Saturday, 7 February 2009

First Cybercrop project!

Now the Mystery kit gallery has gone live, I can now reveal what I made with mine!!! I told you the papers were yummy!!! I made "An open and shut case!!" to keep with the whodunnit theme!! For those of you who don't know, you order your team mystery kit, without knowing what it contains. last year i was new and a bit at a loss, but this year I was ready and raring to go!! I had been fascinated by the construction of mini suitcases, I loved them as a child and i still love them now!!! I was allowed to use the pizza box packaging from the kit too, so was able to construct my case nd then cover with the MME Laundry Line papers provided! The pnly things you could add were black and white paper, card or ink!! The embroidery thread and bling were provided. I went for the suitcase first and then made a handstitched book and a tag maze book along with a photograph frame with the remnants! Fortunately we did not have to fill them too!!!! I really enjoyed making them. here are a few close ups!! Hope you enjoy them! was up 'til 1.45 finishing a project last night, I just love it!!! I am only about two classes behind now!!! Lol!!


Anonymous said...

oh cc they are master pieces, beautiful. i love these kind of projects. could i be cheeky and ask how you went about the lunch box and the maze tags. thankyou gina xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

OH CC they are fab, I just don't know how you do it all.

maria x

jackie(worcs) said...

Great projets CC!

Sharon said...

I loved your entry for the mystery kit. It is amazing how much you can make it. I have plenty left to make other things with.
I amde a suitcase at Scrapaganza in Holland last year with Lida de Witte and it was my fave thing.