luck with the next challenge.
Jackie worcs :-)

CoventryAnn said...

i really love the monochrome card, such a fab idea!