Saturday, 21 March 2009

More Easter ideas!

Yesterday I was surfing the net and found this link that showed you how to make sock cupcakes with children's socks! This girl is so talented I love her stuff! I decided to modify it and make my own cupcakes using a combination of ankle socks and trainer socks in pastel colours, just like I used in my sock bouquet! Here are what I came up with so far! I added an egg to keep with my Easter theme. Some have a mini egg (foil wrapped) as a cherry on the top, some have a rabbit lolly in and some a creme egg inside! Wrapped in cellophane these will make great little Easter gifts!
I'm not saying they are easy and they do require some fiddling to get the look just right, but I think they look the part!

I mixed each one, so some have two pairs of ankle socks and a pair of trainer socks, some have two pairs of trainer socks and one pair of ankle socks and some have some fab pink lace 'footsies' to wear inside ballet pumps! All have one item of chocolate in too! Wrapped in spotted cellophane and tied with raffia, they make a great alternative gift for the figure conscious teenager! happy crafting!! TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

You are so clever CC, these are just wonderful! You must remind me of these come fact you could pop them on your advent project list for this year...(Sue ducks out of the way of a barrage of socks...!!!) lol!

Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh what a great idea,

my niece is having a baby and someone is doing her a nappy cake, this would make a great pressie for her other child, so don't feel left out, thanks CC...

maria x

Lazy Days said...

love this idea,

You didn't put the orional site dow though, would love to go have a look.

Love Dawn xx

cannycrafter said...

The original site is highlighted in the word 'this' it is a link direct to the site. Click on the word this and it will go straight to the site. If it does not work this is the addy