Saturday, 14 March 2009

Make some Daffodils

Three posts in one day??? Well, officially this is tomorrows post, as I think I may be busy! here is how I made my daffodils for the Easter projects.
Phase one - the trumpet of the daffodil. Use some yellow scrapbook paper, but if it is single sided fold it and secure with DST so that it is double sided. Cut a narrow strip about one inch wide using scallop edge scissors.
Place DST along the straight long edge and one short edge. Wrap it around a mini egg and secure with the tape. On the opposite end to the scallops, make four snips, two at one side and two opposite to create four little flaps.
Phase two - the outer petals.
For the outer petals you need a circle of paper. I used a super duper Woodware scallop circle punch 3" and punched out two and glued them together to create double sided paper. Fold the scallop circle in half then make two more folds evenly to you have 3 lines giving you your six petals. From the outside of the circle cut towards the centre in a curved petal shape, cutting away the spare paper in between.Punching the circle makes the flowers even sized but is not crucial. leave yourself a centre to the petals where you can apply your silicone or hot melt glue.

Phase three - the stalk.
For the stalk you need green paper, double sided tape and a wooden kebab skewer. Cut a length of green paper to the required size of your stalk, place DST on the paper and roll the kebab skewer inside the paper. The double sided tape will secure it when rolled.Phase four - flower assembly
I used silicone glue but may have been better with hot melt glue as it would have dried quicker!! I am so impatient!!!! Put a blob of silicone in the centre of the petals, then lay the stalk across the glue securely. Fold down two flaps on the back of the trumpet and secure to the back of the mini egg with glue. The flaps give you more surface area to apply glue to. Add a small blob of silicone to the stalk and secure the trumpet over the stalk so the kebab skewer runs through the gaps in the trumpet created by folding under the paper. leave to dry thoroughly, over night if possible!!!Phase five - the leaves
To make the strap like leaves, cut narrow strips of green paper and apply double sided tape to the back and fold in half to give double sided paper. Cut narrow strip leaves about 7" long and round one end. Because the paper is double and the DST adds thickness you can then curl the ends of the leaves over a bone folder. You can secure the leaves to the stem of each flower using double sided tape.

Use your daff's how you wish. I secured them in a bucket and a home made flowerpot, using creme eggs and mini eggs to weigh them down in position. Wrapped in cellophane, this would be a great spring gift! TFLx

P.S. Why can you never find more wooden kebab skewers in the shops when you want them???? Are they only available in BBQ season???? I use them all year around!!! Just found some in Homebase!!!


sue-bubbles said...

Gorgeous daffodils CC, especially the mini-egg part lol! Yummy and scrummy all at the same time!
Sue x

cannycrafter said...

Thanks Sue! Please don't eat the one with the silicone glue on though!!!! lol!!! Moving on to tulips next!!!