Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Did you think I had disappeared?

I have a birthday and then I disappear off the face of the earth! I don't remember missing so many postings!!! I have an excuse! I have been having a scrap room clear out! Inspired partly by Sue Bubbles, I decided to get in there and get cracking at the weekend to make room for some new stash I hope to be ordering!!!! It started with me needing some new storage, so I went shopping on Saturday and came home with some 12x12 plastic drawers from 'Instore.' I decided they were not big enough for my needs, so I swapped them with DS2's storage of large wire baskets from IKEA, but in order to do this I had to do a major sort out of his wardrobe and donations to school, charity and stuff for ebay were all dutifully categorised! Then I had to tackle the scrap room and remove lots of costumes into DS2's wardrobe to free up space for the storage rack. This spare room I call the scrap room has been doubling as a costume storage room as well as a spare bedroom, but I have designs on getting rid of the single bed as nobody ever uses it!! I had lots of stuff stored underneath it so they were the next set of boxes to be sorted! I now have lots of things for sale (craft wise) over on the UKs marketplace and so far have made a few pounds which I can spend on new stash! I love this craft recycling!!!

Sunday night we went to the theatre to see DS2 in his annual dance show and even though I am his mum, I have to say he was fab! I felt guilty moaning about all the expense and the time and the taxi to and from dance class and sat there brimming with pride! Sometimes I have that bad mum feeling when there is so much to do and dance increases the pressure and then other times I hate myself for going on at him each time he needs a cheque or a lift or something! I am very lucky to have a 15 year old who dances with a whole troupe of girls - (he is the only boy at his dance school now) and he stood there and did a speech about why he dances and how long he has been doing it and what he wants to do in the future and I was proud.

I have been so stressed about work this week, dance shows and DS1's A levels just pile on the pressure! Next week is the Hull dance festival and he has 3 solo's to perform, so it wont be a holiday, but I'm sure he will be giving it his all! watch this space! Need to go for extra rehearsal in the school hall tomorrow after work! You see? It starts again!! Tonight he is revising for a GCSE tomorrow and he takes it all in his stride!

Anyway, I need to stop rambling!! I have not had time to use my new camera yet! I even forgot to take pictures of the craft room clear out! I can show you the after, but not the before!!

I had an observed lesson today by the head teacher and was really looking forward to having my new Studio Calico kit waiting for me when I got home, but nothing!!!! I think it is being held hostage! No prize either from SC! I think it's a conspiracy! TFLx
P.S. The only bit of crafting I did all weekend was a mini album of my friends son's 18th party and I gave it to her without photographing it! Duh!!!!

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WOW CC, what a tidy craft space, will have to find out hope you do it...

maria x