Saturday, 7 March 2009

Postcard mini album

I got in the craft room finally yesterday and put a few finishing touches to some of my unfinished symphonies!! I did the last few bit son my ribbon pages for Scrapbook Apprentice and then decided to finish my postcard mini album. I just had one last photo to print in black and white and the printer ran out of ink!!! It ran out of blue but would not let me print in black and white even though I had a lot of black ink!!! I was stuck! When I bought this Epson printer with individual colour cartridges, I was told on the reviews that this was an annoying problem and sure thing it was!!! I had ordered ink from my online supplier last week, but they were on back order, so I had to send DS1 out on a mercy mission to but some at mega cost locally!!! I think I have learnt my lesson. Always have back up cartridges in stock!!! Anyway the little album is nearly finished, apart from the journaling I want to do.
The idea for this album came from a magazine I saw when I was on holiday in France last year. It was an album using up those cute postcards we always buy when we are out places and can't resist. I bought some postcards the other week from Paperchase and this was the secret project I wanted to use them for. I have had to work out how to make the album myself, as I had no instructions, but I am quite happy with how it has turned out. originally I tried printing the photographs directly on to Bazzill, to add texture, but I was not happy with them, they were too dark, so I printed them out on semi glossy paper instead.
These are some photographs I found at mum and dads recently during my 'trip down memory lane!' I posted a picture of the rather grand house where I was born, this week. It was commented on by someone at work! I did say wink, wink in the post!!!! It was converted into flats and my parents rented one of the flats when they were first married and stayed there until I was about 2. As a second child, I was born at home, so I was born there. It was and still is an impressive building. It is now a residential home for the elderly! Still 100yds from my parents current front door. They often joke they will end up there, back where they started!
The aerial shots were my parents but the even older interior shot were given to mum and dad by someone in the village as they knew they had lived there. These interior shots are from the Victorian age and show how grand the house was when it was the vicarage!!! The servants all lined up on the lawn and the gardener with his wheelbarrow. I have grouped them all together in this album, with a photograph I found of mum sitting at her bedroom window looking out from the room where I was born. I decided to complete the album with my baby photo. Using the colour postcards as alternate pages and the black and white photographs in between gives a nice overall feel to the album. And you get a vibe of the 50s and 60s era that mum and dad lived there and when I was born. At least these photos are altogether in one place and the memories logged for future generations.
At the time I thought it was a great idea for an album and tomorrow I will try and post how I made it. TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW fab album CC, and the memories that are there, brilliant, and loves the 'wink wink' about the house, lol

maria x

sue-bubbles said...

Ive just about gotten over you posting a photo of an 'i' am visiting you again lol! Your postcard mini book is wonderful CC, such a clever idea!
Sue x