Sunday, 8 February 2009

Phew! Just dashing in before the party!

Cybercrop is drawing to a close! I have scrapped all day and night in some cases, since Friday night and have loved it all! I have been behind with my timing and made up on others, I have guessed mystery guests done quizes and treasure hunts I have sanded and scored and painted and printed and the floor of the craft room looks like a bomb site!! But it has all been worth it!!!!! i have a pile of layouts stacking up here!!!!! What a great excuse to do what you want to and take a weekend off from time to time!! Fortunately for me, my children are old enough to fend for themselves and so is hubby in theory!!!!!!! Somehow, they don't get the "I'm not here!!!" bit!! A million and one questions about cooking and washing and just general mum I need you!!!

It's not the scrapping against the clock and collecting points, although I have to admit, that is quite fun! It's the opportunity to take classes and learn new techniques that you might not have thought of or experimented with before! I have 12 layouts, a wall hanger and a mini book to show for my efforts! I missed two classes which I ma going to tackle when I have more time, and a few little challenges along the way, but was rather pleased with my points total of 1015 for my team! Some great classes which I will share with you in the next few days and maybe they will inspire you to have a go! Better rush off and get my glad rags on! Have got champagne on ice and meeting in the bar in half an hour so, bye for now!!! TFLx

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Sharon said...

WOW that is an impressive total Caroline.
Well done.