Monday, 25 May 2009

Cath Kidston fan!

I hold my hand up and have to admit I am a BIG Cath Kidston fan! her fabrics are just me! A few weeks ago I told you all I had been on a shopping trip to York and of course just had to go into the Cath Kidston shop! I just loved their display system!I have a whole layout planned around this trip, when my photo's arrive, but needless to say I did not come out of this shop empty handed! fabric is my weakness, so I had a little splurge, but also picked up a set of notepaper and envelopes and a little french knitting doll from my youth! (More to follow about that in another post!)

A while ago, I bought some children's board books from a charity shop for 50p and stripped off the outer layers to reveal the naked chipboard. I decided to make a mini album combining lots of my favourite things, including the fabric. I stitched around the first chipboard page to make a cover out of fabric. I then trimmed close to the stitching with pinking shears. The other pages were all made up from a combination of the writing papers I bought, mixed with pieces of the lightweight cotton fabric and some postcards too! I had to add some of my vintage elements, so I decided that a page or two from an Enid Blyton book and some old happy families cards would fit the bill! I decided to have some see through pages in this album too. When in France last year, I bought a couple of sheets of thick plastic that is used in photo frames instead of glass. It was in the hardware store and it said you could cut to size using a craft knife. I wondered if it would go through the BIA as it was not too thick so I gave it a try. It did crack a bit, so I had an experiment to lightly warm it first using my hair dryer (Thought the heat gun might be too fierce!) It worked a dream! Don't heat it too much, or it bends! And make sure you heat it from both sides alternately. Having read a piece recently in a magazine, about using your laminator, I decided to make some pockets filled with bits and pieces! Playing cards, fabric, old snippets from magazines and music. Combining all these elements then into one book has given me just the feel I wanted! Did you notice how I strengthened the spine of the envelope pages and postcard pages, by making a sandwich of fabric and card, so the BIA holes would not tear out. After binding, with the largest BIA wire I had (Had to leave two of my pages out!!!) I decorated the wire spine with strips of fabric cut with pinking shears and made a decorative flower for the front with strips of fabric and a retro button on the top. Ink up the edges and you're all done! Add a few luggage labels to the pockets and even the till receipt holder got used as pull tags! I waste nothing! Liked it so much, off to make another in pink! Can't show you any more just at the moment!! ;)

P.S. I now have Cath Kidston wrapping paper!!! Oh joy! What can I make with that!! TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

I didnt know there was a Cath Kidston shop!!!!!! What a treat for you CC, I know what a huge fan of hers you are!
Sue x

Anne said...

Another Cath Kidston fan here.. although i've never actually been into a shop, only ordered via the website - I don't think I could be trusted in an actual real life shop!

So impressed by that mini book too - such a good idea, and all the little details are just amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the little rossette you made with the material strips & that blue gingham is gorgeous..Mgt.