Friday, 29 May 2009

'B.Ed Home Ec' That's me!

Well that's a phrase you don't hear anymore, Home Economics! That was what I took my teaching degree in all those years ago and here we are 27 years later watching Kirsty's Homemade home, where she is trying to get us all to re-discover what we knew all those years ago! We have bred a generation of youngsters who cannot cook or sew because the subject of Home Economics was removed from the curriculum and now we wonder why the young people of today exist on fast food????? I ask you!!!! I taught for 10 years in a large comprehensive school, prior to having the boys. My favourite area was textiles, but I taught food and childcare too. I had a break to bring up my own children and when I came to go back, the subject of Home Economics had been removed from most schools, so I had to go and re-train to juniors!
Scrapping these old snapshots of my degree finals textiles exhibition has brought it all back! Why do we change things??? Ostensibly for the better, but actually for the worse! I am launching a campaign to bring back sewing!!
Recently there has been an interest in Sewing Machines and they are popping up in several places, mostly being bought for sewing on paper!!! But why not sew on fabric?? It's not hard! When I made a costume for DS2's dance show last week, I took some photo's step by step, of how to get started and I will be sharing them with you along with a set of tutorials called "How to pass the sewing machine driving test!" over the next few weeks.In the mean time, here is the layout that got me thinking!! I am in the centre in the white dress!! Just love this Studio Calico kit! As the calendar page on the layout says "Do something creative everyday!" TFLx


Anonymous said...

It helps if you enjoy sewing - which I don't, but I agree 100% with what you say about our children's generation. Mgt.

SusieJ said...

Soooo true Caroline! Wasn't just Home Ec that suffered - DS's electronics course was all about marketing - he needed to learn the basics of electronics (for sound engineering!!).
Another gorgeous LO.
Didn't realise you were at Newcastle - I did my French degree at Newcastle Uni - about 10 years before you!
Sue xx

Chrissie said...

We still do Home Economincs up here....
Both my 16 year old and my 12 year old can cook, bake and they both can sew.

Thats my doing thou. I want them to be able to carry on these skills and not have their wives to do them or pass them to me.

I actually know quite a lot of kids who cook and sew. Maybe its an English thing??

Your work is amazing Caroline XxX

CoventryAnn said...

i'm another one who liked to sew... used to make all my own clothes (self taught) when i was a teenager and student.. I think one of the reasdons it has gone out of fashion ( as well as the introduction of the infamous technology) is that clothes are just so cheap now... take one look in Primark to see where i'm coming from with this.