Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I love this!

Of course I could not resist one of my trademark blooms!!This teddy is just soooooo cute! I think I might just keep it! Those scratch mitts make perfect rosebuds and the booties!
I know, I am addicted to spotted cellophane!!!! And raffia! Thank goodness for florist suppliers on ebay!!!Here are the ingredients! Take one baby starter pack (contains one sleep suit one bodysuit, one hat, one pair scratch mitts and one pair of bootees!) and one metal planter and voila! here you have a baby bucket! All ready for sale in my shop! better get them in there quick before I keep them for more decoration!!!
I have more to make with other baby items, but must wait until I finish my Scrapbook Apprentice projects, got a tight deadline due to Easter and hols!!!
Up early to take DS2 to dance! Better get my bran flakes! TFLx
Ok, so by the time I have blogged and facebooked and twittered and MSN messengered, I am all communicated up!!!!!! This is taking over my day!!!! Lol! Ah the wonders of the modern age!!! God forbid I ever get a blackberry! Hubby may have to book an appointment to talk to me!!!
P.S. Some very kind person scratched my car at the supermarket yesterday and drove off!!!! Obviously!!! Don't you just love the supermarket!!!!


SusieJ said...

Stunning CC!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

This is so cute CC!