Thursday, 12 March 2009

Don't you just love online shopping! Not!!!

Do you remember this???? That gorgeous bag I spied in Debenhams and just had to order???? Well I ordered it and this is what came

similar, but not right! No hint of the "Must have fringing for this season" as promised in the online description. I duly rang customer services and the nice lady on the end of the phone (in England!!!!!) said, 'very sorry madam, will get another one sent out straight away.' I missed the parcel on Tuesday, went after work to the post office to pick up my parcel last night, opened it and guess what was in it????

The same bag, yet again and still absolutely no sign of a hint of fringing!!!!!!!!!! Also far too small for the amount of clutter I carry about with me!!!! Oh to be able to get the bag I wanted :( It's just not meant to be!!
Rang up a very nice man at customer services today who apologised and asked me to return the bag. Off to the post office tomorrow yet again!!!!!!!


SusieJ said...

Ah, yes the joys of internet shopping! Hope you get the right bag soon! I ordered some Brandy from Sainsburys (with my food order) and they sent Bushmills Irish Whisky (at twice the price!). Sent it back AND not only did they not refund it they charged me for it again! Guess who I've been on the phone to today!
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

How very disappointing CC...the bag you NEED is gorgeous - the fringes are indeed a must have!!! I think they should send you one for free after all this hassle!!!
Sue x
ps: my verification letters are: appropriate!