Monday, 12 January 2009

Vintage flower embellishment tutorial

Last night I completed a weekly challenge layout for my team points over on UK scrappers. I had made a resolution to try and complete more weekly challenges this year. I had it all laid out and ready to assemble and had completed the stitching, but it was not done until the last minute!!! The challenge was to use the theme celebration, use 12 of something and include buttons on your layout. Here is my offering. Another Venice photo from our wedding anniversary trip. 12 buttons. I machine stitched a circle on the background, which you can hardly see on here, and I hand doodles around the edge of the page. Each button has been stitched using embroidery thread. The tag is hand cut from a vintage nautical map and then the edges were distressed. Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop for packets of vintage scraps, including those I used on here!

I used one of these homemade embellishments on this layout. This one was made using some vintage letters I bought off ebay dating from 1897. Mostly they were receipts from a solicitors for money paid to will beneficiaries and often they had a stamp on them under the signature to verify it. I also used a page from an old cookery book dating from the 1930's and a page or two from a 1940's Art book. The buttons are all vintage too.

You will need:

Woodware Craft Punch - Super - Scalloped Circle

Dark brown chalk eye ink pad



Vintage papers

1. Punch out some scalloped circles, how many depends on the thickness of your paper and the effect you want to create. I like mine really 'full' so I used about 15-20. (Too many wont fit on the brad!)

2. Arrange the scallop circles in a pile with your favourite one on the top (I used the one with the stamp) Don't have a very exact and neat pile, have some circles slightly off centre or your flower will be too regular.

3. Punch through the middle of the pile using your Cropadile. (may need to do this in two halves if the paper is thick. This just adds to the offset and looks good.)

4. Thread the brad through the centre and splay out at the back.

5. Using your fingers, scrunch the papers up around the centre brad by squishing and squashing your fingers tips against each other to push the papers up and add depth.

6. Using the chalk eye in pad, ink all around the edges of the flower, moving the pad horizontally and vertically to catch the edges. Don't worry if it's not even or if you miss some, it all adds to the texture.

7. Finally arrange the flower carefully by rotating the scrunched layers around the brad so that they go up and down in different places, see the photo below.

Now you have made one, you will want to make more!!!! I glue them in place using Silicone glue.

You can vary them by using the Super Duper Scallop punch too under the super sized circles so that your bloom has layers! Right, I am off to make more!!! TFLx

P.S. Another great vintage flower tutorial is here . Check it out for fluffy flowers!

P.P.S. Jackie left a comment to say there is another great flower tutorial here thanks Jackie!!


Anonymous said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Lovely vintage look. Have you seen this tutorial?

Jackie worcs :-) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Its me again.Made one of your flowers today and its fab, if I do say so myself.Really pleased with how its turned out.So will defo be making these again.
Jackie worcs :-)

CoventryAnn said...

That flower is gorgeous, and i love the brown buttons, remind me of my grandads cardi!!!