Monday, 16 March 2009

Flower pot

The flowerpot for the daffodils I made yesterday was made from a piece of Bazzill card in a red/terracotta colour. I wrapped it around the metal bucket I bought to get the tapered shape and then secured it. I trimmed it level at the top and trimmed about one inch below the depth of the pot I wanted at the bottom. To make the base secure i punched out two circles of scrap card. I place on on top of a bottle that I wanted to use to form my pot over. I spread this one with glue.

I cut some tabs all around the lower edge of the flowerpot and bent them over. using glue stick, I formed this over my bottle and stuck each tab to the circular base of card. I then covered the whole thing with a second circle of card to make it secure.To make the top lip of the plant pot I cut a narrow strip of terracotta card and inked it along both edges with brown ink. using foam tape, I placed a strip around the top edge of the flowerpot, around the rim. Because of the slight taper to the flowerpot you do need to crease the tape in places slightly but this unevenness can be inked later as cracks, adding depth.
Stick the strip of card that you inked to the foam tape and ink the top edge again. Ink any ridges that form and highlight them as cracks.
use creme eggs and mars eggs etc to weight the flowerpot down, add in a few handmade daffodils and then fill up the gaps with mini eggs. Tie some raffia around the pot and add a tag if desired. TFL x
P.S. Please post a comment and link to any of these ideas if you make them, I would love to see them! Thanks x

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