Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Didn't we have a lovely time!

the day we got together!!!! No, those words are not quite right but I have improvised slightly to suit the occasion! I had a fab day with the lovely Kirsty Wiseman and her daughter Belle and the uber cool daschund Eddie!! It's just so great to spend time chatting about scrapping with someone who gets it!!!! Unlike hubby, who does not!! We ate scones with jam and cream (which we shouldn't!) and talked the hind legs off a donkey whilst Belle and Jonni discussed coastal erosion (apparently!!!) and we laughed at our two pooches racing around the garden until they were worn out! I can't go into details too much as I am due out with friends at 8pm, but I will be blogging in more detail shortly!!! Suffice it to say, she was fab, as I knew she would be!!! Thanks Kirsty I had a great time! Belle is so sweetilicious, she wanted to come back tomorrow, I wish they could!!! Sod it! Why not!! Kirsty!!! Pack your scrap stuff and head on over tomorrow, I think scrapping all day sounds much more fun than taking Jonni to class! LOL!


sue-bubbles said...

How fabulous CC, what a wonderful day you've had the pair of you...scrap chat and scones..mmmm! And look at Barney, so happy to have a playmate come to visit - bless!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

im glad you had a great day. fab photo's
gina xxxxx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hugs and loves and kisses.....Ellie wont stop jabbering about her new friend Jonni .... Im still admiring my new piece of art and the dog is stretched out from knackeredness!
Bless you for the perfectest of days!