Saturday, 18 April 2009


I have been on a little holiday in Deutschland! Spent some time with my SIL and her family, just DS2, hubby and I. We booked into a local hotel and spent some time sight seeing and relaxing and enjoying the lovely sunshine! We drank beer and had BBQ's and fooled ourselves into thinking it was summer! Today we have come down to earth with a bump! It is freezing!
My nephew is four today and should be having a birthday party as we speak, happy birthday! His older brother who was seven recently was so amazing with his English and was able to hold many conversations with us! Amazing! That's the time to learn!
We did some shopping and I bagged lots of craft bargains; we did the tourist trail around Bremen so I could get lots of pics; we watched Werder Bremen win a very close UEFA match on the TV against Udinese; (We were hoping Man City had won so that Werder would have played over here and we could have gone to watch but unfortunately they didn't.)

So here is a selection of pics to reflect our short stay! More will follow when they get scrapped!

P.S. The diet started today!! :(

No more Quarkini's for us!! (More about them later!) TFlx

P.S. the postman brought me stash parcels today! Yippee!!!!


a little bit of me........ said...

stunning pics cc, great angles of the buildings, cant wait to see them in lo's.
sounds like you had a well deserved break,

sue-bubbles said...

Beautiful photos CC..such gorgeous buildings! The ice creams and stash look pretty neat too!
Sue x

SusieJ said...

Lovely photos CC. Wonderful to have a mini break too. Wonder if Bremen has changed much? I was there, ooh, over 20 years ago now (eek!) on a German course.
Sue xx

Crafty Dawn said...

Hi Caroline,

Loving the photos can't wait to see what you come up with (my fav apart from the children OBVIOUSLY they are darling) my fav is the donkeys on top of one another!

good luck BTW in the Aprentice I keep voting love your sneek peeks!

Love Dawn xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

looks like a lovely break CC and great photo's, cannot wait to see the L/O.

maria x