Friday, 13 February 2009

The Grungemeister!!!!!!

Yesterday I went to my Tim Holtz workshop and I have to say it was just fabby, fab, fab!!! He is just so nice!!!! I can't believe how friendly and helpful he was and he did a fab 1hr demo for us!!! I was just too slow to grab one of his finished pieces and get him to sign it like some of the other ladies did, (I think the manners my parents instilled in me are a bit of a handicap sometimes!!! After you and all that gets you nowhere!!) But still I was so pleased I went!!!The whole day was quite a saga so if you need a cuppa and a stretch break, take one now!!!
Well, I was all set to go on my own, having got hubby to fill the car with petrol and printed off a map from Google of how to find the studio, however at 8am a friend rang and said she and three friends were going to Harrogate for her birthday lunch at Betty's but one was ill, so as a last minute thing, did I fancy going! Well what a coincidence! I am going to Harrogate too so I jumped at the chance of the lift!!! When we set off, one of the girls casually mentioned that BBC local weather said it was to start snowing at three and stop by 9pm. We all just laughed!!! How wrong we were!!!!We got to Harrogate, piled into M&S for our usual coffee and almond croissant and then commenced shopping at 12.30pm. I decided to take off and grab a taxi out to the studio so I could do my craft shopping before the demo, then would get a taxi back straight after at 3.15 and meet up with them all in Betty's for a cup of tea! I found a great taxi driver, near the station at the rank, from Athens???!!! who told me he had friends close by me in East Yorkshire in so we got chatting, in no time at all we had found Art From The Heart and I arranged for him to pick me up there at 3.15pm.

First problem;

There was an incline up to the factory door which was sheet ice and anyone who knows Dyan at Art From The Heart knows about wearing their trendiest shoes to attend, due to "shoe watch!!" I dutifully had worn my brand new sale bargain shoes from Nine West which just so happen to be perilously high with deep platforms. Not safe to negotiate a 1 in 5 icy incline!!!!! However, with much teetering about I made it to the door and was then racing up the stairs to the second floor.

Second problem;

She didn't open 'til 1pm!!!!!!! A fact that seemed to have escaped those of us who were queueing outside, having been there early to shop!!! We spent an agonising 20 minutes waiting for Mr un-bribeable to open the door and let us in!!!! Fortunately, she has loads of her work hung up outside to look at, but you just want to absorb it all and its so overwhelming!!! I always get creativity overload and think I will remember things, but I don't and no photo's allowed!!!!

After what seemed like a lifetime, the door opened and we were allowed into the shop!!!!!

Third problem;

I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!!! I was running for A to B and trying to rein back the credit card from meltdown and decided to set myself a budget of £50 spend. I had some Christmas money set aside that I had not spent! You know how giddy you get, when you see all these scrummy things in one place!!!??? Well I kept selecting, then changing my mind then re selecting, then prioritising, then selecting................etc........etc...............etc.........

Eventually I made my selection. I had gone for the alcohol inks and mixatives so that is what I bought, along with some glossy paper and Paper Artsy stamps. It was great value to get the ticket cost of the demo refunded against the purchase, so actually my total spend was £54 close to my budget! I decided it was a deal!!!

The lovely Kirsty Wiseman was there and as we queued up for our demo, she talked me into a cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin in aid of the charity that Dyan supports - Young Carers. I was glad to oblige and tucked away my second calorific pastry of the day!!!! I also bought some raffle tickets for a fantastic Tim Holtz set of goodies - winner announced Monday!! I have my fingers and toes crossed that I'm lucky for that one!!!

Finally we were allowed through to the inner sanctum to see the Grungmeister!! I sat almost directly in front of him and had the most amazing view!

Fourth Problem;

I had forgotten my camera!!!!!!!!!!! Aagh!!! It was still on charge at home!!!!!! In my last minute rush to leave at 9am rather than the 12pm I had thought of I had neglected to take my camera off charge! Never mind, I had my phone which has a fab camera! Could I make it work?????? Could I ****!!!!!!!! It seemed to be stuck on video!!!!!! he thought this was hilarious!!!!! I was trying to work out what I had pressed by accident, what to un-press!!! Just anything!! I was in full panic mode!!!!!! After having a laugh at my own expense. The demo began!

