Saturday, 28 February 2009

My trip down memory lane

Went over to mum and dads this morning for another 'pep them up' visit, whilst hubby went to sort out FIL (we are now calling ourselves Health Visitors!!!!) LOL! Had another trawl through some old photos, trying to inspire dad to do something as he is still very down. He seemed to enjoy it and even found an "Emergency rations" tin full of his photo's from the war when he was in Rhodesia training to be a pilot! He sat there for ages looking and reminiscing! We had a good laugh at some of the things he took and his annotations on the back! Think he enjoyed it! here is one of me, I think it's taken on Southport beach, but I'm not certain! If you can't see the sea, it's Southport! We used to holiday there as that is where my grandma lived. Big old Hillman car and very posh water carrier for washing the sand off my hands!!! Another one to scrap!!
I was writing some things down on the back of old photo's but putting the tiny ones on the PC just helps to see them better. I would like to take some scans and make albums, but again it is time!!! I took a photograph of the emergency rations tin and we had a good laugh as we could not get the lid off!! Dad said he would be dead before he could have used it!!!!It would be nice to make a mini book of these for him. Even found a photo of him flying! And his rather dashing RAF photo.
Also managed to take a photo of dads old camera. I remember taking my very first picture with this camera and until today I did not know he bought it when he lived in France! I knew it was a Kodak. I am going to use these on a layout maybe for Scrapbook Apprentice.
Also found some very old photographs from the turn of the century, of my Nana when she was a girl
and a photograph of the house where I was born! It looks very grand (wink, wink!)
Check out your old heritage photo's and get them annotated and scrapped! Just think what a help we are being to future generations. TFLx


:: gingerkitty :: said...

Oh my goodness from the past amazing thanks so much for sharing

*reyanna klein* said...

These photographs are fabulous! I LOVE older photos. I definitely should get mine scanned. Hopefully, some day soon. Thanks so much for blogging these! :)