Monday, 5 January 2009

That back to school feeling!!

Yep, I have it! It's that back to school feeling and it isn't feeling great!!! Whilst everyone else is jumping for joy that their little ones are out of their hair, I, on the other hand am in deep depression as it is time for me to go back to school! The holidays have passed so quickly and I have had no time at all to do anything craftwise. I did just reclaim the craftroom last night before I went to bed, you know, put away all those piled up presents and left over gift wrap and cards and found all the craft things I had stuffed in cupboards and under the bed so people could actually stay the night in there!!!
Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon emptying my briefcase and trying to get my head around planning this term 'til half term. I can tell you it is six weeks to half term for me!!! First priority, get the holiday dates in the diary!!! Last night I was on the Wii fit until 11pm then I could not get to sleep as all that exercise had made me wide awake, so that's how come I reclaimed the craft room! Today we did manage to wake up and get the boys off to school on time, but then I nodded off and woke up at half nine! Wont be doing that tomorrow!! been out for lunch today for a sandwich with some girlies from work as it was someone's birthday!!! Any excuse! Then managed a coffee with another friend on her break from Thomas Cook. Nipped into Phones 4 U to exchange my blue-tooth headset I got for Christmas as it was like trying to put a flower pot in your ear!!!! Buying cheap does not always pay! Got a more slimline version more in keeping with my shell-like!
I have decided to make a few changes in spending habits this year, one of my new year's resolutions, so wandered into Boots to buy Number 7 make up instead of my usual brand. 3 for 2! Got some moisturiser, foundation and highlighter and still spent £32!!! Thought I was cutting back????!!!! Can't go without though, don't want to shock the nation with the bags under my eyes!!!! Highlights may have to go this month too, we will have to see. I'm just doing what everyone else is doing, even went to get my weekly shop from Netto this week, surely it all helps?
The rest of my resolutions are as follows;
1. Save more money
2. Keep up the Wii fit
3. Lose weight (this is on every year!!!) Eat healthier.
4. Stop stash spending other than my monthly kit (which may well go next month if I don't use it - again!!!!!) for 3 months.
5. Cut back on one of my magazine subscriptions
6. Like myself more
7. Get to bed earlier!!!
8. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol

That's eight so far, so I don't want to overload myself!
Think I should get these down on a layout so I can look at them frequently!!! TFLx

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