Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lets talk sense!!

I apologise for my post this morning re the "I" word. I know that some of you find it rude to swear!!!!!!
I walked the dog and had the ironing finished by lunchtime, then spent this afternoon posting more things on eBay that DS2 has grown out of!!! Really must stop feeding him so much!!! Lol!!! parents came for tea and then we had a drive down to the hospital where mum has to go for a cardiac appointment on Tuesday, just so that we could find out where she was going! I had to laugh as we got lost in the enormous site and ended up at the brand new Oncology unit that her majesty the Queen opened earlier today! The local news team were reporting live from outside the hospital and we happened to drive past behind her!!! What a giggle!!! That was on our third tour around by the way!!! Lol! We did have a laugh! We wondered whether to tape it later on tonight!!! Two second celebrities we are!!! Lol!! Anyway, good job we went as it took us ages to find and mum and dad have to be there by 9am so that will be a feat in itself!!!

Completed my Scrapbook Apprentice projects today for this month. here is one of my reject cards!
I made a weaving loom out of scallop edged card and wound embroidery thread around it and secures it on the back. Then I cut strips of patterned paper and ribbon and made a simple weave like we used to weave paper at school! I made the strip of coredinations card wide enough to take the Doodlebug alphabet. I then covered the strings on the back with glitter card and folded it. I lined the card with patterned paper. I decided that everyone would probably be weaving the ribbon, so for me, this was not a new technique and I decided it had to be a reject!!! Still like it though, even though it wont make the competition! They gave us packs of Doodlebug ribbon to play with, but I have to say this is a generous amount to use on one card! It would have to be a special person lol!!! I also considered using the ribbon and making an iris folding pattern with it instead of using strips of paper.. Did not go with that idea either in the end. I am happy with my final choices. TFLx

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Houston said...

Well I like the card! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!