Sunday, 8 March 2009

How to make a Mini Postcard album

I started with three postcards 6"x 4" and was going to make a six page album. The postcards would be on alternate pages to the black and white photographs.

1. Cut six strips of Bazzill card 12" by 4" wide. I used left over card stock for this.

2. measure in 3" from each end of the strips and score with a scoring tool.

3. Lay each strip on top of each other and line up the scored lines. Using a Cropadile big bite, punch through the score lines at regular intervals to make holes for sewing the binding. I made five holes.

4. Cut four long lengths of string for the binding. I used paper string, but you could use ribbon. Staring from the outside thread a length of string through to the inside and back to the outside in the next hole. Pull the lengths of string level. Take another length of string and thread from the outside through the same hole you just came out of, pull through to the inside and then back out of the hole above. Keep going up the spine until you have threaded all five lengths of string.
5. Now comes the fun part. Close the book and stick the outside postcard on the front using lots of double sided tape. carefully cut the postcard in half with scissors, along the gap in the Bazzill. open the top page and repeat, this time with a black and white photograph mounted on to some patterned paper that is 6"x4" or just smaller. Cut this in half. Then repeat alternately through the book with postcards and black and white photo's until you have completed each page. I left the last three pieces of Bazzill intact for added strength.6. To create the ties on each page, you need to start on the front. Close the book and tie the bottom two strands of string together in a bow. Trim to satisfactory length. These will be the outside straps. Open the bow and move to the next inner layer. using a 'pokey' tool, hook the next two threads above the ones previously used, (one on each side) to the layer you want to close. Tie a neat bow and trim to length. These strings will remain on this layer. Keep working through the book and up the strings until you close the last layer with a bow across the top. I actually had a full picture underneath the lowest layer that was not tied, but it did not matter.7. Now you have all the main pictures in place, trim the side flaps of each layer, ready to receive your journling. On some I added small photographs too. Work your way through the book. use up your scraps and offcuts for this. Ink the edges of your journaling blocks with dark brown ink to add age. Add any additional trims and decoration. I added a scallop effect to the front edge of the book as, mine was so full it would not quite meet! This just adds an additional decoration. The title can be added to the front cover using Thickers of chipboard stickers, stuck with PVA or Glossy Accents to make sure they adhere to the shiny postcard surface.

8. Starting at the back with the lowest layer, tie the strings across each layer and work your way up to the front cover, fastening each with a bow. When you reach the front cover there will be strings coming out of the top four holes and I tied these together in a reef knot the top two as one pair and the next two as another pair. This secures your fastening in place. And creates a spine on each side.
Your mini book is now complete. Right, I'm off to complete my jounaling and embellishing now. Got to think of my title too!

You could use postcards of a particular place to record a visit there and intersperse with photographs. The next one I do will be done this way with postcards of France from last years holiday! You could measure and cut each piece of bazzill asymmetrically, so each postcard is not cut straight up the middle. I did not do this this time, but I may do next time for more variation. It would take some working out though!!


Anonymous said...

A terrific idea CC. I'm deffitely going to do this of pics from a walking holiday in Portugal we did last year - I've been wondering what to do with all the pics from goes. Mgt.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks for the RAK stamp CC, it came this morning with your fab card, thank you so much...

maria x