Friday, 6 February 2009

Cybercrop time!!!!

It is the cybercrop this weekend over on UKs. That means I get to craft all weekend with a good reason!! I have been good and hoovered the house, walked the dog, laid in food supplies and done the ironing!! I have to feed the troops shortly and then I get to sign off for the whole weekend!!! lots of classes to be made and uploaded, lots of fun and chat!! lots of late nights and early mornings!!! Hope to share some of my projects with you as I go along, but it could take some timre to complete so if I go Awol, that' what I'm up to!! Report back later!!! TFL


Anonymous said...

Have fun CC! Look forward to seeing your projects.
Jackie worcs :-)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

have fun CC, and look forward to seeing what you've done, you when you return.

maria x