Friday, 27 March 2009

Dad and all things french!!

Last week I was helping mum and dad tidy and make a bookcase for there endless supply of books and I came across an old french nautical chart that had been used to wrap a parcel sent to dad, from France last Christmas. It was a 1929 nautical map and contained details of places he used to go sailing with his chum in France when they lived there in 1949. Unbeknown to dad I brought it home, as I knew he did not want to throw it away, and I converted it into the cover for a mini album to keep some of his precious photographs in. he has odd photos propped up on the dressing table that he likes to keep handy, a real mix of things, from him flying in the war, to his brother that is no longer with us, his old family home and Barney my dog! I covered two sheets of sturdy chipboard using sections of the map and wet glue spread with a foam spreader and then made the pages from some retro American crafts papers that are nice and thick and double sided. I bound it together using my BIA machine and trimmed the spine with ribbon. He was thrilled with it! How to turn something precious into something special to keep! Keep your eye out for old maps! They have some great ones in charity shops! TFLx

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SusieJ said...

This is wonderful! What a great way to preserve special memories.
Sue xx