Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last one!

Tomorrow is the last Scrap Your Day of the year! Shimelle has taken us through a whole year of photo's and scrapping and I for one have enjoyed the journey! In the middle, I began to get behind and found the day of photographing a chore, but when I converted to my pick of my months photo's as I have in the last couple of months, I enjoyed it again! I soon will have a complete album to look back on!

This month's photo fact sheet is tempting us to try digital scrapping! Not something I have been anxious to use, I prefer to stick to paper and get glue everywhere! However, I had heard my son going on about the site 'Picnik' where he alters his avatar picture for his msn etc so I thought I would have a go!

I just wanted to add an odd scroll and text title to my photo's so this will be perfect! I have also been playing with a free download of Serif photoplus, a free trial whereby you can alter colour photo's to retain one element of colour in a black and white background. (Not sure if I haven't mentioned this before!)

Very cool I think! Pop over to Rebekah's blog here and she tells you how to do it! It is quite simple!

So charge up your camera and get photographing first thing!!! Not easy for me as I am at school tomorrow, but I will give it a go! (Unless I forget again!!)

Just spent tonight in the craft room, completing a double layout using some old photos that I got printed at Photobox, that arrived this morning. Some old prints of the house where I grew up. This is only the second double layout I have ever attempted!! Not quite finished, but the silicone glue is drying, so I have not photographed it yet! I sent for some photo's using a special offer to get 60 free prints, some of which have not come out as well as I expected, with people's heads chopped off! Anyway, got plenty to go at for now! Lots in black and white too!

Finally, just had my last Cadbury's Roses chocolate, for today!!!!! Ha ha ha!! Present from mother's day! I moan about putting weight on, then sit here eating caramels and hazelnut whirls!!! TFLx

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