Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dad's Magnolia tree

Mum reminded me to take my camera to hers on Easter day as she said the Magnolia tree was in full bloom. It was superb, although the ground frost the previous night had done its best to brown it! I think these photo's are going to look good on the Studio Calico bamboo type paper in my Fortune Cookie kit, when I get around to it! This tree is special for several reasons. It was my fathers retirement present when he left teaching after many, many years, also, our beloved family pet dog is buried beneath it. This may be the time to introduce Suky to you.

The mongrel dog we had for 17 years, that arrived at our house on the end of a piece of string, as the last puppy in the litter of our friends beagle dog, that nobody else wanted! The princely sum of 10s was paid and she became a major part of our lives! She was a Heinz 57 variety, the result of an encounter of our friends beagle, with the Vets escaped Dalmatian dog!!! She had one black eye and two big black patches on her back and then lots of pseudo Dalmatian spots underneath. She was so good tempered. I remember when we were looking for barney, mum said 'you will never find another Suky' but we did!! I think their faces are very similar! here is the last photo of her shortly before she died. I was 21 and could not remember life without her, as she had been there since I was 4 years old. These two photo's are ready for my layout I have planned, but still not completed. TFLx


Annie said...

Suky looks gorgeous!

tartantaz said...

I cant wait to see your layout from these photos they are great.

T x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

a lovely tree cc and great photos and what lovely memories of suky...

maria x

Crafty Dawn said...

Hi Caroline,

I love these trees they smell divine great photos look fwd to looking at the lay outs

Love Dawn xx