Monday, 9 February 2009

Cybercrop '09 Party poem!

We’re having a party, a bit of ‘a do!’
It’s a shame we didn’t get to bed ‘til two!!
We’ve had a great Cybercrop, here you see,
Now we’re just having a drink, or three!!!
We’ve completed our classes, we’ve snapped and uploaded!
The printer’s in meltdown, computer’s exploded!!
Last night I didn’t get to bed ‘til three!!
Don’t anyone mention a seed bead to me!!!!!!!
Cal was our leader, she’s one of the best!
Our team is the greatest, forget all the rest!
We’ve distressed and printed and scrapped all in red,
I think that tonight I will fall into bed!
I’ve photographed slippers and hot cups of tea!
I’ve even been taking some photo’s of me……….
in disguise!!! My goodness!! Whatever next???
No wonder my family is looking perplexed!
I’ve done classes and layouts and challenge galore!
I’ve even got things that are stuck to the floor!!!
I’ve cut up a pizza box, painted some plastic,
I have to admit, the results look fantastic!!!
I made a great mini book at such a great pace!
I was even seen stitching my own little suitcase!
It was all in good fun, in pursuit of our art!
I’m grateful I had the chance to take part!!!!

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