Saturday, 11 April 2009

The "I" word

I have a number of projects to complete, one of which is a challenge over on do-crafts to do a layout opining your love for ironing!!! Set by the lovely Gina, this challenge was published on April first and I have to say, was taken as an April fools joke by most members of the scrapbooking forum!! So I have finally tackled my second basket of ironing in four days and have duly taken the before and after shots! Not content with this, Gina needs us to pen a short poem about our love for ironing!!! here is the best I could do Gina!
Ode to the iron
Oh iron sitting on the side, Why do your work I dread?
I think you're fab, I really do, It's just mixed in my head.
I love to see things nice and smooth, all crisp and sharp and clean,
So, why the problem with the task?
I can't help but make a scene!!
It's boring, standing here for hours, feet aching and back hurts!
It must be having three men here, who wear a million shirts!!!!!!

Ok Gina, I have the pics, I have the poem, off to make the layout!!!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

oh cc, you have made my day. i was feeling a bit blue and now im smilling like a cheshire cat.
your poem is brilliant as always, and your ironing is 1st class.
thankyou so much for doing my challenge, and im looking forward to seeing your layout. gina xxxxxxx

Lazy Days said...


I Don't do Ironing lol, (I would rather craft!) Love looking through your blog as always. The baby buckets are lovely and my fav pic is of the dogs playing (lovely shot BTW)

spk soon

Love Dawn xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW CC, what a shock seeing i****** on your blog!!!!!

I'm sitting here hyperventilating, lol

please don't do this to me again, I'm not as young as I was....

maria x

SusieJ said...

Wonderful poem CC! Must get on with this challenge - the ironing is piling up nicely!
Sue xx

Nicole said...

i am laughing at your poem, lol...too darn cute!! =)

sue-bubbles said...

I was going to say 'at least you dont have a picture of an actual iron'....but its THERE lurking in the background...aaaaaggggh! I need a lie down...I could be gone some time!

Sue x

Girilim said...

Lovely poem! :)