He did amazing things with distress ink pads and dabbers and alcohol inks and masks and Grungeboard and fragments and rubber stamps and................ it just went on and on!!!!!!! Some of his new releases from CHA we were allowed to see, but they are not shipping yet!! One thing to look out for is Grungepaper!!!! If you are into ageing and distressing like me, this is going to be fab!! It will even go through your printer or the Cricut!! Can't wait! His new stamps are fab too!!! Love the birdie one!!! And the splatter background, we will just have to be patient.Fifth Problem;
I got a text ten minute before the end of the demo, from my husband, saying "It is snowing very heavily here, getting sent home from work early!" Well, I mean, fancy sending me that when I can do nothing about it????? Men!!!! He knew I would be intent on watching the demo, I blame that text on my lack of speed in snapping up one of his completed tags at the end of the demo like others did!! I blame my parents, my manners are too good!! "After you" gets you nowhere in a Tim Holtz scrummage I can tell you!!! He went over his time by ten minutes, so I was just in perfect time to get my taxi - unfortunately without being able to grab extra items I felt I needed after the demo!!!!!!!!!!

'Costas', my Greek taxi driver was sitting waiting for me and we drove back to the station and I rang my friends. Of course if you are in Betty's tea rooms you have to have your phone off, so I had to wait 'til they replied with a text and after ten minutes I was upstairs enjoying a nice cup of tea as they completed their lunch with a coffee. We wandered back to M&S to get food supplies for tea for several of us and then just as we were making our way back to the car park we got a call from someone else's son to say one of the main roads back home was blocked with snow and had been closed!!! He could not get to school to collect his sister!

Sixth problem;

The snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! We never have really bad snow!!!!! Do we?????????? We decided not to pass the opportunity of a visit to the ladies room before embarking on our homeward journey and left Harrogate about quarter to five.

Seventh Problem;

Everyone else was doing the same!!!!!!! We crawled out of Harrogate and slowly on towards York, doing 20 or 30 miles an hour! Just outside York, we came to a complete standstill in the sleet with snow now lying on the road slightly!!! One ladies hubby was ahead of us by some way and he reported that the route he had chosen had now become blocked with 12 cars stranded in snow, so we tried to think of yet another route!!! We decided to branch off to head for the motorway and pick up the M62 at Howden and then surely the motorway would be open all the way to Hull, then we could strike across country!!! As we approached Howden it was 6pm and car 1 ahead of us reported he was now standing in traffic on the motorway and not moving, so we decided another toilet stop was in order, just in case!!! We ladies of a certain age, can't be stuck in traffic too long you know!!! Fortunately one of our gang had a close relative en route, so we rang ahead to check in for the toilet facilities!!! By this time we were beginning to laugh at our adventure!!! We enjoyed a nice cup of tea with very kind people and then resumed our journey after about 40 mins. We joined the motorway and everything seemed fine. We then got notification from the car ahead, that we could not exit at our turn off as there had been an accident and all the motorway was a car park!!! At this point, being us, we decided to think of the best pub as close to us as we could think of, turn off and hole in there for a while to have food and more refreshment!!! We found an old haunt 100yds off the motorway and with great hilarity livened up the whole restaurant!!!! One slice of steak and ale pie with chips later, we were back on the move and all the traffic had gone!!! We had the road to ourselves! We took it steady and our driver was excellent! We negotiated abandoned cars, breakdown lorries, gritters and slippery roundabouts and finally they dropped me back home at 10pm!!!

Jokingly my hubby had said to me that morning, if you go with them, I'll see you about 10 o'clock then!!! We laughed so much!!! My friends pressed on home and I finally text them at 11pm to see if they had got home too!!! Just!!!! What a day!!! What an escapade!! This definitely needs to be scrapped!!!! I shall remember the day I met Tim Holtz!!! Watch out for my experiments with my new goodies on here next week. We have visitors this weekend, so unfortunately no crafting!!!!!!! It's like torture! new goodies and no time!!! TFLx

Check out more great photo's of the day and great samples here on Kirsty's blog! Someone who can take pictures and not videos like me!!!!


jackie(worcs) said...

Phew! Great adventure. I lost count of the snack breaks though!

Anonymous said...

I'm soo envious you met My Hero & what a day he chose to give the demo.
Luckily you arrived home in 1 piece & it sounds like a 'Good Day was had by All'. Mgt.x

sue-bubbles said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about 'your day' CC, boy..will Babs be jealous, she is a huge Tim Holtz worshiper too! I cant wait to see your forthcoming creations - fancy having visitors when there is so much crafting to be done lol!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW sounds a great day, and agree with jackie, lost count of your break stops, lol

cannot wait to see what you make...

maria x

Brenda Pinnick said...

Caroline, sounds like a very exciting day! Wish I could have been there!

Clarky J said...

Think I was sat behind you! I was wearing my Clarky J badge but was too nervous to ask if it was you! I was memerised - he made a tag for my pal and one for the atc meet raffle i am hosting but sadly I was too polite to take one for myself too! I have pre ordered the bird stamp though to cheer myself up :0)

cannycrafter said...

Hi there! Yes I remember you!! I was the one who could not get my phone to take still pics only video!!! They were stills after all!!! Caused a stir!!! I soooooooo want that bird stamp!!!