Thursday, 26 February 2009

This seasons fashion trends

Well, its 9.20 am and already I have been shopping for clothes and bought a few key pieces for this season's look! How you might ask?? Well, online of course!!!

I had an email from Debenhams with some video's of this seasons new trends and of course I was drawn in hook, line and sinker and just had to order a few tops!!! Check them out! I've gone for the 'Libertine' look myself! Jeans and casual tops have to be good for me as I spend a lot of time not at work!! I already had some blue denim trousers and my perilously high shoes from the sale, along with a navy short cardigan and a grey long cardigan and a couple of t-shirts in white and navy so I was half way there!

I know friends have asked me before, but what I do is look at trends in magazines/online, work out what I already have that is similar, buy a few extra key pieces from whichever shop you like, as they are all reflecting trends anyway and then when you lay them all out together, you can visualise several outfits, by mixing and matching them together. For example, I have a grey long cardigan and a blue short cardigan and a navy, white and shocking pink t-shirt, so any of those will mix and match with the jeans!! Throw in a couple of accessories like a fringed handbag and maybe a plaited brown belt (which came on my jeans!) and you have a little capsule wardrobe!
Make sure you hang them all side by side in your wardrobe too and then you see them all together when you are getting dressed! I group mine in colours!!

I used to be one of these people who buys one item of clothes at a time and had a wardrobe full of things that were nice, but never worked together. Now I do a splurge buy of several items all at once, that co-ordinate and then don't buy clothes for six months!! Spring and Autumn are my two buying times and that's it! It definitely is more economical and you look more "combinated" as Jonni used to say when he was little!

If we go away on a hot holiday, I rush out to Tesco or New look and grab some cheap t shirts, and swimwear (if I need any) and I am good to go at a very cheap price!

have you ever tried altering things? When Jonni was younger, he wanted some trendy designer look jeans, so we cut up some logos and pockets off clothes he had grown out of and stitched them onto a pair of cheap jeans. Voila! He had a pair of unique jeans that all his friends at dance class wanted to come round here and make their own version of!!! I heard on the TV the other day that dressmaking is back in a big way, so maybe we should think about it! I spent years making all my own clothes, right up until I had the boys, I did make some for them too! I even made my own wedding dress and five bridesmaids dresses, not surprising as I have a degree in Textiles, but even so, anyone can do it!!!

All the clothes that don't fit me anymore or have not been worn for age, have been sold on eBay to raise money for my new purchases and if things need to go to charity and they include one Marks and Spencer item, you can get a £5 voucher back from Oxfam shops to spend in M&S on your next purchase -that will buy you a new t-shirt in their outstanding value range!

So today's post was not about craft, but about fashion!!! Just hope it all fits when it arrives! If not, I just take it back to the shop!!! TFLx
P.S. I did once use the personal shopper at Debenhams and that was fab!!! I had a coffee whilst they went and chose things for you to try on! Great if you are fancying a new start or you have a wedding or something to go to! I did it after I had been ill and had lost my confidence! I book a free make up at the cosmetics counter that day too and it was a real boost! Just book well in advance! Next have a personal shopper too now I noticed in the Meadowhall store!


sue-bubbles said...

I want, ney...NEED that handbag NOW! What a lovely spring collection know you will have to model them all for us when they arrive lol!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sounds as if you're all sorted CC, cannot wait to see all your new items, have fun...

maria x