Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Flowers with a difference!!

Here are the results of my labours with all those socks I bought yesterday and a few more kebab sticks!!!! I think I must have cornered the market in the use of kebab sticks!! I made rosebuds out of pairs of socks. I decided to mix the colours of each pair to make them more interesting! I interspersed the roses with a few choocy egg blooms and a chocolate bunny for effect. for the figure conscious teenager I think this will fit the bill! Happy Easter!!
I seem to be doing anything but scrapping at the moment!!! trying to fufil orders and make things for my shop! Hopefully I will get to scrap one day soon! When I do scrapbook it has to be secret for the Scrapbook Apprentice!!! Roll on Easter! All I need is more time!!! TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

So clever CC, these are just fab!!!
Sue x

tartantaz said...

what a fantastic idea and it looks so amazing.

T x

Lazy Days said...

I think your ideas are the best (socks for flowers) you are very talented and I don't know why your not doing well with the votes sue has asked every one lol

don't be dispondant you are origional and enjoy your hobby/work that's what counts

love Dawn xx