Saturday, 14 March 2009

Easter basket

As I mentioned yesterday the Easter basket tutorial is over here, I bookmarked it last year but never got around to doing it! It would be great with some nice bath products or beauty products in or even a small potted plant. You could put it together with one of my wallet cards including a gift card for a manicure or something for mum to treat herself to! I learnt a few things by making it myself so said I would share the tips with you.

Measuring and cutting.
Firstly I thought I could get the whole thing from one sheet of Bazzill, but I was one strip short, maybe I was not accurate with my measuring but fortunately I had another leftover piece of cream that I used that matched. This brings me to the second thing cutting the strips accurately. Particularly the 1/8" strips!!!! I started cutting with my 3/4" strips. I used my guillotine (from Aldi) and measured the card on the gauge and then just moved it 3/4" to the right for each cut. This save me having to mark and cut with pencil then rub out after. Unfortunately my guillotine has measurements in cm so the 3/4" strips are about 2cm wide. Then i cut the 1/8" strips at 4mm wide, just so the cutter would cut them properly. This is why maybe the cardstock was not big enough as they should officially be 3mm wide. Then I cut the half inch strips at 1.3cm and the 5/8" strips at 1.5cm wide. This saves you time converting and using the guillotine saves you time measuring and drawing!!! I did ink the edges of the £/4" strips as she suggests and it does make a difference to the finished look.

When you lay the strips on top of each other make sure they are exactly in the centre. I was off centre with a couple and nearly did not have enough to make it up the sides. You could mark the centre of each 3/4" strip with a dot and make sure you glue the dots on top of each other.
This was tricky to get started as i felt I needed a form to mould it around and press against, so I used a reel of DST, but anything circular that fits is great!!!!It did not fit exactly, but I felt I could bend the strips up by pressing against the circle and got a crisp edge to my basket. I also found securing the strips as they ended with a dab of glue stick meant the whole thing did not unravel when you started a new strip!

Although it was not mentioned I thought it looked like the inner strip on the edging strip had been inked along the edge before being added to the wider strip, so I did that and think it looks better.

Finally I think I would have made the ribbon slightly longer and make a hole with the Cropadile and threaded it on brad 3 and 5 before sticking the DST over the top. This means the handles would be more secure if anyone picks up the basket using the handle. Please let me know if these tips helped you! And if you have any other tips to share about making the basket project! TFLx
P.S. Will be back later with how to make the daffodils.

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